Best RV Propane Tank Cover – Single & Dual Travel Trailer Lids

The vast majority of RVs, be they travel trailers or motorcoaches, rely on propane tanks to fuel a lot of systems. Stoves, grills, water heaters, and many more appliances and accessories require a reliable supply of propane to function.

One of the worst experiences as an RVer is realizing your propane tanks have gone empty, or worse, are damaged. One great way to protect them from this fate is with high-quality RV propane tank covers. Today’s review will cover the best RV propane tank covers to help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Best RV Propane Tank Covers

RV propane tank covers fulfill an essential role in protecting your propane tanks from the elements and accidental damage. They can reduce the off-gassing of propane from the heat of the sun and keep your tanks from corroding.

Tow behind RVs benefit the most from propane tank covers but many motorcoaches also need quality propane tank covers.

Our list below includes several different types of tank covers at a variety of price points. Each offers excellent value for its intended role.

ADCO White RV Propane Tank Cover

ADCO RV Propane Tank Cover

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The ADCO White RV Propane Tank Cover is a softshell tank cover. It’s available in a range of double and single sizes to fit both 20 lb and 30 lb propane tanks.

The first thing we noticed about the ADCO tank cover was how sharp it looks. It has a wood top that gives it a much more structured appearance than comparable soft shell tanks. Even better, it’s still just as easy to fit on as standard soft-shells.

It’s made from heavy-duty vinyl with a supple nylon zipper. The combination makes it easier to set up without sacrificing UV resistance or waterproofing.

Overall we think the ADCO White RV Propane Tank Cover is an affordable and durable option for those looking to protect single or double propane tanks.

Camco Heavy-Duty Dual Propane Tank Cover

Camco Dual Propane Tank Cover

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The Camco Heavy-Duty Dual Propane Tank Cover is a hard-cover tank cover designed for double tanks. It fits both 20 lb and 30 lb tanks and is available in a range of attractive colors.

When we first got our hands on this bad boy we were impressed by how rugged it felt. It’s made from sturdy polypropylene that’s both UV resistant and able to take some knocks without blinking.

We have no doubt this would be able to shrug off a few rocks or other bits of road debris without damage to your propane tanks themselves. Even better, it looks extremely sharp.

Installation also went a lot faster than we thought it would. It uses a clamshell design that slips right over your tanks and snaps into place. Once it’s fully installed you can open or close the top access door to hook up your tanks as needed.

If you’re willing to spend a bit of a premium on the Camco Dual Propane Tank Cover you’ll end up with both premium performance and premium aesthetics for your propane tanks.

Classic Accessories RV Propane Tank Cover

Classic Accessories RV Propane Tank Cover

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The Classic Accessories RV Propane Tank Cover is designed to fit a variety of different RV propane tanks in double configurations. You can pick one up for either 20 lb or 30 lb propane tanks and choose between white or gray.

The cover face is made from weather and UV resistant heavy-duty vinyl backed by a soft polyester. It’s built to be highly resistant to mold or mildew build-up while still easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

What’s really cool about the design is its zip-open front access panel. It allows you to quickly get at the connectors and ports when needed, then zip them closed for better protection when not.

The set up is just as easy. All you need to do is slip it over your tanks and pull the shock-corded bottom seal tight.

If you’re looking for the convenience of a soft cover with the appearance of a hard-cover the Classic Accessories RV Propane Tank Cover should bear some serious consideration.

Weber LP Tank Cover

Weber Gas Tank Cover

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The Weber LP Tank Cover is specially designed to fit the aesthetic and sizing needs of Weber’s large line of grills. It’s made from a water-resistant fabric with a top loop drawstring closure.

The upside to this design is the incredible ease of setup. All you do is open the loop up to maximum and set your 20 lb propane tank inside. Pull the drawstring taut and you’ve closed it off.

The downside is that it doesn’t come with a top cover. It protects your propane tank from splashed water but doesn’t keep water from entering from the top, such as during a rainstorm. Even worse, any water that does get inside from the top is going to be trapped between your tank and the cover.

It isn’t as bad as it sounds though. The Weber Cover is designed for propane tanks mounted under their grills. If you’re buying this as an accessory to go with your RV grill it provides a ton of value for a very affordable price.

