9 Best Portable Camping Sinks Reviewed & Tested

Last Updated May 20, 2023
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Even if your RV has a fully equipped kitchen, a portable camping sink is still a must for most RVers. The best portable camping sink allows you to wash your dishes and laundry outside, with some models even providing extra meal preparation space in your outdoor camping kitchen.

Using a portable camping sink inside your RV gives you extra flexibility, so you’re not tying up your sink with one item or dirty dishes, plus using a portable camping sink can also help protect your RV plumbing.

Here’s how to choose the best portable camping sink for RVing.

Best Portable Camping Sink

Whether you are looking for a basic bucket camping sink or a table portable camping sink, we’ve selected the very best models on the market to help you to find the best sink for your next RV trip.

Best Portable Camping Sink for Handwashing

SereneLife Portable Camping Sink

SereneLife Portable Camping Sink
The SereneLife camping sink product picture

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The Portable Camping Sink by SereneLife is a popular choice for keeping the family’s hands clean when RVing. This portable camping sink is specially designed for hand washing and comes with a compact 0.92 gallon basin complete with an integrated soap dispenser and towel holder.

Thanks to its generous five gallon water tank, which also serves as a stabilizing base, this camping wash basin won’t require frequent refills during your stay. Made from a durable and safe HDPE plastic construction, simply use your foot to pump the water up and out of the faucet, allowing you to wash both of your hands simultaneously.

The wheels on the base and the built-in handle make this portable camping sink easy to relocate. It also comes with a handy flexible drainage hose and a storage bag for when you decide to pack up and hit the road. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to attach the wash basin to the stand, and given its small capacity, it is less suitable for dishwashing and general meal preparation.

Easy to use and reasonably priced, this portable camping sink is a good choice for outdoor hand washing when you’re RVing, especially if you’re traveling as a large family or meeting up with friends and don’t want handwashing tying up your camping kitchen sink.

Pros – Things we liked
0.92 gallon basin with 5 gallon water tank
Durable HDPE construction
Integrated soap dispenser & towel holder
Foot pump dispenser & faucet
Wheels and built-in handle
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Difficult assembly
Less suitable for dishwashing
Best Portable Camping Sink with Workstation

Coldcreek Outfitters Sink Table

Coldcreek Outfitters Sink Table
The Coldcreek Outfitters camping sink product picture

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Thanks to its dual sink design with inserts, the Coldcreek Outfitters Sink Table provides over 1,040 square inches of working space for meal preparation, dining, playing games, or preparing your catch of the day, as well as doing the dishes.

Possibly the best double portable camping sink with workstation on the market, this lightweight, collapsible camping table assembles quickly without tools and folds flat for easy storage inside your RV.

Made from heavy-duty polyurethane with a durable steel frame, this unit provides a non-porous, sanitary cutting surface. The two sinks measure 1.5 inches and 4.5 inches deep respectively and come with drain hoses and a removable faucet. Aside from the sinks, preparation space, and sink covers, there is also a handy refuse hole complete with a snack-shut system to hold your garbage bag – ideal for vegetable cuttings and preparing meat or fish.

Standing at 33 inches tall, this camping sink table is specially designed to be a comfortable standing height for handwashing, food preparation, and dishwashing without having to stoop.

Measuring 40 inches by 26 inches, it is very easy to set up and take down, the only downside is that this model does not always come with the correct attachment for a standard garden hose, so you may have to go to your local hardware store to purchase an additional connector.

Pros – Things we liked
Dual sinks with inserts
Removable faucet and drainage hoses
1,040 sq inch working surface for meal preparation
Refuse hole with snap-locking garbage bag system
Flat folding for easy storage
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Connection to garden hose may require extra parts
Best Collapsible Portable Camping Sink

UST FlexWare Collapsible Sink Wash Basin

UST FlexWare Collapsible Sink Wash Basin
The UST FlexWare camping sink product picture

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If you have a campervan or small trailer, you’ll want to invest in a compact, collapsible portable camping sink.

