Best RV Sewer Hose Supports – Helps Dump Drainage Waste

Dumping your septic tank is an unpleasant, but necessary part of the RV lifestyle. The best RV sewer hose supports make this task quicker and more effective, so you can get on with enjoying your trip.

An RV sewer hose support keeps your hose elevated above ground (a requirement in most campgrounds) while creating a gentle gradient so your tank contents can flow out efficiently. Simple, yet efficient, sewer hose supports help to prevent any nasty backups or smelly surprises and keep your sewer hose safe from damage.

Not sure which RV sewer hose support is right for you? In this guide, we take a look at the top RV sewer hoses on the market right now, and explain what you need to consider before making your purchase.

Best RV Sewer Hose Support

To help you find the best RV sewer hose support for your setup, we have reviewed eight of the leading models on the market.

Our RV sewer hose support reviews include a wide range of lengths, designs and versatility options – so you’re sure to find your ideal match.

Camco Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support

Camco Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support

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First on our list is the Camco Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support. Sturdy and flexible, this model is a great choice to hold your sewer hose clear of the ground when dumping your tanks.

Made from durable plastic that can handle uneven terrain, the Camco Sidewinder is tough enough to last the test of time. It’s ready to use straight out of the box without any hassle, and its 20ft length gives you plenty of reach to play with. Once stretched out, this support maintains its shape and won’t begin to creep closed – saving you the frustration of constantly rearranging it.

Its flexible design allows you to curve around any obstacles that may lie in your way, while the deep cradles hug your sewer hose securely to avoid any mishaps. The cradle height gradually diminishes from 7.25-inches to 4-inches across its length, creating a smooth downward slope for easy elimination. It’s simple to rinse clean too.

Compatible with all 3-inch sewer hoses, the Camco Sidewinder is lightweight and easy to store. It can be collapsed down to just 12.5- inches when not in use, thus saving precious space in your RV. We also like that it comes with a specially made orange storage handle for simple transportation.

Valterra Slunky RV Hose Support

Valterra Slunky RV Hose Support

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The Valterra Slunky RV Hose Support is another great option to keep your sewer hose safely clear of the ground.

With a length of 10-feet, this sewer hose support isn’t the longest, but it offers enough reach to easily dump your tanks if you stay on pitches that each have their own waste pipes. Even though it is lightweight, the metal hinges give this support a high degree of strength and durability, so you can be sure it won’t buckle under the strain of your hose.

With a flexible design and textured base, the Valterra Slunky has great grip and is easy to maneuver around any troublesome obstacles to reach your closest waste drainage pipe. We also like that this hose support comes with three tie down straps to help you keep the sewer hose securely connected.

The depth of each cradle gradually reduces from 7.25-inches at one end of the support, to 4.5-inches the other, creating a downward gradient for pain-free drainage and a clear hose once you’re done.

When it’s time to pack up and hit the road, the Valterra Slunky compresses down to a fraction of its extended size and can be secured with its self-fastening strap for effortless storage. If you often stay on well-serviced sites and are looking for an easy to use, sturdy and flexible sewer hose support – this model has all you need.

Lippert Component’s Complete Flow Down Assembly

Lippert Components Flow Down Assembly

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If you’re after a simple, all-in-one solution to black tank dumping, the Lippert Component’s Complete Flow Down Sewer Hose Support could be just what you need.

Quick and easy to set up, this 10-foot sewer hose support system is versatile, reliable and perfect for use in a variety of locations. With fully adjustable legs, you can conveniently tailor the slope to meet whatever gradient you’re faced with – so no matter the environment, you can dump your tanks with ease.

One side of the legs feature specially designed, tri-handle knobs that offer stability on uneven surfaces, so you can keep your hose steady over bumpy terrain or loose soil. Furthermore, the two pipe connectors can be set up to maneuver your hose around any obstacles, too, so nothing will get between you and the waste outlet.

Made from tough, durable plastic, this RV sewer hose support kit can withstand punishment and should last several years. The standard length of 10-feet is likely to be sufficient for most users, but you can always attach a second kit if you need extra reach. We also like how the entire system comes with a drawstring storage bag so you can keep everything safely in one place, without taking up much space in your RV.

As it is one of the most expensive choices on our list, this level of convenience comes at a price. But if you’re an intrepid Rv’er who regularly travels to a variety of sites, the Lippert Component’s Complete Flow Down Assembly will give you peace of mind that you can meet almost any dumping challenge you may encounter.

AP Products Slunky Drain Hose Support

AP Products Slunky Drain Hose Support

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With its 20-foot length and flexibility, the AP Products Slunky Drain Hose Support is another good option for pain-free tank dumping.

Made from flexible polypropylene, this hose support is durable and ready to use straight out of the box. Metal hinges enable it to hold the weight of your sewer hose off the ground without buckling under the strain, while its lightweight design makes it easy to manipulate.

Suitable for use with the majority of sewer hoses, the AP Products Slunky Drain Hose Support has deep-set cradles for extra stability. The flexible design allows you to maneuver it around corners or obstacles as required, so you can reach your closest waste connection without any stress.

