8 Best RV GPS Navigation Systems – Devices & Phone Apps

Last Updated June 2, 2023
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Make the most of your time exploring in your motorhome with an RV-specific GPS. Long road trips can be difficult to navigate even in standard-sized vehicles, with complex intersections, poor road surfaces, and ever-changing traffic layouts. Add in your RV’s weight, height, and length and it’s easy to see why you need the best RV GPS to choose the right route for your vehicle.

When you’re venturing across the country, in and out of cell phone coverage, you’ll be glad of the peace of mind you’ll get from investing in an RV GPS.


To help you choose the best RV GPS for your rig, we’ve narrowed down the huge selection available to these five most trusted, highly recommended RV-specific models. If you need a new GPS for your RV, make your choice from one of the following models.

Best overall RV GPS

Garmin RV 780 GPS Navigator with Traffic

Garmin RV 780 GPS Navigator with Traffic
The Garmin 780 RV GPS product picture

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Market leaders Garmin have refined and improved on previous versions to bring you the RV 780. Its high-resolution 6.95-inch edge-to-edge touch screen is clearly visible and very easy to read, making it easier to check on your progress at a glance so you keep your eyes firmly on the road.

Use its custom routing option, simply enter the size and weight of your RV and the 780 GPS will find the best route for your vehicle. For ease of use, you can save multiple vehicle and trailer profiles. You also get warnings about upcoming potential hazards such as steep gradients, sharp bends, and weight limits, so you can drive in confidence and have plenty of time to react or re-route if necessary.

In addition, the RV 780 also includes a directory of RV parks and services, including content from KOA, Tripadvisor, Foursquare, and many more. This enables you to focus on your driving rather than searching high and low for the nearest campsite if you’ve not booked ahead.

Map updates are included and thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, you don’t need a computer to get updated to the latest versions. Control this unit with your voice and reply to messages or answer calls when paired with your compatible smartphone. You can also download the latest Garmin Drive app and access live traffic and advanced weather forecasts to improve your trip.

Compatible with Garmin’s BC 30 wireless backup camera, this hi-tech RV GPS is a great option for all RV owners who want to use the latest technology to make their trip smoother with Bluetooth connectivity, RV-friendly routes, and a directory of nearby RV parks and services.

Pros – Things we liked
High-resolution touch screen
Custom routing option
Can save multiple vehicle profiles
Hazard warnings
RV parks & services directory
Compatible with Garmin’s backup camera
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Screen is not dual orientation

Best RV GPS for the money

Garmin RV 770 LMT-S Advanced Navigation for RVs and Towable Trailers

Garmin RV 770 Advanced Navigation for RVs
The Garmin 770 RV GPS product picture

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Despite being a slightly older model, the Garmin RV 770 LMT-S has an excellent array of user-friendly features at a considerably lower price point than both the 770 and the 890. If you need an RV GPS but are not particularly bothered about having the very latest model, you could save yourself quite a bit of cash with this model, without missing out on any of the performance.

Thanks to its large 6.95-inch edge-to-edge touchscreen display, you get all the data you need at-a-glance, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. Enter your vehicle’s weight, length, height, and width to receive RV routing and road warnings that are appropriate for your RV. The RV 770 also provides driver alerts for sharp bends, gradients, and railroad crossings, as well as fatigue warnings complete with potential rest area suggestions for those long road trip vacations.

Thanks to its Smartphone Link App, you can connect the RV 770 to your compatible smartphone to receive live traffic info, weather forecasts, and relevant re-routing instructions. You can share your location to keep friends and family up-to-date with your progress or use Bluetooth calling. Voice-activated navigation and smart notifications are also included with this model.

Thanks to its RV park and service directory you can view over 14,000 RV-specific service locations, as well as nearby RV parks. If you’re looking to stop off overnight, filter surrounding RV campgrounds by amenities, hookups, or pet-friendliness to ensure you find the best campsite in the area for your specific needs. The included Tripadvisor and Foursquare databases display great local eateries and points of interest while you drive, so you won’t miss out.

