9 Best RV Dishes. Microwave Safe, Lightweight Dinnerware Sets

Last Updated May 30, 2023
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With no shortage of options, finding the best RV dishes can be a time-consuming process. To help you to find the best RV dish set without the hassle, we’ve reviewed some of the best versions around and put together a comprehensive buying guide.

Best RV Dishes

Here is our selection of the very best RV dishes on the market. From elegant dinnerware to cheap and cheerful melamine RV dish sets, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for right here.

Best Overall RV Dishes

Camco Life is Better at The Campsite 12 Piece Dishware Set

Camco Life is Better at The Campsite Dishware Set
The Camco RV dishes product picture

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One of the most popular RV dish sets on the market, if you like cute RV prints you’ll love this handy dinnerware set by Camco.

It comes with four large dinner plates, four side plates, and four bowls, making it ideal for couples or families of four. If there are five or six of you, you can even purchase additional individual dishes, handy for replacements too.

Aside from its quirky multi-color truck and trailer print, another great advantage of this RV dish set is that it is made from virtually unbreakable BPA-free melamine. You won’t have to worry about it breaking when you’re on the move or if you decide to dine al fresco while RVing. Melamine is also a great choice for the kids, as they won’t risk hurting themselves if they drop it.

While this set is not microwave-safe, it can be washed on the top rack of your dishwasher for a hassle-free clean-up. Easy to stack and store, with its generously sized bowls bear in mind that there are other versions that stack slightly smaller.

However, given its great looks and fun yet highly practical design, it’s a top set to go for.

Pros – Things we liked
Nice RV print
Enough for 4 people
Made from BPA-free melamine
Dishwasher safe
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Not microwave safe

Best Enamel RV Dishes

Coleman 24-Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set

Coleman Enamel Dinnerware Set
The Coleman RV dishes product picture

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If you are looking for a rustic RV dinner set check out the Coleman 24-Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set.

With its classic red speckled enamel finish, this RV dish set is sure to bring back childhood memories around the campfire. Complete with four 10-inch dinner plates, four six-inch salad bowls, four 12-ounce coffee cups, plus a silverware set you’re all set for family meals.

Designed for extra durability, these metal double-fired enamel-plated plates are dishwasher-safe, although they should not be used in the microwave. The dishes stack nicely saving you storage space and the plastic-handled knives, forks, and spoons come with their own really handy silverware wrap – ideal for dining outdoors. Note that the cups don’t stack that well because of their handles, although that’s common to most similar sets

Unfortunately, while this set ought to be extremely long-lasting given its robust construction, the enamel chips fairly easily when dropped on a hard surface, so it’s potentially less suited to outdoor dining at your campsite. Another potential disadvantage for some users is the lack of small plates, although you could always pick up a different set.

Despite its relatively easy chipping, this RV dinner set is largely worth the extra cash if you are looking for a really solid, rustic design.

Best RV Dishes for Small Budgets

Ikea 36-piece Dinnerware Set

Ikea 36 Piece Dinnerware Set
The Ikea RV dishes product picture

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This colorful Ikea 36-Piece Dinnerware Set is a really useful addition to any RV kitchen and a particular hit amongst RVers with kids. Like most Ikea brand purchases, you get excellent value for money and this cheap and cheerful set is no exception.

Consisting of six 7.5-inch plates, six five-inch bowls, six eight-ounce tumblers, plus knives, forks, and spoons for six, this set has everything you need for meals in your camper. While the plates are an ideal size for children, they are a little on the small side for full-sized adult meals, although they are more than adequate for snacks or smaller portions.

One of the main advantages of this RV dish set is that it is both dishwasher and microwave-proof, making it really handy for heating up individual portions without having to change dishes. Made from polypropylene, this set can also be recycled, making it more eco-friendly than other plastic RV dish sets.

The plastic silverware is great for kids, although it may not be to everyone’s liking. While the serrated knives are child-safe and cut fairly well, the forks can be a little too flexible when used with very hot food. For this reason, full-time RVers without kids may prefer to invest in alternative silverware.

Note that this lightweight, stackable set is made up of assorted color items, so you are not guaranteed to receive a certain color in your set and they can vary considerably from the photos.

