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Reducing trailer sway, a major cause of road travel trailer accidents, is one of the main reasons to invest in a weight distribution hitch.

Aside from potentially saving your life, they can also reduce wear and tear on your tow vehicle, as well as improving your traction and braking power.

Let’s take a look at how to find the best weight distribution hitch for your trailer, with our buying guide and top weight distribution hitch reviews.

Best Weight Distribution Hitches

Here’s our selection of nine of the very best, top-rated weight distribution hitches for motorhomes.

If you are looking for a new weight distribution hitch, you’re sure to find your ideal model right here.

Best Weight Distribution Hitch for Weight Capacity

Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distributing Hitch

Blue Ox Sway Pro Weight Distributing Hitch

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Suitable for heavy travel trailers, complete with its 1500lb tongue weight rating, the BXW1500 SwayPro Weight Distributing Hitch includes a standard hitch head and clamp-on latches. Provided your coupler is welded to the top of its frame and you have no equipment or cross members blocking the tongue, this model will work for you.

Easy to use, with no clips or pins, the pre-adjusted hitch head means you won’t have to spend time messing about fine-tuning your tow set up. It’s fast and easy to hookup and disconnect, plus you can even backup without having to undo the chains. The spring steel construction makes for a smoother, noise-free ride, while the spring bars are interchangeable for easy replacement.

This weight distribution hitch is renowned for its excellent sway prevention. The spring bars keep your trailer centered and in-line with your tow vehicle. Employing a caster effect, its bars constantly push inwards. Should you begin to sway one of the sway bars would simply have a greater load which in turn would straighten up your trailer.

Compatible with a wide variety of RV trailers and tow vehicles, the SwayPro hitch also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It is, however, on the expensive side, costing twice as much as some standard versions.

Pros – Things we liked
1500lb tongue weight rating
No clips or pins
Fast hookup and disconnect
Excellent sway prevention
Limited lifetime warranty
Cons – Things we didn’t like

Editors Choice for Best Value Weight Distribution Hitch

Camco Eaz-Lift Elite Weight Distributing Hitch Kit

Eaz Lift Distribution Sway Control

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Eaz-Lift hitches come with a pedigree, being the first patented weight distribution system in the US over 50 years ago. Designed to provide a smoother ride thanks to its positive-latching-action interchangeable bars, this redesigned classic comes as a ready-to-install complete kit.

With a maximum tongue weight of 1,200lbs, the Eaz-Lift Elite Weight Distributing Hitch Kit includes round bars, distributing hitch, hitch ball, sway control, and all necessary hardware. For ease of installation, it is fully assembled. The 2-5/16” hitch ball and sway control ball are both pre-installed and torqued to specification, while the chains and U-bolts come fixed to the spring bars.

The hitch is manufactured from engineered steels, precision drilled, and forged bent, while the spring bars are made from high temperature treated chrome molybdenum grade steel. This provides high-temperature and high-corrosion resistance, as well as tensile strength, for greater security and durability.

Thanks to its superior design and manufacturing process, this weight distribution system won’t create noise issues or reduce road clearance. What’s more, you can easily release the sway controls when needed, unlike cam action type models.

This is important when driving in icy or oily conditions where an in-line trailer could cause you to lose control. Importantly, Eaz-Lift sway control does not lose its effectiveness in turns for safe towing wherever you are RVing.

Complete with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty the Camco Eaz-Lift Elite Weight Distributing Hitch Kit is a comprehensive model that will save you time on installation. It is available at a reasonable, affordable price given its superior performance levels.

Best “No Pry Bar” Weight Distribution Hitch

Andersen Hitches No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch

Andersen Hitches No Sway Weight Distribution

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For an extra-smooth, quiet ride, invest in an Andersen Hitches No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch.

Complete with anti-bounce technology and a self-adjusting sway control system this WD hitch is a popular choice with RVers throughout the country. Lightweight yet heavy-duty, weighing just 60lbs with a maximum 1,400lb tongue weight, it is proudly made in the USA.

No pry bars are needed, making installation quick and easy. The package includes your hitch, plus a 4” drop/rise, 1-5/16” ball, and universal frame brackets (3”,4”, 5”, and 6”) – so there are no extras to buy.

Very simple to use, there is just a one-pin removal from the tow vehicle, as the included ball doubles as a standard ball mount for towing without weight distribution. This also means you’ll have no problems whatsoever backing up with this hitch.

Thanks to its patented True Motion Dampening System, you will notice a drastic reduction in the amount of bounce when towing your motorhome, for a much smoother, quieter ride. The anti-sway control system self-adjusts for one of the best sway control systems around.