Compete with WiFi connectivity and lifetime map and software updates, this unit makes an all-around excellent choice. While newer units may be slightly faster and have a few extra features, the Garmin RV 770 gives great performance nonetheless at a much lower price.

Best multi-purpose RV GPS

Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV GPS

Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV GPS
The Rand McNally RV GPS product picture

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The OverDryve 7 RV GPS by Rand McNally will not only get you to your destination it will also keep you entertained en route and when you get there. This RV GPS combines a full Android tablet with an RV-specific award-winning navigation system, plus a handy built-in dashcam – essential for recording traffic incidents as well as the scenery.

The seven-inch high-resolution screen makes it easy to glance at your route without taking your eyes off the road for too long. This RV GPS provides you with customized routing based on your RV type, while its connected, voice-enabled features won’t distract you from the road ahead.

Drive your RV with confidence thanks to this model’s Advanced Lane Guidance feature, Junction View, and Exits Ahead Quick View, making easy work of complicated intersections for a smoother, easier journey. You also get updated maps and a digital road atlas included with your purchase.

For entertainment on the long road ahead, stream news, podcasts, or music through the unit’s speakers or via your RV sound system. When you reach your destination, you can use this Wi-Fi enabled GPS tablet with your favorite apps, to stream movies, play games, email, and much more.

Use the voice assistant to place a hands-free call, read and send messages, or change your destination. Access Lifetime Traffic and check your route ahead, as well as the weather and fuel prices at upcoming gas stations. With millions of RV POIs, it’s easy to make the very most of your stopover and explore new places.

For a smooth journey and entertainment when you’ve arrived, this hybrid Android tablet and RV-specific GPS system is well worth the money. Even more so given its handy dashcam, voice-enabled features, and full tablet functionality.

Great for safer driving features

TomTom Trucker 620 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device

TomTom Trucker 620 GPS Navigation Device
The TomTom RV GPS product picture

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If you have a big rig, the TomTom Trucker 620 makes a sound choice thanks to its regularly updated USA and Canada maps for large vehicles. Enter your vehicle size, weight, and maximum speed to receive specialized routing that is appropriate for your RV.

Thanks to TomTom MyDrive, you can plan your route with your preferred stopovers before leaving home. When you’re ready, simply sync your customized route to your Trucker GPS. While this unit makes an excellent option for finding local gas stations, service centers, and parking locations for larger vehicles, as it is not RV-specific, it won’t automatically show you the same RV-related, searchable content that the others in our RV GPS reviews do.

For safer driving the Trucker 620 reads out your smartphone messages from multiple apps, including iMessage and WhatsApp. You can also activate Siri or GoogleNow via your TomTom Trucker’s built-in microphone, so you won’t have to pull over to use your smartphone to check various details.

Besides directing you to routes that are compatible with your RV, the TRucker 620 also gives you stopped traffic alerts. This makes for much safer driving, alerting you to potential accident hotspots so you can drive more confidently and safer. Access TomTom Traffic via Bluetooth to your smartphone to receive faster routes, predicting and avoiding traffic on highways and secondary roads alike.

With WiFi connectivity, lifetime maps, and traffic, the Trucker 620 is a great buy for any big rig owner. If you like to plan ahead and reserve your campsite stopovers before you set off, this model could be just what you need.

Best GPS for large rigs

Garmin RV 890, GPS Navigator for RVs

Garmin RV 890 GPS Navigator for RVs
The Garmin 890 RV GPS product picture

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Looking for a large-screen RV GPS? The Garmin RV 890 features a high-resolution, eight-inch edge-to-edge touchscreen display that you can view in both landscape and portrait mode.

Enter your RV’s details to get suggested routes specific to your vehicle’s size and weight. For extra ease of use, you can save your vehicle’s profiles, ideal for shared use between your car and RV, or with different travel trailers.

