6 Best RV Battery Monitor Systems Reviews

Last Updated June 2, 2023
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Battery technology has finally advanced to the point where it’s truly possible to take your RV boondocking off-grid for significant periods of time. Modern deep-cycle batteries combined with a solar system or small charging generator let you extend your time away from shore power far longer than ever before.

The downside to this is that you now have to maintain and monitor those batteries to keep them in tip top shape. An RV battery monitor gives you the tools to do just that, plus a whole host of other useful features that RVers love. We checked out and reviewed the best RV battery monitors we could find to help you pick out the perfect unit for your needs.

Best RV Battery Monitors

With RV battery monitors, the real choices come down to how much information you want and how you want to access it. You can pick up basic sensors for a steal of a deal, or spend significantly more on models that provide more in-depth metrics about a greater range of systems.
Our list includes great examples of both sensors and models at every price point relevant to the modern RV enthusiast.

Editors Choice for Best Value RV Battery Monitor

Victron Energy BMV-712 Best Battery Monitor

Victron Battery Monitor
The Victron Energy RV battery monitor product picture

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The Victron Energy BMV-712 Battery Monitor is an advanced option for those looking to get really in-depth information about their batteries. It’s built to be easy to install and configure while also providing a useful range of data points.

It installs using a standard RJ12 telephone shunt and mounts flush against the wall of your RV. The round display face has an intuitive control system of four buttons. It makes it easy to cycle through information like voltage, current, amp/hr consumption rate, wattage, and many more.

One thing we loved about the Victron was the included app and BlueTooth capabilities. You can instantly check a wide range of information about your batteries from your smartphone or computer.

It’s definitely on the high side price-wise, but if you’re looking for an accurate and highly informative battery monitor, the Victron Energy BMV-712 is an excellent option.

Pros – Things we liked
Installs with a standard RJ12 telephone shunt
Intuitive 4-button control system
Included app
BlueTooth capabilities
Cons – Things we didn’t like

Best RV Battery Monitor for Premium Budgets

SIMARINE PICO Blue Package – Smart Marine and RV Battery Monitor

Simarine Pico Blue RV Battery Monitor
The SIMARINE PICO RV battery monitor product picture

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The SIMARINE PICO Blue Package is a high-end smart battery monitoring system for RV, marine, and tiny home use. It gives you precise information about virtually every aspect of your battery bank’s health plus sensors that allow you to monitor fuel, water levels, and even your black and gray water tanks’ status.

The first thing we noticed about this battery bank is just how slick it looks. It’s a small digital screen much like a tablet with touchscreen controls. It presents the tremendous amount of information it gathers in a very easy to read way.

The setup process itself is more involved than with other battery monitors, but that mostly comes down to just how much this system can do. Once you’ve got it all hooked up and calibrated you can quickly check the full status of your RV’s systems right from your smartphone.

You pay a premium for this, though. The SIMARINE PICO Blue Package is noticeably more expensive than most similar battery monitors. If you want a fully fledged smart RV system, this is definitely the way to go.

Best RV Battery Monitor for Small Budgets

Bayite DC LCD Display Digital Battery Meter

Bayite LCD Display RV Battery Monitor
The Bayite RV battery monitor product picture

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The Bayite DC LCD Display Digital Battery Meter is an inexpensive and easy to install battery monitor. It provides you with metered information about your battery’s current, voltage, wattage, and stored energy level.

The information is presented in a four-part display that’s easy to read, especially with the backlit design. There’s nothing to configure and no settings to mess around with. That makes it one of the more comfortable battery monitors to actually use, though it does limit its usefulness in storage settings somewhat.

It’s relatively easy to install and includes a battery shunt but notably doesn’t include wiring. You’ll need to pick up your own wire to hook it up to the battery shunt.

While this is a basic sensor, it does provide all the critical information needed in an uncluttered and easy to read format. It’s not nearly as capable or as programmable as some of the other battery monitors on our list, but it also costs just a fraction of what those do.

Best Overall RV Battery Monitor

Bogart Engineering TRIMETRIC Battery Monitor

Bogart Engineering Battery Monitor
The Bogart Engineering RV battery monitor product picture

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The Bogart Engineering TRIMETRIC Battery Monitor is a battery monitoring and maintenance system designed for off-grid use. It provides you with key information on charge rate, voltage, current, and the ability to calculate several other important figures.

The first thing we noticed with the TRIMETRIC monitor is that it’s not a flush mounted system. It has a pair of mounting screws along the back but sticks out about an inch from the surface it’s mounted on. If it’s behind a panel, this isn’t a problem, but if you intend to put it on your RV’s wall, this can snag as you walk past it.

We’ll level with you, the interface is not intuitive. You’re going to need to read the manual backward and forwards to figure out how to move through the various menus, and preferably keep it on hand for future reference. The information it can provide is handy but it’s not nearly as easy to access as with some other battery meters or as simple to understand.