Easy to install, hookup and detach, providing superior anti-sway control and effectively reducing bounce, little wonder this weight distribution hitch is one of the most popular models around.

While it’s priced well above the average model, its exceptional performance and ease of use, along with its limited lifetime warranty more than justify its higher price tag. Definitely one to go for if you frequently travel long distances with your RV.

Best Overall Weight Distribution Hitch

Husky Center Line TS with Spring Bars

Husky Center Line TS With Spring Bars

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The Center Line TS by Husky is an improved and upgraded version of the award-winning Center Line HD. Lighter, more compact, and highly responsive, this system has been elaborated to give you the smoothest ride when towing your travel trailer.

Combining weight distribution and sway control in one unit, installation and adjustments are simplified thanks to the Universal EZ Adjust Frame Brackets, with no drilling required. The Hitch ball is pre-installed and torqued, plus you can use the handle to hook up and remove the bars for ease of use. Its maximum tongue weight is a generous 1,200lbs.

The top plate is made from forged 1035 steel for its high strength levels and outstanding fatigue properties, while the trunnions are engineered from hardened 1045 steel for excellent wear resistance, as well as strength. The tapered spring bars provide a great fit for sway control that really works. The combination of these components gives you an exceptionally smooth ride with more ground clearance and excellent control.

Quiet, lightweight, yet highly durable, this RV weight distribution hitch also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that you’re getting a product that is going to last.

A great model for frequent use and long drives towing your RV all around the country. While this isn’t the cheapest around, it is still a good price with its single unit construction and excellent anti-sway control.

Best Weight Distribution Hitch for Maneuverability

Camco Eaz-Lift ReCurve R6 Weight Distributing Hitch Kit

Camco Eaz Lift Weight Distribution Hitch Kit

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If you are looking for a weight distribution hitch with sway control that won’t hamper your driving, then you should definitely check out the ReCurve R6 Weight Distributing Hitch Kit by Camco Eaz-Lift. This highly driver-friendly model complete with premium sway control is an excellent choice for any RV for smoother and easier maneuvering.

With its heavy-duty, rust-resistant design, this unit has a 1,000lb tongue weight capacity. The 2-5/16” hitch ball is included and installation is easy, although you may find the instructions a little vague. The streamlined, all-in-one design enables your trailer and tow vehicle to move as one, as well as giving your setup a sleek look.

The main advantage of this particular weight distribution hitch for your RV is that it enables you to drive normally for easier driving, thanks to its adaptive sway control. With the R6, your sway control engages and disengages as needed depending upon real-time conditions, for exactly the right amount of control.

Sway is kept under control when you’re driving down the freeway, for example, but when you need to make a tight turn it automatically disengages. In dangerous or icy conditions you have the option to disable the sway control completely very easily. What’s more, the top-loaded spring bars also give you better ground clearance than many other weight distribution hitches on the market.

As you’d expect, the R6 Recurve, as a premium product, comes with a higher price tag than your basic weight distribution hitches. However, it still represents good value for money and if you regularly tow your motorhome long distances, we think it is well worth the extra dollars.

Best Weight Distribution Hitch for Bottom Mount Couple

Reese Steadi-Flex Trunnion Weight-Distributing Hitch Kit with Shank

Reese Steadi Flex Weight Distributing Hitch

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If your motorhome has a bottom mount coupler with a 4”-7” frame, then you may want to consider the Steadi-Flex Trunnion Weight-Distributing Hitch Kit by Reese. Its Steadi-Flex system combines weight distribution and sway-control for a smoother, more level ride with greater steering control.

Installation is fairly simple with the hook-up brackets providing increased frame clearance. You can mount them 27”-32” back from the coupler, although you should note that the hitch ball is not included, so you’ll need to pick up one separately with a 1¼” inch diameter if you don’t already have one. However, all assembly hardware and chains are included.

The forged bolt-together, trunnion-style head means you won’t have to mess about with any retention clips, while the powder-coated black finish is highly weather-resistant. The system relies upon an integrated friction sway control with material similar to that used on vehicle brakes. Replacement friction pads are readily available from the manufacturer.

Unlike old-style weight distribution hitches, you don’t have to disconnect this version before reversing your travel trailer, making it much easier to use. When driving, once you have correctly installed and configured it, this WD hitch will make towing your RV trailer much quieter and easier with minimal sway even in strong winds.

This is a fairly expensive model, plus you will need to replace the friction pads over time and possibly get yourself another hitch ball. However, if your motorhome is compatible, then it is a highly reliable choice that will make towing your RV easier than ever before.