BroilPro Accessories Propane Tank Cover

BroilPro Accessories Leaf Propane Tank Cover

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The BroilPro Accessories Propane Tank Cover is designed to fit seamlessly and stylishly over your propane tank. It comes in either black or a camo pattern and is made from a durable vinyl material backed with a soft polyester lining.

It’s sturdy enough to handle wind, rain, and road debris while still soft enough to cushion and protect your propane tank. It fits 20 lb propane tanks and uses a downward-facing hood for its single connector opening that naturally funnels rainfall away from your propane tank.

What’s even better is the price. You can pick up one of these for a very affordable price, perfect if you need to cover multiple tanks.
If you’re looking for an easy to install yet long-lasting cover for your RV’s propane tanks it’s hard to go wrong with this model from BroilPro Accessories.

Montana Grilling Gear Ventilated Propane Tank Cover

Montana Grilling Gear Propane Tank Cover

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The Montana Grilling Gear Ventilated Propane Tank Cover is a weatherproof and UV resistant cover designed for single propane tanks. It’s made from a fully waterproof material with a built-in ventilation slot that helps prevent the build-up of unwanted gasses.

It comes in two sizes, 20 lb and 30 lb, and is relatively easy to install on your tank. Even better from a longevity standpoint, the material is fortified against cold, damp, and mildew damage.

It slips right over your tank and attaches with a shock cord strap. There’s a single opening for a connector and a small hooded section to keep it out of the weather.

All in all the Montana Grilling Gear Propane Tank Cover is a reasonably priced soft tank cover that gets the job done. It’s attractively styled and easy to install.

Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best RV Propane Tank Cover

Picking out an RV propane tank cover really comes down to what level of protection you need and how many tanks you’re covering. There are other cosmetic considerations, but those two will get you through most of the key choices with tank covers.


Thankfully propane tank covers are extremely affordable. Entry-level models can frequently be found for under $10, while even the best hardshell units are priced under $100.

Materials & Construction

The biggest choice with RV propane tank cover materials is between hard-covers and soft-covers. Hard-covers are generally more expensive, but offer more comprehensive protection and last longer on average. The installation process is more involved the first time but they’re easier to work with.

Most hard-cover propane tank covers are made from polyurethane. It’s both highly resistant to damage and offers substantial protection against UV damage.

Soft covers are usually cheaper, easier to put on, and very easy to work with. They’re almost all made from UV resistant vinyl or nylon and do a great job keeping the sun, wind, and rain off your tanks.


Sizing your RV propane tank cover depends both on the size and number of propane tanks you need to be covered. Small 20 lb tanks are one of the most common tank sizes for things like pop-ups and other small campers.

Double-check the size of your RVs tank platform, the number of tanks you intend to keep there, and whether or not you want the option to upgrade the size down the line.

Openings and Ventilation

Two of the most important considerations when picking out tank covers are the type and location of openings and ventilation.

Openings determine what type of connectors you can fit through them. If you’ve got double tanks you need to make sure you can easily access both without having to move the tanks around.

Ventilation is a very important safety consideration. If you’ve got a small leak on a propane tank the last thing you want is for it to build up in a confined space. Adequate ventilation ensures that you have time to find a leak before it leads to a bigger issue.

Weather & UV Resistant

The core purpose of RV tank covers is to protect your tanks from the elements. Thank covers need to be able to handle rain and wind without difficulty, but they should also be resistant to UV damage.

Look for materials rated for long lifespans even under direct sunlight.

Restraints and Ties

How an RV tank cover attaches to your RV is obviously a good thing to consider. Soft covers often just Bungie over the tanks themselves to keep the sun and rain off them, but more substantial ones can be a lot more complicated.

Hard-covers generally require semi-permanent attachment with screws, clasps, and other attachment points.

Consider how often you’ll go between swapping out tanks and what level of protection you want for your tanks from road debris.

Final Thoughts

RV tank covers are essential and inexpensive accessories for your RV. They help protect your RV’s propane tanks from water, wind, and other weather conditions while also offering protection against impacts from small road debris.

Picking out the best RV tank cover is a lot easier than with many other RV accessories. So long as you know the size of your tank, how many tanks you have, and what level of protection you want you should be good to go.