The FlexWare Collapsible Sink Wash Basin by UST has a good 2.25 gallon capacity and is completely collapsible saving you storage space or you could also use it to store culinary items inside your RV. Weighing just under 20 ounces, it’s also extremely lightweight.

Thanks to its flexible thermoplastic rubber construction it is easy to set up and collapse, with a sturdy plastic rim and base for stability. The dual handles make it easy to transport, however, they are fragile so it’s probably best you do not attempt to carry it when full to the top with water.

Its bright orange color ensures you won’t forget to pick it up to pack at your campsite, although it does tend to mark easily, especially with cast iron cookware that’s been used over a campfire. However, this does not affect its functionality in any way. Measuring 11.42 inches wide by just under 15 inches long, it’s a good size for RV dishes and cookware, as well as hand washing and laundry.

While this is a very basic, collapsible sink, it is very useful to have with you on the road, whether you’re RVing in a pop-up trailer or a class A it’s sure to come in handy.

Pros – Things we liked
2.25 gallon capacity
Dual carry handles
Collapsible for space-saving storage
Flexible thermoplastic rubber construction
Weighs just 19.7 oz
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Marks easily
Handles are fragile
Best Budget Portable Camping Sink

Seattle Sports Outfitter Dish Wash Basin for Camping

Seattle Sports Outfitter Dish Wash Basin for Camping
The Seattle Sports Outfitter camping sink product picture

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If you struggle with small portable camping sinks, then you may want to take a look at the Outfitter Dish Wash Basin for Camping by Seattle Sports – our top budget choice.

Inexpensive, this low-cost portable camping sink certainly gives you more for your money thanks to its generous 35 gallon capacity. Measuring 11 by 11 inches, it’s a good size for washing larger RV cookware items, as well as for doing laundry and hauling water.

Thanks to its thick 18-ounce vinyl construction, complete with welded seams, this model is more durable than most similar camping sinks. It also features an abrasion-resistant base to protect against punctures. Lightweight and easily foldable, this square camping sink takes up next to no storage space inside your RV.

Heavy-duty webbing handles make it easy to carry and haul water with. Four rigid top edges help to keep this sink upright when there is water in it, however, additional support may be required, especially if it is not on a firm and flat base or if the water level inside is quite high.

Pros – Things we liked
3.5 gallon capacity
Folds away for storage
Abrasion-resistant base
Thick 18oz vinyl construction
Durable welded seams & webbing carry handles
Cons – Things we didn’t like
May need additional support
Best Value Double Portable Camping Sink

Seattle Sports Outfitter Double Sink

Seattle Sports Outfitter Double Sink
The Seattle Sports Outfitter double camping sink product picture

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The Outfitter Double Sink by Seattle Sports is a great value for money double sink to make washing and rinsing your dishes or laundry much easier when RVing. Rather than having to stack up your dishes before changing the water to rinse, you can simply go straight ahead with the double 3.5 gallon capacity 11 by 11-inch sinks.

Made from a durable 18-ounce vinyl construction complete with a kink-proof frame to help keep it upright when full, this double camp sink also benefits from welded seams for extra durability. Simply use the quick-release buckle to hang up this camping sink for quick drying after use.

Lightweight and collapsible for easy storage, this double sink weighs just one pound and is only inches thick when folded. The durable webbing handles make it easy to carry but it is very difficult to empty out after use when both sinks are full of water. While it works well on flat surfaces, unfortunately, if you are using it on a slightly uneven base, you’ll risk it folding as the sides do not feature any structure with just the semi-rigid top framework.

For cleaning and rinsing large items of RV cookware and doing laundry by hand with ease, this relatively spacious double camping sink is a good value for money choice.

Pros – Things we liked
2 x 3.5 gallon sinks
18oz vinyl construction
Folding for compact storage
Quick release buckle for hanging
Kink-proof frame & welded seams
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Does not work well on uneven surfaces
Difficult to empty
Best Bucket Portable Camping Sink

The Friendly Swede Collapsible Bucket Sink for Camping

The Friendly Swede Collapsible Bucket Sink
The Friendly Swede camping sink product picture

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The Friendly Swede Collapsible Sink for Camping is one of the best bucket portable camping sinks on the market given its high-quality construction and ease of use.