Best Weight Distribution Hitch for Small Budgets

Husky Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

Husky Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch

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If you are looking for a good value RV weight distribution hitch with built-in sway control, this model by Husky could be perfect for your needs. With a tongue weight capacity of 1,200 lbs this hitch has the option to add two sway control balls for trailers over 24 feet long for extra sway control.

With its classic round bar design, the trailer ball is pre-assembled to the hitch for easier installation. You’ll need a 1¼” shank on your trailer ball for assembly. The bracket pivot and locking pin locations make for a safe and easy hitch hook-up. Once installed, it’s secured with socket and spring clip connectors and is easily removed for storage.

Thanks to its dual friction brake pad system, windy weather and vehicles passing on the freeway won’t cause your travel trailer to sway all over the place. For better braking, reduced wear on your tow vehicle and a safer, more pleasant trip, the Husky Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch is definitely a good model to go for.

Priced a lot lower than some of the top of the range RV weight distribution hitches, this model performs very well without the huge price tag. In short, a simple, but effective choice.

For longer trailers, you will need to order an additional sway bar so you have one for both sides, so this extra cost is worth bearing in mind when deciding which WD hitch you’re going to go for.

Best Weight Distribution Hitch for Premuim Budgets

Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch

Equalizer Sway Control Hitch

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Considered by many as one of the very best RV weight distribution hitches around, this model by Equal-i-zer features an integrated four-point sway control to ensure maximum sway control on the road.

With over 70 years experience in the industry, Equal-i-zer is a name that you can trust. What’s more, this hitch is proudly made in the USA with high-quality American steel.

Installation is easy, with all the necessary hardware and parts included, except for the 2-5/16” hitch ball which you’ll need to supply. This hitch is pretty heavy, but it does have a high 1,400lb tongue capacity, ideal for large travel trailers up to 14,000lbs with a maximum frame height of up to 6”.

The sway control provided by this hitch system is second to none, with the highest levels of resistance to any swaying. Your trailer’s weight is also effectively transferred to all axles, ensuring your tow vehicle is firmly on the road for better braking, performance, and handling.

Thanks to this hitch’s innovative design, you don’t have to stop and disconnect before reversing or making a tight turn as there is nothing extra to remove, unlike traditional RV weight distribution hitches.

For exceptional levels of sway control, it’s hard to find a better model than this one. Plus being made in the USA by a highly reputable brand, you really can’t go wrong. Although it does cost more than standard models, it is by no means the most expensive.

Complete with a lifetime warranty, this highly effective WD hitch is sure to help keep your family safe on the road for many years to come.

Best Weight Distribution Hitch for Easy Installation

CURT TruTrack Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution Hitch

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The Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control features two neutral spring bars making it compatible with almost all A-frame travel trailers. So, if you are having difficulty finding a weight distribution hitch for your motorhome, you may want to check out its specifics.

With a tongue weight rating between 800-1,000lbs, this hitch comes complete with a two-inch shank, trailer ball, head, spring bars, support brackets, and pin and clip, so you’ll have everything you need.

However, note that this product’s shipping packaging is not the most sturdy and some parts may go missing. For this reason, we don’t recommend ordering this particular model if you need to install it on a very tight deadline as you may need a couple of days extra to get spares sent out.

Fortunately, this WD hitch has a relatively simple setup and it’s also easy to adjust with its tilting head and hex nuts, plus its adjustable brackets. Constructed from cast steel pieces with a welded head, for tensile strength, the entire unit is finished with a durable powder coating to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.

Thanks to its spring and cam system, complete with fixed support brackets, this hitch prevents your trailer from swaying at four points for greater efficacy. The powerful trunnion spring bars leverage the trailer tongue weight, redistributing it across all of the tow vehicle and travel trailer’s axles. This not only gives you a smoother, safer ride, but also improves driver control and braking.

For its ease of installation, excellent weight redistribution and sway reduction, plus its compatibility with the majority of A-frame motorhomes, this WD hitch is well worth its fairly high price.