Otherwise, this kit more than lives up to all expectations and is ideal for RV use with or even without kids.

Best RV Dishes & Cookware Set

Odoland Camping Plate Set & Cookware

Odoland 22 pcs Camping Cookware Mess Kit
The Odoland RV dishes product picture

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For RVers that love traditional campfire meals, the Odoland Camping Plate Set and Cookware makes an exceptional choice.

This high-quality outdoor cook set consists of an aluminum alloy four-liter hanging pot, a 1.6-liter kettle, and an aluminum pan. Serve up breakfast, lunch, or dinner with its four stainless steel dishes, four spoons, four forks, and four stainless steel cups complete with silicone protective bands.

Highly durable, this kit is a great choice for campers or any small RVs with limited cooking facilities, as well as RV owners who like to cook and eat outdoors. The whole set conveniently stores inside the pot for compact storage. Even the forks and spoons fold down and store in the included storage bags, with one large bag that makes the entire set easy to grab and go.

This set is dishwasher-safe for a quick clean once you make it back home after your trip. If you are after a home-away-from-home dining experience in your RV, then this set won’t be your best choice. It is, however, highly practical for outdoor use, although you may also like to pick up some bowls as an additional purchase.

For a compact cook and dinnerware set for your camping stove or campfire, this is a highly convenient model that will take up a minimum of space in your RV.

Best Nesting RV Dishes

Camp Casual Nesting Bowls

Camp Casual Nesting Bowls
The Camp Casual RV dishes product picture

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Whether you are looking for a set of RV bowls for dining, serving, or storing leftovers, this highly versatile set of nesting bowls by Camp Casual is an absolute must-have.

This set has four different colored and sized bowls, all with a cute RV-themed decorative band. The smallest bowl has a three-cup capacity with the largest containing up to 13.5 cups.

Each bowl is made from 100% heavyweight melamine, making them highly durable, virtually unbreakable, and easy to clean. BPA-free and FDA-approved, this set is also dishwasher safe. Thanks to the included lids, you can seal each bowl to keep your food fresh, a great way to store leftovers or to keep insects out of your meal until you’re ready to sit down and eat.

As all four bowls nest inside one another, they make a great space-saving solution to your RV dinnerware needs. Aside from leftover storage and dining, they are also suitable for mixing baking recipes, displaying fruit, as well as sharing nibbles and holding various small items. Just bear in mind that they are not microwave-safe and the lids are fairly fragile so care is needed.

This cute RV nesting bowl set is a really useful accessory to have in your motorhome being highly durable and an excellent space saver, suitable for all of your dining, cooking, serving, and food storage needs.

Best Stainless Stell RV Dishes

Wealers Stainless Steel Plates and Bowls

Wealers Stainless Steel Plates and Bowls
The Wealers RV dishes product picture

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If you are looking for a stainless steel set of RV plates and bowls, this travel set by Wealers is large enough to feed the whole family. Highly durable, made from food-grade stainless steel, these RV plates and bowls won’t break when you’re on the road or eating around the campfire.

This is quite a substantial set of 24 plates and bowls. While there are four of each size, you can easily mix and match to feed a crowd or have plenty of options for serving all of your different sides when BBQing at the campground. With four 5 ¼” and four 6” deep-sided bowls, four 7 ½” and four 8 ¼” deep plates, plus four 6 ¼” and four 8 ½” plates, you certainly will have plenty of options for serving up a feast.

All of the bowls and plates nest and store securely in the included carry case which is easy to transport for picnics and BBQs, as well as taking up a minimum of space inside your RV. While this set is dishwasher-safe, note that it is made from 201-grade stainless steel which is not the highest corrosion resistant grade, so you may wish to hand dry.

A really versatile, hard-wearing RV dish set at a reasonable price, this stainless steel bowl and plate set is a good choice for RVers who love a more rustic experience camping in the great outdoors.

Best Corelle RV Dishes

Corelle Service for 6 – Chip Resistant Dinnerware Set

Corelle Service Chip Resistant Dinnerware Set
The Corelle RV dishes product picture

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For RVers who are more into glamping than camping, this elegant RV dinnerware set makes the best choice for a home-away-from-home dining experience.