The height of the cradles reduces gradually across the length of the support, creating a gentle slope for effective flow without any back up. It also comes with three tie down straps to help keep your hose securely in place. Some users found that it doesn’t perform as well on uneven surfaces though, so it’s probably best suited to sites that have firm and flat ground.

Once you’ve finished, this sewer hose support compresses to a small, light bundle that’s held together by a self-fastening strap and will take up minimal storage space in your RV until its next use.

All in all, this model is an effective, lightweight and easy to use choice for keeping your sewer hose safely elevated over flat surfaces. If you often visit sites with rougher ground or steeper slopes, though – you may be better off choosing a more robust model.

Camco Aluminum Sewer Hose Support

Camco Aluminum Sewer Hose Support

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The only aluminum hose support on our list, this model by Camco is a robust and sturdy option.

Lightweight and highly durable, this sewer hose support is easy to manipulate and resistant to damage on rough surfaces. Solid brass rivets are rust resistant and hold each action securely together, so it can effortlessly withstand the weight of your loaded sewer hose while draining.

Simple to set up and pack away in just seconds, the Camco Aluminum Sewer Hose Support creates a gentle slope and is available in either a 10-foot length or 15-foot length – so it is plenty long enough to reach most sewage drains you’ll encounter.

While extended, it remains stable over uneven ground and doesn’t “creep” back on itself, causing you problems. The longer, 15-foot option also has handles on each end to make it easier for you to expand without running the risk of trapping your fingers.

The cradles are shallower than some other hose supports we have seen, but this model is cleverly designed to hug your sewer hose and keep it stable. A pack of hose straps are included, though, for extra peace of mind.

Once you have dumped your waste, the Camco Aluminum Sewer Hose Support compresses right down to a convenient size and can be secured with the storage strap to save space until its next use.

Overall, the Camco Aluminum Sewer Hose Support is a fantastic, durable and easy to use choice for all Rv’ers. The only downside is it’s pretty pricey, but as it is made from robust materials, it’s sure to last a long time.

Camco Adjustable Sewer Hose Drain Support Kit

Camco Adjustable Sewer Hose Support Kit

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Another option by this leading manufacturer is the Camco Adjustable Sewer Hose Drain Support Kit.

Able to support sewer hoses up to 20 feet, this kit consists of six trough sections each 30-inches long. Every trough hugs your sewer hose and cradles it, elevated safely above the ground, keeping it stable while you dump your tank. The height of each section can be adjusted as required, making it easy to tailor the gradient to your needs.

Made from high-quality, weatherproof material, this sewer hose support is robust and durable, making it suitable for all environments. Each section can be independently arranged, so you can effortlessly maneuver your way around any obstacles that stand in your path. The sections stand firm on uneven surfaces, but you can use the included ground stakes for additional stability if necessary.

Once you have finished dumping, the individual sections can be stacked on top of one another for storage. A separate bag is included for the ground stakes, too, so you don’t end up losing any.

Highly customizable, secure, and weather resistant, this model is a great option if you often find yourself having to dump your tanks over compromising terrain. The downside is that this model takes a little longer to set up than other choices on our list, and while relatively compact, it still takes up more storage space than compressible models.

TFlex RV Draining Hose Support

TFlex RV Draining Hose Support

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Available in either 15 foot or 20 foot lengths, the TFlex RV Draining Hose Support offers a quick and easy option for dumping your tanks.

Unlike other models we have seen, the TFlex RV Draining Hose Support wraps around your sewer hose, rather than cradling it, for a secure connection that eliminates the risk of your hose moving out of position.

Made from tough, durable plastic, this sewer hose support is simple to set up but some users have complained it takes longer than they would have liked. It is suitable for all hoses with a diameter of 3-5 inches and features an optimized slope gradient for effective drainage without any backups. Each section of the support can be individually adjusted, making it great for use on uneven ground.

If you need to navigate around obstacles, the TFlex can be bent up to 180-degrees for easy sewer connections wherever you’re pitched. The material also has built-in UV protection which guards against damage or fading if you RV in sun-baked, arid climates.

Like most sewer hose supports, this model also compresses down for storage in the included carry bag. However, even when compressed this model is about 3-feet in length, so keep in mind that it will take up more space than other models on our list.

Level-Trek Sewer Hose Support

Level Trex Sewer Hose Support

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Last, but by no means least, is the Level-Trek Sewer Hose Support.

At 15 feet in length, this sewer hose support is generously-sized and suitable for most RV sewer hose systems. Each section gradually decreases in height for an effective drainage slope, and its robust plastic material is durable against wear on rough terrain.

Like other supports on our list, this model is also flexible and can be manipulated around corners or obstacles for an easy sewer connection without stress. It doesn’t hold the hose very high off the ground, but the deep cradles hold it securely while dumping to limit the chance of any unpleasant incidents.

We particularly like how you can choose to add or subtract sections from the support as needed for versatility. This can come in handy if you’re staying at a campground where the sewer hook up is very close to your vehicle and you don’t need as much reach. It’s also useful should a piece become damaged, as you can simply remove it without risking a puncture to your hose.