To help keep you safe on the road when driving your RV, the RV 890 provides you with upcoming road warnings, alerting you to steep gradients, sharp bends, and weight limits in plenty of time to adjust your speed or route. It also gives you detailed information on elevation, allowing you to prepare ahead.

Its Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect to your compatible smartphone for traffic tracking and live updates, including detailed weather forecasts, animated radar, and detours. You can also benefit from hands-free calling to keep your hands on the wheel, as well as smart notifications, plus you can use the voice assistant to get directions without having to take your eyes off the road.

Live fuel prices help you to lower your travel costs, while the preloaded directory of RV parks and services, with content from KOA, Ultimate Public Campgrounds, iOverlander, and PlanRV, ensures you’re aware of all of your possible overnight stop locations. You can also plan your route in advance and share it with your device using the Garmin Drive app to import and share routes including GPX files.

This feature-rich RV GPS is a great option for anyone looking for a better way to explore the areas they travel through, as well as an easier way to find nearby campsites and RV services while on the road. At eight inches, it’s larger than most others and a great choice for big rigs.

In short, an invaluable aid whether you like to plan ahead or decide where to stay when you get there.

Compare the Best RV GPS Devices

Table Comparing the Top 5 RV GPS Navigators
Image Title Price Rating Buy
OpenGarmin RV 780 GPS Navigator Compare Garmin RV 780 GPS Navigator
Buy on Amazon
OpenGarmin RV 770 GPS for RV Compare Garmin RV 770 Navigation
Buy on Amazon
OpenRand McNally RV GPS Device Compare Rand McNally OverDryve 7
Buy on Amazon
OpenTomtom Trucker GPS Navigation Device Compare TomTom Trucker 620 GPS
Buy on Amazon
OpenGarmin RV GPS 890 Navigator Compare Garmin RV 890 Navigator
Buy on Amazon

Best RV Navigation App for Smartphones

If you don’t have the spare cash to invest in an RV GPS and only tend to travel through places that have good cell service, an RV navigation app should be a good enough stand-in. Here are our top picks.

RV Life GPS App

One of the very best RV apps around, RV Life is powered by over one million RVers. This community-driven RV GPS app provides RV safe routes for your RV’s weight, height, and length, including turn-by-turn directions, real-time traffic, and lane guidance.

Aside from helping you to safely navigate in your RV, it is also an invaluable aid in finding nearby campgrounds. Use the campground locator to access data to over 20,000 campgrounds, with millions of data points, including tips, reviews, and advice from fellow RVers. Got a question? Simply ask the community to get answers from RVers based on their personal experiences.

Use the advanced filters to find the perfect campground for your stay while you’re on the move. Worried about cell coverage? Download the entire campground knowledge base, including maps and the GPS will function without an internet connection.

Sign up for a free trial, to see if it’s a good fit for you and your RV. You can choose from either an annual or monthly subscription, with the annual plan providing better value for money.


Join ToGo RV Plus with a paid annual subscription service and benefit from in-app directions that are based on your RV dimensions and your personal preferences. ToGo RV Plus also includes RoadTrippers Plus that allows you to plan your trip in detail as well as giving you access to live traffic info.

What’s more, with the paid version of the app, you also get unlimited access to the OvernightRVParking database – the largest database of free RV parking locations in the US and Canada. Lastly, subscribing to the app gives you special discounts that you can use to save money on your trip, camping gear, or eating out.

To benefit from the RV GPS directions and all of the above, subscription is required. However, you can download the app to benefit from various RV checklists, helpful articles, and find nearby RV service centers for free.

Even if you have a fully functioning RV GPS, this is definitely worth doing for handy reminders and help with RV maintenance procedures.

CoPilot RV GPS App

Another popular RV GPS app, CoPilot Navigation provides voice-guided offline navigation.

With its RV-specific routing, you get distraction-free guidance and a route that is suitable for your vehicle. With turn-by-turn instructions and 3D map views, you can clearly follow directions, while the lane indicator arrows and road sign info make for a safer journey.