One excellent point was the inclusion of a low/overcharged battery alarm. If the monitor detects conditions that could damage your battery, it sets off an audible alarm to alert you.

It’s much more a commercial-grade battery monitor that can be used for consumer purposes than it is an authentic consumer-facing product. If you’re someone with the knowledge to use this information, it can be a really good option.

Best RV Battery Monitor for OLED Display

Blue Sea Systems Digital Meters

Blue Sea Systems Digital Meter
The Blue Sea RV battery monitor product picture

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The Blue Sea Systems Digital Meters State of Charge Monitor allows you to monitor up to four battery banks with a single unit. It’s designed to connect to multiple battery banks to show you the voltage of three banks plus the voltage and state of charge of a primary bank.

It’s more useful for those with off-grid cabins or multiple sets of batteries, but still provides a lot of value for the average RVer with batteries. The display uses a daylight readable OLED monitor with an easy button system that allows you to cycle between the different battery banks being monitored. Even better, it’s rated at IP66 waterproof, allowing you to mount it pretty much anywhere within your RV comfortably.

Some features we really liked were a 92 dB alarm for potentially damaging conditions plus the inclusion of a 500A battery shunt. That makes it a whole lot easier to hook up to your primary battery bank.

About the only negative to the Blue Sea Systems State of Charge monitor was the price. It’s substantially more expensive than a basic battery monitor.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to monitor multiple battery banks at once, it’s hard to go wrong with the State of Charge Monitor from Blue Sea Systems Digital Meters.

Best RV Battery Monitor for Small Battery Banks

Renogy 500A Battery Monitor

Renogy 500a Battery Monitor
The Renogy RV battery monitor product picture

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The Renogy 500A Battery Monitor is an advanced and affordable smart battery monitoring system for small to medium-sized battery banks. It combines excellent design with a lot of useful features for monitoring the status of your RV’s batteries over time.

It uses a backlit LCD screen with an intuitive button arrangement that’s easy to program and easier to use. You can quickly check voltage, current, consumed power, and battery capacity with just the press of a button.

The monitor itself is easy to install but notably doesn’t include battery cables, a temperature sensor, or other useful accessories. That’s definitely a mark against it, but not too large of one given its extremely reasonable price for that level of performance.

Overall we really liked the Renogy 500A Battery Monitor. It’s reasonably priced, provides a ton of useful features, and isn’t tricky to install.

Compare the Best RV Battery Monitor Systems

Table Comparing the Top 6 RV Battery Monitors
Image Title Price Rating Buy
OpenVictron Battery Monitor Compare Victron Energy Best Battery Monitor
Buy on Amazon
OpenSimarine Pico Blue RV Battery Monitor Compare SIMARINE PICO Blue RV Battery Monitor
Buy on Amazon
OpenBayite LCD Display RV Battery Monitor Compare Bayite LCD Display Energy Meter
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OpenBogart Engineering Battery Monitor Compare Bogart Engineering Battery Monitor
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OpenBlue Sea Systems Digital Meter Compare Blue Sea Systems Digital Meters
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OpenRenogy 500a Battery Monitor Compare Renogy 500A Battery Monitor
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Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best RV Battery Monitor

Thankfully picking out the best RV battery monitor is a lot more about needed capability than choosing individual features. Most sensors provide roughly the same features, with higher-end models more precise or more comfortable to use.


RV battery monitors have a wide range of price points. You can get basic battery monitors providing just the essentials for under $20, or spend above $500 for comprehensive monitoring and sensor systems that provide all the information you need to know about your RV’s status.


The mounting of your battery monitor system may seem like a cosmetic-only feature, but it actually plays a vital role in how easy it will fit into your RV. Some come with protruding mounts that basically bolt onto the wall of your RV; others have a more advanced flush mount.

There are pros and cons to each of these arrangements. The protruding models are undeniably easier to mount for the DIYer and can be removed in seconds for maintenance or adjustment.

The flush-mounted models are more difficult to mount, but don’t take up extra space in your RV. We don’t know about you, but we hate things that take away from the already scarce space in our RV.

Display Monitor

The monitor’s display’s size and quality play a significant role in how much information it can provide. Some are extremely basic and offer no more information than a charge level or voltage.

The best RV battery monitors can provide detailed information on charge level, battery temperature, voltage, charging speed, and much, much more. You’ll pay more for it, but if you want to monitor your battery bank’s status effectively, we think it’s definitely worth it.

Mobile App

We love any kind of monitoring tool with app support. You go from having to be physically present to check your RV’s battery status to being able to check it anywhere you’ve got cell service.

This is really useful when you’re monitoring your batteries while your RV is in storage. Just hook the monitor up to your home WiFi, and you can check the status daily without having to open up your RV.