With its good 2.64 gallon capacity, when not in use it simply collapses, saving you storage space inside your motorhome. You can also purchase this model in various larger sizes to better suit your needs.

Thanks to its heavy-duty 500D PVC construction complete with double-stitched, sealed seams, this collapsible bucket sink for RVing is highly durable for long-lasting use. The included lid keeps leaves and insects out of your clean water, while the included mesh pocket that clips onto the bucket’s upper rim is handy for storing your dishwashing accessories.

Two long carry handles make this bucket sink easy to carry even when full of water, while there’s a convenient attachment point on the side for hanging it up or securing it in windy conditions. Just be aware that like most collapsible camping sinks, this model can also tip over if not placed on a level surface.

Also, while the lid is a good fit, it does not fix on to the bucket, so make sure that you don’t lose it when pacing away your RV stuff.

Pros – Things we liked
2.64 gallon capacity
Folds for space-saving storage
Includes mesh pocket & lid
Heavy-duty 500D PVC construction
Double-stitched sealed seams
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Lid does not securely attach to the bucket
Can easily tip if not on level ground
Best Overall Portable Camping Sink

Joseph Joseph Wash & Drain Sink

Joseph Joseph Wash & Drain Sink
The Joseph Joseph camping sink product picture

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The Wash & Drain Sink by Joseph Joseph is our top portable camping sink for RVing. Its rigid construction is highly durable and you won’t have any issues with it collapsing or puncturing, unlike folding models.

Use it inside your RV sink to save water and to protect your RV plumbing from food scraps, its built-in carry handles allow you to also free up your sink or to easily carry it outside for use in your camping kitchen.

Thanks to its drain plug strainer, you can easily empty this camping sink without having to tip it up and risk splashing yourself and your RV kitchen. Turn the drain plug to strainer mode and it will help protect your RV sewer lines, blocking debris inside the plug so you can throw it out in your trash.

Its 2.35 gallon capacity makes it a good choice for most RV cookware and you can also use it for washing delicate laundry items, as well as storing kitchen accessories inside your cabinets when it’s not in use.

Lightweight at just seven ounces, this basic but well designed portable camping sink also has legs to allow easy draining. The only slight drawback to this model is that there is no lock on the drain cap, so make sure that you don’t accidentally turn it to drain if using it on your RV kitchen counter.

Otherwise, this is an excellent, high-quality camping sink that is sure to last for many years.

Pros – Things we liked
2.35 gallon capacity
Straining drain plug to keep RV plumbing food-free
Rigid construction
Built-in carry handles
Lightweight – 7oz
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Cannot lock drain cap
Best Portable Camping Sink for Meal Preparation

Best Choice Products Portable Table Sink

Best Choice Products Portable Table Sink
The Best Choice Products camping sink product picture

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If you are looking for a camping sink for meal preparation rather than washing dishes, check out the Portable Table Sink by Best Choice Products.

Featuring folding legs for easy storage, this table sink is 24 inches long and 46 inches wide, giving you plenty of space for food preparation. The integrated sink area measures 10 by 15 inches, however, as it is only three inches deep, it is less suitable for washing dishes and cookware, although it’s fine for quickly rinsing off small items.

The station top is made from a durable plastic construction that is designed to withstand the weather. Simply hook up the included stainless steel faucet to your hose connection to benefit from running water. A strain hose is also included so you can easily drain into a bucket.

A good choice for anyone with an extensive outdoor camping kitchen, this table is a good choice for fish preparation, as well as cleaning and preparing your fruit, vegetables, and meats for cooking and serving.