Speed limit indicators and alerts help you to drive safely even in unfamiliar territory. Complex intersections are easily navigated thanks to the ClearTurn View indicators that give you plenty of time to switch lanes without panic.

The app also gives you access to a huge database of nearby campgrounds, gas stations, and restaurants. If you are looking for a particular business, simply make an in-app search with Yelp for all the info that you need. What’s more, thanks to CoPilot’s smart trip planning, you can schedule in up to 50 stops and still benefit from the best route.

You can subscribe to the RV-specific navigation plan for a low annual fee, saving you money on the purchase price of a dedicated RV GPS unit. Test it out today with a 14-day free trial.

Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best RV GPS

With so many models on the market, often with very similar features, choosing the best RV GPS can be a challenge. Here’s what you’ll need to keep an eye out for to find the best model for your needs.


While you should expect to pay a bit more for an RV GPS than a standard car version, you’ll find a considerable variation in prices between some of the latest models and slightly older ones.

First of all, factor in how much you’re going to be using your RV. For extensive road trips and regular outings far afield, you’ll want to spend enough to get a decent unit that really lives up to your expectations. On the other hand, if you don’t get away that often in your RV and tend to visit the same places, you may be better off spending less of your hard-earned cash on an RV GPS that is barely going to be used.

Another aspect to consider when setting your budget is whether you like to have the latest and greatest (and know how to use them) or if you don’t mind picking up an older model for less. With today’s unlimited lifetime map updates, you’re going to be accessing pretty much the same data, bar some extra features that come in at the very top of the range.

Budget RV GPS units tend to come in at around $200. If you compromise on screen size you can get a good unit at a low price. Units priced over $300 will be larger and have more features, such as voice activation and more POI-related content. For the latest large-screen models, you’ll be looking at over $400.

Screen Size

Screen sizes vary between around five to seven inches.

A large screen makes it easier to input your data and is also easier to glance at without taking your eyes off the road for too long. If you often drive solo, a large screen is a must, as you won’t be able to check with your passenger.

While a large-screen RV GPS is the best way to go, the larger the screen, the more likely it is to impede your view if it is not mounted correctly. So, make sure you figure out exactly where it’s going to go before you buy to ensure you find the ideal size for your dash.

Installation Requirements

Provided you purchase a new RV GPS with WiFi connectivity, it should be ready to use out of the box. Previously, you needed to connect your GPS to a computer that would need to have various programs installed in order to set up your GPS.

Today, simply connect your new GPS to your home WiFi network and the unit will automatically update itself. When installing it inside your RV, you’ll need to ensure you have the appropriate power supply and a secure mount that is compliant with the law in your state and in other areas you’ll be visiting in your RV.

WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity

For easy map and software updates without having the hassle of having to plug your RV GPS into a computer, you’ll need a WiFi-enabled model. This also allows you to get map updates away from home when you’re connected to a WiFi network.

To use any features that aren’t downloaded to your GPS database, you’ll need to connect your RV GPS via Bluetooth to your compatible smartphone. Depending on your GPS model this can give you on-screen live traffic updates, weather, fuel prices, and detours around roadworks.

Bluetooth connectivity is also a great option for staying in touch when you’re on the road, allowing you to answer your calls hands-free. Some models also allow you to listen to, compose, and send messages, while others are compatible with your smartphone voice assistant such as Google Assistant or Siri.

User Interface

A user-friendly model that is easy to program is a must. Aside from a touchscreen display for manual entry when you’re off the road, it can also be handy to have voice-operated software if you decide to make a change to your route.

Simple commands and easy-to-understand intuitive features are also preferable. You don’t want an over-complicated model that will take you weeks to understand how to use.

Other features such as lane guidance arrows, clear commands, and a good zooming feature, complete with Bluetooth for your smartphone, will all make your RV GPS much easier to use.


Unless you are looking to retrofit a new RV GPS as an upgrade to your current factory-installed GPS, you’re going to have a portable GPS that you will want to remove when your RV is parked up.