Compare the Best Weight Distribution Hitches

Table Comparing the Top 9 Weight Distribution Hitches
Image Title Price Rating Buy
OpenBlue Ox Sway Pro Weight Distributing Hitch Compare Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distributing Hitch
Buy on Amazon
OpenEaz Lift Distribution Sway Control Compare Camco Eaz-lift Elite Weight Distributing Hitch
Buy on Amazon
OpenAndersen Hitches No Sway Weight Distribution Compare Andersen Hitches Weight Distribution Hitch
Buy on Amazon
OpenHusky Center Line TS with Spring Bars Compare Husky Center Line TS with Spring Bars
Buy on Amazon
OpenCamco Eaz Lift Weight Distribution Hitch Kit Compare Camco Eaz-Lift Weight Distributing Hitch Kit
Buy on Amazon
OpenReese Steadi Flex Weight Distributing Hitch Compare Reese Steadi-Flex Hitch Kit with Shank
Buy on Amazon
OpenHusky Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch Compare Husky Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch
Buy on Amazon
OpenEqualizer Sway Control Hitch Compare Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch
Buy on Amazon
OpenCurt Trutrack Weight Distribution Hitch Compare CURT TruTrack Weight Distribution Hitch
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Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best Weight Distribution Hitch

Trying to find the best weight distribution hitch for your RV can quickly get very confusing.

It’s all too easy to get bogged down with so many different models to consider. So, we put together this buyer’s guide to highlight the essential features and considerations that you need to be aware of before making your purchase.


Your safety on the road, and that of your family and other road users, is paramount. As a weight distribution hitch is essential to preventing accidents, it isn’t really a part of your RV setup that you should be tempted to economize on.

However, that said, nobody wants to pay over the odds and if you only use your trailer for short distances a handful of times a year then you are probably going to be focusing on the lower end of the market.

For long-distance journeys with your travel trailer and frequent use, you are going to get the most value out of a mid to high priced WD hitch that will also allow for more comfortable driving and maneuvering.

If you want some ballpark figures, expect to pay a minimum of between three and four hundred dollars, with mid-range models coming around five-hundred, and top of the range RV weight distribution hatches starting around seven hundred.

Weight Capacity

Before you start out looking at weight distribution hitches, you need to find out how heavy your trailer is.

Take a look inside your owner’s manual, then add on the weights of your contents. Alternatively, you could stop by at your nearest truck stop and use their CAT scales for a fee.

Weight distribution hitches will list compatible trailer weights, however, in order to find the correct size of hitch, you’ll need to convert your trailer’s weight to its tongue weight as discussed below.

Size of Hitch

Once you have a figure for your GTW (gross trailer weight), you can then calculate your TW (tongue weight). Your tongue weight is the amount of downward force exerted by your trailer on its hitch. It is usually calculated as being 10-15% of your GTW.

If you get a hitch that is rated higher, then you risk having a bumpier ride, one that is too low, risks being ineffective. Say for example, that your trailer’s gross weight is approximately 10,000lbs.

This gives you a TW of 1,000. The best size hitch for your travel trailer would be one that has a rating from 800-1,200lbs, with your actual estimated TW right in the middle.

While you could go for a 1,000lb rated hitch, this gives you enough room for error or if you add extra cargo to your trailer.

Easy to Install

Some people pay a lot to get their weight distribution hitches fitted professionally.

If DIY isn’t your thing, then this may be the better option for you. However, most RV weight distribution hitches are fairly easy to fit, with some models having a relatively simple installation process.

All of the major brands have good online documentation and you’ll find a wealth of how-to videos online. If you are planning on installing your WD hitch yourself, it does no harm to plan ahead and read up on the installation process, as well as closely looking over how the system actually works.

Sway Control

Sway control is generally built-in as standard to any good RV weight distribution hitch. Essential for keeping control of your vehicle when you’re caught in crosswinds or heavy passing traffic, sway control can literally be a life-saver.

There are different systems favored by different manufacturers. We’ll take a closer look at the ins and outs of the different types of travel trailer sway control later in this article.

Pre-installed Parts

Whenever possible, opt for a weight distribution hitch with pre-installed parts. Not only does this make your installation much easier, it also ensures that these elements are correctly fixed to your hitch, and if necessary, pre-configured.

If you take a look at a weight distribution with no pre-installed parts and another that features mainly pre-installed ones, you’ll see there is quite a lot of extra work to do, plus a lot more little pieces that can easily get misplaced or lost in transit.

Durability & Build Quality

A good travel trailer weight distribution hitch should last for many years.

To ensure that you get a good quality product for your money, we recommend buying a reputable brand name with a good warranty. You need to be able to have confidence in your weight distribution hitch manufacturer, as any issues or faults could cause a serious accident.

Aside from manufacturers, you should also take a closer look at what your hitch is made from, as well as the finish. Rain, mud, grit, and sand can all take their toll. Look for a hatch with a good protective finish that will minimize corrosion, improving your hitch’s durability.

What is a Weight Distribution Hitch?

When you attach your trailer to your tow vehicle, your trailer’s weight presses down on the hitch, transferring the load to your tow vehicle’s rear axle.