Some assembly is required and you may want to or need to replace certain hardware items and possibly even the faucet as they’re not that great quality

Pros – Things we liked
Folding legs for easy storage
Durable plastic top
Includes faucet & drain pipe
Sink area & food preparation surface
Simple connection to standard garden hose
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Shallow sink – 3” deep
Poor quality hardware and faucet
Best Lightweight Portable Camping Sink

Coleman Folding Double Wash Basin

Coleman Folding Double Wash Basin
The Coleman camping sink product picture

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If you are looking for a lightweight portable double camping sink for occasional RVing, the Coleman Folding Double Wash Basin could be just what you need.

Its two sinks measure 10 by 10 inches and 6.5 inches deep, giving you a capacity of 2.8 gallons in each for washing and rinsing your RV dishes or for doing laundry.

This double sink for camping folds down to the size of a briefcase when not in use, while the rigid rod framework provides stability and structure once unfolded. The transparent sides make it easy to see what’s where – ideal if this is also going to be doubling up as camp kitchen storage. Three heavy-duty webbing handles make this sink easy to carry.

While the folding design is great for saving space inside your RV, this double camping sink is not the easiest to fold away, so you may want to practice a couple of times before hitting the road with it.

Also, it is not the most durable, so you won’t want to rely on it for extensive use or frequent RV trips.

Pros – Things we liked
2 x 2.8 gallon sinks
Units folds to a briefcase size
Three webbing carry handles
Rigid support rods
Transparent sides and bottoms
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Not very durable
Awkward to fold up

Compare the Best Portable Camping Sinks

Table Comparing the Top 9 Portable Camping Sinks
Image Title Price Rating Buy
OpenSerenelife Portable Camping Sink Compare SereneLife Portable Camping Sink
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OpenColdcreek Outfitters Foldable Sink Compare Coldcreek Outfitters Sink Table
Buy on Amazon
OpenUST Collapsible Sink Compare UST FlexWare Collapsible Sink Wash Basin
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OpenSeattle Sports Collapsible Wash Basin Compare Seattle Sports Outfitter Dish Wash Basin for Camping
Buy on Amazon
OpenSeattle Sports Double Portable Sink Compare Seattle Sports Outfitter Double Sink
Buy on Amazon
OpenFriendly Swede Collapsible Bucket Compare The Friendly Swede Collapsible Bucket Sink for Camping
Buy on Amazon
OpenJoseph Joseph Wash and Drain Tub Compare Joseph Joseph Wash & Drain Sink
Buy on Amazon
OpenBest Choice Products Portable Sink Compare Best Choice Products Portable Table Sink
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OpenColeman Folding Double Wash Basin Compare Coleman Folding Double Wash Basin
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Buyers Guide to Buying the Best Portable Camping Sink

Make sure that you get the best portable camping sink for your next vacation – check out our buyer’s guide and find out what essential features you need to look out for.


Basic camping sinks cost under $20, with basic bucket-style models that do not collapse coming in under $10.

Premium folding or large models can cost you $20 and over, with table camping sinks generally costing upwards of $100 depending on their quality of construction, extra features, and ease of assembly.

If you regularly go RVing you will probably want to invest in a good durable model. For outdoor camping kitchens, a more expensive table sink is generally worth the extra cost, provided you have the available storage space inside your RV.

Styles of Camping Sink

Consider each of the main styles of camping sinks before choosing the best camping sink for your needs.

Table sink

Table sinks are freestanding, so you won’t need to rest them on your picnic table, freeing up valuable space. They also tend to have built-in work surfaces, making them a good choice for meal preparation.

Just be sure to double-check that the sink area is deep enough for your needs if you are looking for a sink for dishwashing – some units have shallow sinks designed primarily for preparing meals or fish. Your camping table sink should fold up to easily fit inside your RV.

Foot pump sink

Some camping sinks feature a foot pump. This style is a good choice for handwashing, economizing on water while allowing you to rinse off and wash your hand thoroughly clean.

Bucket sink

The most basic type of camping sink, bucket sinks are very useful to have and can easily be used for hauling water thanks to their deep sides.

They are less suitable for washing large items and they take up a considerable amount of storage space, although they can also be used to keep all of your dishwashing accessories together inside your camper.