Lightweight and easy to store, the Level-Trek Sewer Hose Support is a great space-saver. When compressed and secured with the included velcro strap, it takes up very little storage space in your RV – so you’ll have enough room to take some extra leisure items with you.

Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best RV Sewer Hose Supports

Still unsure which is the best RV sewer hose support for you? In this section, we tell you all you need to know to find your perfect match.


Most RV sewer hose supports are not expensive, but you will find some more sophisticated models at the higher end of the price range – around $70-90.

Of course, the length of the support and the material it is made from will be a contributing factor in the price. Aluminum hose supports that stretch to 30 foot are naturally going to be more expensive than plastic ones that are only half this length.

Like any other product, when choosing the best RV sewer hose support, you shouldn’t make a judgment based on cost alone. The priciest options are not always the best for your circumstances, so be sure to read through our RV sewer hose support reviews above before making your final decision.

Length & Weight

The length and weight of your RV sewer hose support is a crucial aspect to consider before buying.

Hose supports come in a wide range of sizes, and if you choose one that is incompatible with your setup, you could find yourself in an unpleasant situation.

You should look for a model that is long enough and sturdy enough to handle your sewer hose with ease. Don’t forget that the empty weight of your sewer hose will be much less than when you are actively draining – so keep this factor in mind too.

You’ll also want to pick a hose support that is lightweight, yet strong. This will make it much easier to carry the support from place to place and manipulate it into position without breaking into a sweat. It will also be less hassle to store and unpack when the time comes to dump your tanks.

There are many robust plastic models on the market that are great lightweight choices, but if you want excellent strength without the weight, aluminum is the best material option.


We recommend opting for a sewer hose support that will be capable of keeping your hose stable in a variety of environments.

Any model should be able to manage a smooth, straight asphalt run to the sewer – but you never know what situation you’ll have to deal with at your next pitch ground. Therefore, choosing a hose support that is adaptable to uneven surfaces is a must.

The best models will give you the option to adjust the height of the legs as required to meet the surface beneath them while creating an effective gradient for clear drainage. Those that can be manipulated to snake around obstacles are also great choices, so you can easily reach the sewer connection if something stands in your way.

With regard to weather, most models will stand up to wet conditions just fine and are fairly easy to rinse clean should they get muddy. But if you like to camp in hot, arid states, choosing a support that has some UV protection is your best bet. This will help to prevent cracking and fading caused by over-exposure to sunlight.


As with any RV product, space-saving qualities are key.

Almost all RV sewer hose supports can be compressed to a fraction of their extended size for more convenient storage – but some are more compact than others.

Accordion style models usually compress back onto themselves, while hose supports that consist of separate sections can usually be neatly stacked for storage.

Stackable options generally take up more space than compressible ones, so we recommend double-checking the compressed measurements before making your final decision.

Easy to Clean

We hope that your RV sewer hose support never gets hit with any foul substances, but should the worst happen, you’ll want to make sure that it’s simple to clean.

Most models are designed to have smooth plastic or aluminum surfaces that can be easily rinsed off, but those that have tight hinges and textured cradles may be a little more difficult.

Easy to Set Up

RV sewer hose supports shouldn’t be difficult to set up. Dumping your tanks is an unpleasant job as it is, without your equipment making it any more tiresome.

Luckily, the vast majority of models are simple to use. By far the most common style is an extendable, accordion-like design that you just pull out to full length and then compress back down once you’re done.

However, there are some more versatile and complicated models on the market, too. This type of sewer hose support usually comes in multiple, adjustable pieces that must be assembled to match the conditions before use.

These are handy if you frequently pitch in new locations where the environment and facilities will be unfamiliar to you – but they can also be more time-consuming to set up.


The last thing you want is for your sewer hose support to break and collapse part-way through dumping your tanks. Therefore, you should look for a model that offers a high degree of durability to carry you through several seasons.

We recommend choosing a model that is made from robust plastic with thick cradles and joints, or an aluminum model with reinforced rivets for extra strength. Picking a model that offers a long warranty period is also a good indication of durability.

Final Thoughts

All of the models we have reviewed make excellent choices, but when choosing the best RV sewer hose support for you, be sure to focus on the qualities that are most important for your lifestyle and setup.

If you like to travel widely and visit new campgrounds regularly, then a versatile, adjustable model like the Camco Adjustable Sewer Hose Drain Support Kit is a great choice. Capable of handling many different environments, this model can snake around obstacles and be fully adjusted for an optimum height and gradient, no matter the surface. It is also robust, durable and weather resistant, making it perfect for use in extreme climates.

For a simple, space-saving solution that’s ready to use straight out of the box, the Camco Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support ticks all the boxes. Lightweight and easy to use, this sewer hose support is sturdy and can be manipulated around obstacles for pain-free dumping. Once you’ve finished, it compresses down to just a few inches for convenient storage.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty, yet lightweight option that can handle heavy hoses and rough ground- the Camco Aluminum Sewer Hose Support could be your best bet. Crafted from aluminum with solid brass, rust-resistant rivets, this model is strong, durable and easy to manipulate. It also compresses to a fraction of its size for space-saving storage.

Whatever your needs, you’re sure to find the best RV sewer hose support for you in our selection.