Stylish yet simple, this all-white 18-piece set goes with every decor and allows your culinary creations to take center stage. It includes six 10 ¼” dinner plates, six 6 ¾” side plates, and six 18 ounce bowls for soup or cereal covering all of your meal options.

Made in the USA from Corelle’s triple-layer strong glass, this RV dish set is chip and break resistant, ideal for long trips on the road and outdoor use. To reduce the amount of washing up you do, this set is also dishwasher, microwave, and oven-proof making it highly versatile. Use it to heat up your meal and serve directly, saving you water and time washing up extra dishes.

Lightweight and stackable, this set is a great choice for RVs. If you are looking for an elegant alternative to plastic or stainless steel RV dishes, this has to be the very best RV dish set around. While it is, understandably, quite a bit more expensive than other options, it does come with a three-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

The best choice overall for anyone who enjoys both RVing and the finer things in life.

Best RV Dishes for Portability

TAIBID Picnic Set Camping Silverware Cutlery Organizer 2 Person Dinnerware

TAIBID Picnic Set Camping Silverware
The TAIBID RV dishes product picture

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The Tabid Picnic Set is a good, compact choice for couples RVing. If you have a camper or small trailer and not much space for cooking and dining, this set could be your best choice.

Complete with two eight-inch melamine dinner plates, two knives, forks, and spoons, this kit also contains essential dining accessories including a corkscrew, two napkins, a chopping board, a butter knife, and two shakers for your salt and pepper.

The entire contents of the picnic set fit neatly inside the canvas storage bag that has a handy carry handle. Easy to store, taking up hardly any space, it’s a highly convenient way to keep all of your RV dining essentials organized, neat, and to hand.

While this set is really handy to keep in your RV, it is best reserved for occasional use. What’s more, the plates are a little small and cheap-looking, plus you don’t get any bowls or side plates. If space is really at a premium and you need an RV dish set to grab and go, for occasional RV trips, this could be a good buy. Full-time RVing couples or those who enjoy gourmet picnics while RVing will need a more comprehensive RV dish set.

Best RV Dishes for Space Saving

GSI Outdoors Plates and Cooking set

GSI Outdoors Plates and Cooking set
The GSI RV dishes product picture

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The GSI Outdoors Plates and Cooking Set features a highly compact and extremely practical design. In fact, it is so compact you can even use it backpacking, as well as directly outside your camper.

This set includes two and three-liter pots, complete with really handy strainer lids, and a nine-inch fry pan plus a foldable pot-gripper handle. The pots and pan are made from anodized aluminum with a Teflon Radiance non-stick coating for easy cooking and cleaning up afterward with limited water supplies.

For eating and drinking all items are color-coded to avoid mix-ups, including four 14-ounce mugs with insulated sleeves and sip-tops, four 14-ounce bowls, and four 7 ½” plates.

The plates, bowls, and mugs are all made from BPA-free plastic and are highly durable and lightweight. One of the main advantages of this fantastic RV dish set is that it all nests into the included storage bag that even doubles as a handy welded camp sink. So not only is this RV dish set one of the most portable around, it is also highly practical.

If you could do with some new pots and pans for your next camping trip, as well as some new RV dishes, opting for this durable, space-saving set will make meals in the great outdoors much easier.

Plus, you can also take it with you on your next backpacking adventure, as well as using it at campgrounds.

Compare the Best RV Dishes

Table Comparing the Top 9 RV Dish Sets
Image Title Price Rating Buy
OpenCamco Campsite 12 Piece Dishware Set Compare Camco Campsite Dishware Set
Buy on Amazon
OpenColeman 24 Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set Compare Coleman Enamel Dinnerware Set
Buy on Amazon
OpenIkea 36 Piece Dinnerware Set Compare Ikea Dinnerware Set
Buy on Amazon
OpenOdoland 22 pcs Camping Cookware Mess Kit Compare Odoland Camping Plate Set
Buy on Amazon
OpenCamp Casual Nesting Bowls Compare Camp Casual Nesting Bowls
Buy on Amazon
OpenWealers Plates and Bowls Camping Set Compare Wealers Stainless Steel Plates
Buy on Amazon
OpenCorelle Service for Six Compare Corelle Dinnerware Set
Buy on Amazon
OpenTaibid Picnic Plate Set Compare TAIBID Camping Dinnerware
Buy on Amazon
OpenGSI Outdoors Camper Cooking Set for Four Compare GSI Outdoors Plates
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Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best RV Dishes

To help you decide which is the very best RV dish set for your rig, we’ve compiled a handy buyer’s guide so you’ll know just what to look out for when making your purchase.