Not only will this ensure that your RV GPS is safe from opportunistic thieves, it also allows you to plan your journey and any stopovers away from your driving seat.

A portable RV GPS can also be handy if you are looking for one to use when you’re off hiking or biking in areas with limited or no cell phone coverage. Simply take your GPS out with you as a backup and make sure you don’t get lost in the great outdoors.

Traffic Tracking

Heavy traffic can add a considerable amount of time to your journey, adding to your stress levels. If you have a compatible smartphone, it makes sense to get an RV GPS with live traffic tracking. This lets you know in plenty of time when certain parts of your itinerary begin to back up and can also suggest an RV-appropriate detour.

Battery Life

With large screens and so many features, it’s not really surprising that most RV GPS units have pretty low battery lives. However, as you are going to be mainly using yours plugged into your RV, this is unlikely to cause any issues.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a model you can also use when you’re exploring on foot or by bicycle, you’ll need to focus on lower performance versions with longer battery lives or look at getting two different GPS units.

Storage Capacity

You’ll want to invest in an RV GPS with a good amount of storage capacity. This future proofs your investment, ensuring you’ll be able to install new map and software downloads, as well as adding to your POI database, plus your saved routes and destinations. A lot of GPS units also come with an SD card slot so you can add on extra memory if needed.


Most RV GPS systems have various mounts available, either included or as an additional purchase.

Make sure that your model has a compatible mount that will allow you to safely install it in your cab in accordance with the laws in your state, as well as where you’re going to be traveling to. See our section below on RV GPS legal issues for more info.

You’ll need a steady, secure mounting system for your GPS that will hold up to any bumps on the road. It should also be easy to detach and reattach your GPS unit to the mount.

Types of GPS

Thinking of purchasing a secondary GPS device? Wondering what different types of GPS are available? Here’s our guide.

Street Navigation System

Street navigation system GPS are your standard models that give you a map and database of streets. They are primarily designed to locate specific addresses and to provide you with directions to reach addresses.

Sports GPS System

Sports GPS systems use satellite positioning to track your movement and performance. They can let you know which mile was your fastest during your run, what elevation your route took, as well as providing you with various other data that is extremely useful for improving your athletic performance.

Often in the form of a GPS watch, sports GPS systems are small, lightweight, and some models can also check your heart rate. You can also download sports GPS systems in the form of fitness trackers and sports performance apps on your smartphone.

Handheld GPS Systems

If you go hiking, backpacking, or geocaching, you may want to invest in a handheld GPS system. These systems can help to improve your safety when you’re out of cell phone coverage by relaying your precise location.

They also provide you with plenty of information about your position, including elevation and other topographic data. Some systems provide you with user-uploaded details such as nearby shelters, fishing points, and safe passages.

Data Entry or Voice-Activated Navigation

For driving, you’ll ideally want a GPS with both data entry and voice-activated navigation. When you’re planning your route at home, you’ll probably want to enter your data manually. If you have a change of plan en route, you’ll want to use your voice to avoid having to pull over, especially on a busy road.

While voice-activated navigation is a great way to drive safely while navigating, despite recent improvements, there will always be an occasional occurrence when it just doesn’t quite get what you are saying. To avoid repeated frustration, data-entry is an essential back-up for these moments.

Benefits of an RV GPS over Regular GPS

If you already have a GPS for your car or are eyeing up some cheaper non RV-specific models, you may be wondering what are the benefits of choosing an RV GPS over a regular one?

Roads suitable for your RV – the main advantage of an RV GPS is that it takes into account the size and weight of your RV. Using this data it then programs your route accordingly, making detours or selecting alternative routes avoiding narrow lanes, height-restricted tunnels, and any other potential no-go areas for RVs.

Safer RV driving – driving a large RV is very different from driving a car. You need to prepare for changing lanes and slowing down further in advance. A good RV GPS will warn you of potential issues up ahead such as steep gradients and complex intersections.