Collapsible camping sinks save you space storing your sink when it’s not in use. They work best on level surfaces, otherwise, you may experience some water loss through tilting.

While they are not the most durable and are less suitable for hauling water, collapsible camping sinks are a popular choice for many RVers, especially in small trailers and campers.


Most camping sinks are made out of heavy duty plastic as it is food-safe and easy to clean.

Rigid models tend to be made from polyurethane, whereas collapsible models are often made from vinyl or thermoplastic rubber. If you have chosen a sink table model, make sure that you check out the frame’s construction materials to ensure that it won’t rust with the elements.

Steel frames can benefit from a powder-coated protective finish to prevent corrosion.


Table style camping and foot pump operated sinks generally come with a faucet allowing you to control the flow of water – a great option for rinsing and preparing your cooking ingredients.

Look out for stainless steel faucets for durability. Your faucet should also be easily removable for compact storage.


Most regular-sized bucket camping sinks will need to be tipped up to empty. Table and foot pump models should come with a drain hose so you can drain into a bucket.

A drain plug can be handy enabling you to empty your sink without tipping for greater precision and less arm strain. Emptying double collapsible camping sinks without drains is often best accomplished with two pairs of hands.


If your table camping sink has a faucet, you should be able to connect a standard garden hose to it. The hose isn’t usually supplied, but connectors should be.

You may want to double check what fittings are included with your sink to prevent an extra trip down to the hardware store. Drainage hoses, on the other hand, are usually included with this type of camping sink.


For easy transportation and emptying, carry handles are a must for most camping sinks. Even foldable table versions can benefit from a handle to help you to get your sink in and out of your RV, as well as carrying it over to where your camp kitchen is set up.

Collapsible and bucket versions also benefit from strong carry handles so that you can use them for hauling water, as well as making it easier to relocate your sink and to empty it out after use.

Sink Capacity

Pay close attention to the capacity of your sink as well as its internal dimensions. Some camping sinks are designed more for serving as fish or hand washing stations, while others are deep and large enough for dishwashing and laundry.

Any sink that holds under two gallons is not going to be able to take a lot of dirty dishes or cookware. If you regularly cook for a crowd when camping, check that your pots and pans will fit inside the internal dimensions of your sink.

Overall Size

Check the overall size of your camping sink when in use, as well as when collapsed or folded, if applicable.

As space is always of a premium when you’re RVing, it’s important to plan where your camping sink will be stored inside your RV – especially if you own a small camper or tiny trailer.

Table camping sinks usually include the sink dimensions in the overall tabletop figures. If you are planning on using your table sink for other purposes, such as meal prep or dining and general use, make sure it will be large enough, yet easily stowable inside your RV.


There is little point paying out twice for a camping sink in a short period of time. While table and bucket camping sinks tend to be more durable by nature, collapsible ones are prone to breaking or puncturing.

If you need a collapsible version look out for models that are made out of heavy-duty materials with a high denier – this will give you extra durability. Abrasion-resistant bases and welded seams also make for stronger, more robust models that will see you through several camping seasons.

Packable and Portability

Your camping sink should be easy to pack up and put away. Foldable models tend to take a little more time and effort compared to tables with folding frames and collapsible bucket models.

Handles help to make your camping sink easier to carry, while wheeled models can be a good choice, provided they are adequately large to cope with your average campground terrain.

Easy to Clean

Most camping sinks are easy to clean, after all, you’ll likely be rinsing yours out with dish soap and fresh water every day. Collapsible and folding versions can suffer from mold if not dried out properly before storing, and you’ll need to make sure that there are no crevices where dirt could get trapped and linger.

Top Portable Camping Sinks Video

FAQ – Best Portable Camping Sinks

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or an avid camper, you understand the importance of convenience and cleanliness during your adventures. That’s where portable camping sinks come in handy. These versatile and compact sinks provide a dedicated washing station wherever you go, allowing you to maintain good hygiene and make your camping experience more enjoyable.