When it comes down to choosing the best RV dishes, you can spend as little or as much as you like.

Low-cost options tend to consist of smaller-than-average plastic plate sets, whereas more expensive options look more like a high-quality dining set that you would expect to see in a residential or restaurant setting.

Aside from material and looks, spending a little more can often get you a more compact set that packs away neatly – ideal if you have a small RV without a food preparation area. Like most things, be prepared to pay a little more for higher quality and a more functional design.

If you have a fully-equipped kitchen in your RV, feel free to choose whichever plates appeal most to you. For campers and small trailers with limited facilities, you may want to spend more and get an all-in-one cooking and dining RV set to save a maximum of space.

Expect to spend anywhere between $10 for a basic RV plastic dining set up to $75 for a high-quality elegant version. Comprehensive RV cook and dinnerware sets will cost anywhere between $50 to over $150 depending on the materials used and any special features.

Number of Place Settings

You’ll need to choose an RV dish set that has enough place settings for the number of people in your RV.

If you have a camper or pop-up trailer, you’ll want to stick to a strict minimum. On the other hand, if you have a large fifth wheel or Class A, you’ll probably want to pick up a larger RV dinnerware set with extra settings for any guests.

Most RV dish sets will give you a total number of pieces as well as the number of each individual item. When choosing it’s best to double-check the product description, especially if the manufacturer makes several differently sized sets.

Types of RV Dishes

To make sure that your RV dish set has everything you’ll need, you’ll want to consider purchasing a set with some or all of the following tableware items.

Dinner Plates

Large enough for your main meal, dinner plates typically measure between 10-12 inches. Most RV and outdoor versions in particular will be several inches narrower. If you have a fully equipped kitchen inside your RV and cook regular meals just like at home, you’ll want to make sure that your RV dinner plates are reasonably sized.

Some camping versions measure around seven inches, fine for snacks and sandwiches, or meals around the campfire. However, you may struggle to comfortably fit an adult’s meal made up of several different food items on these smaller dinner plates.

Small Plates

Typically used for bread, snacks, desserts, and anything small that can make a lot of crumbs, small or side plates are really handy to have.

They are essential both inside your RV and out, keeping both your surfaces and your food clean and protected. If you are RVing as a family, they tend to be easier for little ones to handle too.

While small plates measure around six to seven inches in a restaurant or residential setting, you may find that your RV side plates are a little smaller. If your RV dish set doesn’t have any side plates, you may want to pick up a separate set to use in addition to your dinner plates.


Deep-sided bowls are essential for soup, cereal, and other dishes with a high liquid content. You may also prefer to use a bowl for pasta or rice dishes, as well as salads, especially if your dinner plates are fairly flat.

Bowls are also a good choice for children who are learning to eat at the table and may otherwise struggle chasing food around and off flat plates.


From your morning cup of coffee to evening hot chocolate around the campfire, mugs are a highly convenient way to enjoy hot beverages without burning your hands.

While you can purchase RV mug sets separately, many RV dish sets include matching mugs or tumblers. With a capacity of around 8-14 ounces, check how they stack, as well as any extra features such as handles, heat-resistant grips, and lids.

Chip And Break-Resistant

Your RV dishes will need to be able to stand up to life on the road as well as outdoor dining.

Fragile dinnerware can get broken just by driving down a bumpy track to a remote campsite or even tougher sets can crack if they take a tumble out of your RV cabinets on a winding stretch.

When you arrive at your destination, your RV dinnerware will need to resist chipping and breaking if it gets dropped. Otherwise, you may end up running out of dishes altogether and be stuck with no replacements far from any stores.