This causes your vehicle’s front axle to raise slightly, reducing traction, braking performance and control. A weight distribution hitch works like a lever and better distributes the weight across all axles for more control and safer driving.

To better understand your weight distribution hitch, here are the main components of a standard model.

Trailer hitch receiver

The trailer hitch receiver attaches to your tow vehicle. Hitch receivers are available in various sizes and classes, with class III being most common on trucks.

If your tow vehicle does not have the right type of hitch receiver for your weight distribution hitch, you can install one or have one professionally installed.

Weight distribution shank

The shank holds the assembly head and connects directly to your hitch receiver. Shanks are height adjustable and generally included with your weight distribution hitch, but it’s worth double-checking.

Weight distribution head assembly

The weight distribution head assembly is where your trailer and spring bars attach to your hitch. There are a variety of different styles with the head assembly generally accommodating a ball mount and attachment points for your spring bars.

Spring bars

Spring bars provide the leverage that evenly distributes the weight, counteracting the downward force on your trailer and tow vehicle connection.

There are three main types with some minor variations depending on the model and style of your weight distribution hitch.

Round bar springs – best for lighter loads, round bar springs dip under your trailer and clip on. They are simple in design, have few parts and are inexpensive, although they tend to have poor ground clearance.

Trunnion bar springs – a better choice for heavy trailers, trunnion bar springs are the most popular version. They have a straight bar design that allows for better ground clearance, however, they do require some regular maintenance.

Specialty bar springs – generally variations on trunnion style spring bars, specialized weight distribution hitch manufacturers have come up with their own style of specialty spring bars that provide extra support, reduce sway or improve ground clearance.

Frame brackets

Frame brackets are used to attach your spring bars to your trailer. Just like spring bars, they are also available in several different types.

Snap-up brackets – the fastest to adjust and very easy to connect, snap-up brackets connect to your spring bar with a chain which is “snapped” inside of your bracket and locked securely into place.

Bolt-on brackets – just like snap-on brackets, they also use chains, however, as they are bolted on, it’s harder to adjust the chain lengths if necessary.

Sway control brackets – a must for a smoother, more comfortable ride, sway control brackets don’t use chains. They allow for horizontal movement to prevent sway. Most models use pry bars and pins to connect, although there are some variations on installation.

How a Weight Distribution Hitch Works

A weight distribution hitch works by using spring bars and tension to redistribute the weight exerted on your tow vehicle’s back axle.

Thanks to its leverage it spreads the weight from your trailer tongue evenly over your trailer, rear and front tow vehicle’s axles.

Sway Control

When you install a new weight distribution hitch, it makes sense to choose a model with good sway control built-in.

Here are some popular ways designs that will ensure you experience a minimal amount of trailer sway for safer driving and a more comfortable ride.

Friction sway control tools – some weight distribution hitches use friction sway control tools to keep your trailer under control. They work a little like the brakes on a vehicle. Friction between your trailer and tow vehicle applies resistance to your trailer’s motion, causing it to slow down and stabilize.

Dual cam sway control – dual cams suspend your spring bars resulting in straight-line movement that can lock the spring bars into place in crosswinds or whenever your trailer needs stabilizing. The cams are able to lock, adjust, and center depending on the amount of force present.

Four-point sway control – this system utilizes four friction points between your trailer and tow vehicle to ensure that your trailer stabilizes. Tight connections at the head of the system prevent the spring bar from moving freely, creating friction and stopping sway from occurring.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of excellent weight distribution hitches on the market.

If you don’t own one already, or are looking to upgrade, you can’t go wrong with any of the models in our top RV weight distribution hitch reviews. Acquiring such an important safety item shouldn’t be delayed, so make sure you check out our recommendations straight away, to get your RV ready in time for your next trip.

For a superior, self-adjusting anti-sway system that is easy to hook-up and detach, take another look at the No-Sway Weight Distribution Hitch by Anderson Hitches. Extra smooth and extra quiet, its patented True Motion Dampening System is one of a kind. It’s also proudly made in the USA.

Worried that a weight distribution hitch will hamper your driving? Check out the Camco Eaz-Lift ReCurve R6. Combining premium sway control with a driver-friendly setup, this self-adjusting model engages and disengages as necessary so you get maximum sway control when you need it, without any interference when turning.

If you need a value weight distribution hitch, the classic Husky Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control makes a good budget choice, without compromising on safety and performance.

Whatever your travel trailer type and needs, you’re sure to find the best weight distribution hitch for your RV right here in our top selection.

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