To help you make an informed decision and address any queries you may have, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the best portable camping sinks. Whether you’re new to the world of camping sinks or seeking specific information, this FAQ section aims to provide the answers you need.

From the advantages of using a portable camping sink to tips on choosing the right one for your needs, we’ll cover a range of topics to help you understand these convenient outdoor accessories. We’ll explore how these sinks work, their construction and maintenance, and their applications beyond camping.

If you’re ready to enhance your camping experience with a portable camping sink or simply curious to learn more, continue reading for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Why do I need a portable camping sink?

A portable camping sink is a convenient and hygienic solution for outdoor enthusiasts. It allows you to wash your hands, dishes, and other items while camping, without the need for a fixed water source. It promotes cleanliness and helps you maintain good hygiene standards during your outdoor adventures.

What are the advantages of using a portable camping sink?

Portable camping sinks offer several advantages, including:

  • Convenience: They provide a portable and self-contained washing station, eliminating the need to search for a water source or rely on communal facilities.
  • Hygiene: With a dedicated sink, you can maintain good hygiene by washing your hands and utensils regularly, reducing the risk of contamination and illness.
  • Water Conservation: Many portable camping sinks are designed to minimize water usage, making them eco-friendly options for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Versatility: These sinks are versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as washing dishes, cleaning fruits and vegetables, or even bathing pets.

How do portable camping sinks work?

Portable camping sinks typically consist of a water reservoir, a faucet or pump system, and a drain. They can be operated manually or with the help of a battery or electric-powered pump. The water reservoir is filled before use, and the faucet or pump allows you to control the flow of water. Once used, the sink’s drain facilitates the disposal of wastewater.

What should I consider when choosing a portable camping sink?

When selecting a portable camping sink, consider the following factors:

  • Size and Portability: Choose a sink that is compact and lightweight for easy transport and storage.
  • Water Capacity: Consider the size of your camping group and the duration of your trips to determine the appropriate water capacity for your needs.
  • Construction and Durability: Look for sinks made of sturdy materials, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or stainless steel, to withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Pumping Mechanism: Decide whether you prefer a manual hand pump or a battery/electric-powered pump for convenience.
  • Additional Features: Some sinks offer extra features like multiple compartments, soap dispensers, towel holders, or collapsible design, which can enhance your camping experience.

Are portable camping sinks easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, portable camping sinks are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Most models have removable parts that can be washed separately. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance to prolong the sink’s lifespan and ensure its optimal performance.

Can I use a portable camping sink for activities other than camping?

Absolutely! Portable camping sinks can be used for various activities beyond camping, including picnics, tailgating, outdoor events, fishing trips, gardening, and more. They offer a convenient way to access water for cleaning purposes wherever you go.

How do I install and set up a portable camping sink?

The installation and setup process may vary depending on the model you choose. However, most portable camping sinks are designed for easy setup without requiring any tools. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, which usually involve filling the water reservoir, connecting hoses or pipes, and ensuring a stable base. Additionally, make sure you have access to a suitable water source for refilling the sink when needed.

Final Thoughts

While there’s no shortage of different models of camping sink to choose from, you should definitely take your time and work out which one works best for your needs and RV size. With our top-rated portable camping sink selection and buyer’s guide, you’re sure to find your ideal model right here.

If you are looking for a portable camping sink to use both inside and outside your RV, the Wash and Drain SInk by Joseph Joseph is our overall favorite. Sturdy and highly durable, its strainer drain plug will protect your RV plumbing from getting blocked by scraps of food. It can also be used to free up your RV sink, as well as being used for dishwashing, laundry, and meal preparation outside. Simply lift via the integrated handles and take it to wherever you need a sink.

Alternatively, if you are really short on space, the FlexWare Collapsible Sink by UST makes a great choice. Extremely useful to have on-board, this thermoplastic camping sink collapses for space-saving storage. With its generous 2.25 gallon capacity it can accommodate your RV dishes with ease and weighs just 19.7 ounces.