Storage – Stackable & Weight

While most plates stack easily, if you don’t have a full RV kitchen, you’re going to want to look for an RV dinner set with an innovative storage system in the form of a nesting set with or without a handy carry bag.

As weight and size are always important when choosing gear for your RV, lighter plates that stack away in a compact format are the best all-round choice.

If you also enjoy backpacking, hiking, or just picnicking in the great outdoors, you’ll be better off selecting a lightweight, compact RV dinner set that you can easily carry with you on foot.

Good for the Environment

Before you select your RV dishes, take a few moments to consider which options are the best choice for the environment.

If you are looking for a lightweight plastic RV dinner set, consider opting for a recyclable version that won’t add to landfills when you’ve finished using it.

Alternatively, choosing an extremely hard-wearing option such as stainless steel can also be a better choice for the planet.

Microwave & Dishwasher Safe

Washing your RV dishes in the dishwasher before and after your trip can make life that little bit easier.

If you have a fifth wheel or a class A, you may even have a dishwasher in your RV, in which case it makes sense to make sure that your RV dishes are dishwasher-safe.

While most RV dinnerware is dishwasher-safe, the vast majority is not suitable for use in microwave ovens. If you tend to use your RV microwave quite a lot, it makes sense to pay out a bit more and focus on finding a good microwave-safe RV dish set.

This will rule out melamine and stainless steel sets, so you’ll have to decide between ceramic, glass, or stoneware models.

Designs And Patterns

Once you have decided on your RV dish material and dish types, most people tend to go for a specific set based on its design or pattern. Looks are a strong decisive factor when it comes down to choosing tableware and RV dishes are no exception.

Cute RV-themed prints are popular options, as are brightly colored sets with a lot of RVers choosing sets that are much more quirky and fun than what they typically use at home.

With your RV dish set, feel free to choose a set that you really like the look of without worrying about how it will fit in with the rest of your accessories.


Some RV dish sets are much more comprehensive than others. Some have plenty of extra accessories, while others only include plates and bowls.

Before your decision-making process gets swayed by all of the included extras, take a moment to figure out exactly what you already have, what may need replacing, and what you actually need.

If you really only need RV dishes and already have plenty of kitchen accessories, it may be pointless paying extra for a full set complete with silverware. On the other hand, if you are new to RVing or have a tiny trailer and need an all-in-one compact set, it may be the best choice for your needs.

Here are some of the extras you may like to consider that are typically included in RV dining sets:

  • Silverware – knives, forks, and spoons are often included with dish sets. Look out for versions with handy silverware rolls or carry bags to make setting the table outdoors much easier.
  • Bottle opener – while you probably already have a couple, if you are looking for an RV dish set that you can also use for picnics or backpacking, it’s a handy addition you’ll want to see included.
  • Carry case – good for dining outdoors or for more compact storage in campers and small trailers where you don’t have enough room for a full kitchen.
  • Cookware – if you RV with a camp stove or enjoy cooking round the campfire, you may want to invest in an all-in-one cooking and dining RV camping set. These sets tend to be nestable and are much more compact than buying separate kits.

Types of RV Dish Material

Before you go ahead and order your new RV dish set, take a moment to consider the different types of RV dish set materials.

As each material has its own specific advantages and disadvantages, you may well find that another type could well be a better choice for your needs when RVing.

Read on and find out more about each specific type.


Strong and smooth, ceramic is a popular choice for home dinnerware. While its rustic finish is frequently associated with more regular use than fine dining, bear in mind that ceramic dishes break and chip fairly easily. It is both dishwasher and microwave-safe making it a highly versatile choice.


Another type of ceramic dinnerware, stoneware is thick and fired at a high temperature. While it will still break or crack if handled roughly, it is more durable than earthenware.


Less expensive, but also less durable than stoneware, earthenware is often decorated with attractive designs. Fine for regular indoor RV use, you may prefer a more durable material for dining outside or with children.


Made from lightweight plastic, melamine RV dishes won’t break if you drop them, making them a good choice for dining outdoors. Inexpensive and often featuring bright colors or patterns, melamine is a popular choice although it cannot be used in the microwave.


Long-lasting and highly durable, stainless steel is a popular choice for RV dishes reminiscent of traditional camping meals around the campfire.