Ease of Use

There’s nothing we hate worse than overly complicated gear. Battery monitors are there to provide you with a few pieces of critical information and shouldn’t require a 30+ page manual to figure out how to configure and use.

Features to look for as far as ease of use go are streamlined controls with an intuitive command scheme. As mentioned above, we recommend app support for larger/more complex battery systems as it makes it a lot easier to use.

Included Accessories

Useful accessories to look for with a battery include a temperature sensor, fused cables, and additional wiring. They aren’t an absolute necessity but they certainly make it easier to get your monitor set up and adequately protected.

Battery Shunt

A battery shunt is a critical connector that actually allows a battery monitor to do its job. It connects to your battery, usually on the negative terminal, and allows the monitor to read things like voltage, current, etc.

Some battery monitors come with a battery shunt while others don’t. Double-check the availability of a shunt for your chosen battery monitor as some of the manufacturers use oddball proprietary connectors.


Basic battery monitors give you the voltage and possibly current of your batteries, but more advanced ones can actually store messages and even provide alerts. They’re really useful if you’re planning to put your RV in storage and want to be able to check for any low voltage warnings or other issues periodically.

Top RV Battery Monitors Video

FAQ: Best RV Battery Monitor Systems

We understand that choosing the right RV battery monitor system can be a daunting task, especially with the wide range of options available in the market. To help you make an informed decision and address any queries you may have, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about RV battery monitor systems. Whether you’re new to RVing or looking to upgrade your current system, these FAQs will provide valuable insights into the functionality, benefits, installation, and maintenance of these monitoring systems. So, let’s dive in and find answers to some of the most common questions regarding the best RV battery monitor systems.

What is an RV battery monitor system?

An RV battery monitor system is a device that provides real-time information about the status and condition of the batteries in your RV. It typically includes a monitor or display unit inside the RV and a shunt that connects to the batteries. The monitor displays important data such as battery voltage, current, state of charge, and estimated time remaining.

Why do I need an RV battery monitor system?

An RV battery monitor system is essential for monitoring the health and performance of your RV batteries. It allows you to keep track of the battery voltage, current draw, and state of charge, helping you determine when to recharge or replace your batteries. This information is vital for optimizing battery life, preventing deep discharges, and avoiding unexpected power failures.

How does an RV battery monitor system work?

An RV battery monitor system works by measuring the voltage and current passing through the shunt connected to the batteries. The shunt acts as a sensor, providing accurate data to the monitor. The monitor then calculates the state of charge based on this information and displays it in a user-friendly format. Some advanced systems also offer additional features like historical data logging and smartphone connectivity.

Are all RV battery monitor systems the same?

No, RV battery monitor systems can vary in terms of features, accuracy, and complexity. Basic systems provide essential battery information, while more advanced models may offer additional features such as multiple battery bank monitoring, temperature monitoring, and programmable alarms. It’s important to choose a system that suits your specific needs and budget.

How accurate are RV battery monitor systems?

The accuracy of RV battery monitor systems can vary depending on the quality of the system and its calibration. However, most reputable monitor systems are designed to provide reasonably accurate readings. It’s a good practice to calibrate the monitor according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure accurate and reliable information.

Can I install an RV battery monitor system myself?

Yes, many RV battery monitor systems are designed for easy installation and can be installed by RV owners with basic electrical knowledge. The installation typically involves connecting the shunt to the battery bank and running wires to the monitor unit. However, if you’re unsure or uncomfortable with electrical work, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance.

Can I use an RV battery monitor system with any type of battery?

Yes, most RV battery monitor systems are compatible with various battery types, including lead-acid, AGM, and lithium-ion batteries. However, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure compatibility with your specific battery type.

How much do RV battery monitor systems cost?

The cost of RV battery monitor systems can vary depending on the brand, features, and complexity of the system. Basic systems can be found for around $50, while more advanced models with additional features can range from $100 to $500 or more. It’s important to consider your specific needs and budget when selecting a system.

Are there any maintenance requirements for RV battery monitor systems?

RV battery monitor systems generally require minimal maintenance. However, it’s advisable to periodically check the connections and wiring for any signs of damage or corrosion. Additionally, ensure that the monitor’s display is clean and free from debris for accurate readings.

Can I use a smartphone app to monitor my RV batteries?

Some RV battery monitor systems offer smartphone connectivity and dedicated mobile apps. These apps allow you to monitor your RV batteries remotely, receive alerts, and access historical data. If smartphone monitoring is important to you, ensure that the system you choose provides this functionality.

Remember, it’s always recommended to consult the user manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation, calibration, and usage of your specific RV battery monitor system.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best RV battery monitors for your rig comes down to your battery bank size, the information you want to know, and how easily accessible you want that information to be.

There are excellent RV battery monitors available at every price point, so make sure you decide just how much you’re willing to spend to get the best one for your needs.