Glass is often more fragile than other types of RV dishes, except if you opt for a specialized version such as Corelle’s triple-layer strong glass. Easy to clean, microwave, dishwasher, and oven-proof, if you don’t mind the higher price tag, it’s a highly versatile option.


Biodegradable, if you are looking for disposable RV dishes that you can use multiple times, bamboo makes a great eco-friendly choice.

Disposable Plastic & Paper

Less environmentally-friendly, disposable plastic and paper plates can be useful to have just in case you get an extra guest for dinner or end up with a couple of broken RV dinner plates.

Aside from just-in-case scenarios, they are not a good choice for regular use as they are too flimsy for some food items.

Top Types of RV Dishes Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about choosing the best dishes and dish sets for your RV? We’ve got you covered! In this section, we address some common queries to help you make informed decisions and ensure you have the perfect kitchenware for your RV adventures. From the advantages of RV-specific dishes to concerns about materials and the number of sets you need, we’ll provide the answers you need to create a functional and stylish dining experience on the road. So, let’s dive in and explore the frequently asked questions about RV dishes and dish sets!

Why should I consider specific dishes and dish sets for my RV? Can’t I just use regular ones?

RV-specific dishes and dish sets are designed with the unique needs of RV travel in mind. They are typically lightweight, durable, and stackable, making them easier to store and secure while on the move. They are also often made from materials that are less prone to breakage during travel, such as melamine or bamboo. Using RV-specific dishes can help prevent damage to your kitchenware and ensure that you have everything you need for comfortable dining on the road.

What are the advantages of using melamine dishes in an RV?

Melamine dishes are a popular choice for RVers due to their lightweight and durable nature. They are less likely to break or chip during travel, making them ideal for life on the road. Melamine dishes are also typically dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, and come in a wide variety of attractive designs and colors to suit your style.

Are there any concerns about using melamine dishes in terms of health and safety?

While melamine dishes are generally considered safe for use, it’s important to ensure that you use them correctly. Avoid using melamine dishes in the microwave, as they can become hot and potentially release harmful chemicals. It’s also essential to hand wash melamine dishes with non-abrasive materials to prevent scratching and preserve their longevity.

What other materials are suitable for RV dishes?

Besides melamine, there are other materials that are popular for RV dishes. Bamboo dishes are an eco-friendly alternative that is lightweight, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Stainless steel dishes are another option, known for their durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. Consider your preferences, needs, and budget when choosing the material for your RV dishes.

How many dishes and dish sets do I need for my RV?

The number of dishes and dish sets you need will depend on your travel habits and the number of people in your RV. As a general guideline, it’s recommended to have enough plates, bowls, and cups for each person, with a few extras for guests or unexpected situations. Additionally, consider having a set of lightweight, non-breakable outdoor dishes for picnics or meals outside the RV.

Can I use my regular cookware in my RV?

While you can use regular cookware in your RV, it’s important to consider the weight and storage limitations of your RV. Heavy pots and pans may be challenging to stow away securely, potentially causing damage while in transit. Consider using lightweight and compact cookware specifically designed for RVs to optimize space and prevent accidents.

Where can I purchase RV dishes and dish sets?

You can find RV dishes and dish sets at various places, both online and in physical stores. RV supply stores often carry a wide range of RV-specific kitchenware. Online retailers specializing in RV accessories and camping gear are also excellent sources. Additionally, you can explore general kitchenware stores, where you may find lightweight and durable options suitable for RV use.

Final Thoughts

With such a large number of RV dish sets available to choose from, take your time and consider your needs before making your purchase. If you’re not quite decided, here are some of our overall favorites.

With its cute and whimsical RV print, can you resist Camco’s Life Is Better At The Campsite 12 Piece Dishware Set? With four large plates, four small ones, and four bowls it’s a great basic option to go for.

RVing with kids? Ikea’s colorful 36-Piece Dinnerware Set with silverware makes an excellent choice. For more grown-up elegant RV dinnerware, you can’t beat the Corelle Dinnerware Service for Six. Chip-resistant, as well as oven, dishwasher, and microwave-proof, this set is both stylish and highly practical.