Large screen size – RV GPS models tend to have larger screens to allow you to focus better on the road. When you do occasionally need to take a quick glance at your GPS, their large screen makes it extra easy to do so quickly.

RV POIs and campsites – need to find a nearby campsite for an overnight stop, looking for an RV service center, or RV parking? An RV GPS will keep you informed on nearby RV-specific POIs so you won’t miss out.

RV GPS Legal Issues

Before you head off out to test your new RV GPS, take a moment to ensure that it is legally compliant with your state’s distracted driving laws. Before you head off out of state, always check that your GPS mounting is legal in all states that you will be driving through.

To make sure that you comply with these laws, do not mount your RV GPS on a windshield suction mount. These are illegal in many states or limited to the lower four to five inches of your windshield. To save confusion, purchase a dashboard mount if your unit does not already come with one and mount your GPS on your dash so that you won’t risk getting fined no matter where you drive.

Remember that when you are driving your GPS must be used in a hands-free manner only. If you need to make adjustments and cannot use your voice, you’ll have to park up to use it.

Top RV GPS System Video

Frequently Asked Questions: Best RV GPS Navigation Systems

Navigating the vast network of roads and highways in an RV requires more than just a standard GPS device. RV owners have unique considerations, such as height and weight restrictions, campground availability, and suitable routes for their vehicles. To address these specific needs, RV GPS navigation systems have emerged as essential tools for RV enthusiasts. In this section, we provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the best RV GPS navigation systems. Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or new to the RVing world, these FAQs will help you understand the importance of RV GPS navigation systems, their features, and how to choose the right one for your adventures on the road.

What is an RV GPS navigation system?

An RV GPS navigation system is a specialized navigation device designed specifically for recreational vehicles. It provides RV-specific routing, including information on RV-friendly roads, campgrounds, RV parks, low clearance bridges, and other relevant points of interest.

Why do I need an RV GPS navigation system?

Unlike regular GPS devices or smartphone apps, RV GPS navigation systems consider the unique characteristics of RVs, such as height, weight, and length restrictions. They offer customized routing options, ensuring you avoid roads with low bridges, narrow lanes, or weight restrictions that may not be suitable for your RV. Additionally, they provide valuable information on RV-specific services, campgrounds, and points of interest.

How does an RV GPS navigation system differ from a regular car GPS?

While a regular car GPS offers general navigation, an RV GPS takes into account the specific needs of RV owners. RV GPS systems provide routing based on the size and weight of your RV, avoiding roads that may pose challenges or restrictions. They also offer additional features like campsite locators, rest areas, and RV-specific points of interest that are not typically available on regular car GPS devices.

What features should I look for in an RV GPS navigation system?

When choosing an RV GPS navigation system, consider features such as RV-friendly routing, real-time traffic updates, customizable route preferences, campground directories, voice-guided directions, lane assist, points of interest (POI) databases, weather updates, and a large and easy-to-read display.

Can I use a regular car GPS or smartphone app for RV navigation?

While regular car GPS devices or smartphone apps can be used for basic navigation, they lack the specialized features required for RV travel. RV-specific GPS systems are designed to handle the unique challenges and requirements of RVs, ensuring a safe and hassle-free journey.

Can I update the maps and software on an RV GPS navigation system?

Most RV GPS navigation systems allow for map and software updates. It’s important to choose a system that provides regular updates to ensure you have the latest information on roads, RV parks, campgrounds, and other relevant points of interest.

Can an RV GPS navigation system be used in other vehicles?

In most cases, RV GPS navigation systems can be used in other vehicles as well. However, it’s worth noting that the specialized features and routing options may not be as useful outside of an RV. Some systems may allow you to switch between RV and car mode to accommodate different vehicle types.

Are RV GPS navigation systems easy to install and use?

RV GPS navigation systems are typically designed to be user-friendly and easy to install. They often come with detailed instructions and mounting hardware. However, it’s recommended to familiarize yourself with the device and its features before your trip to ensure a smooth navigation experience.

Can I rely solely on an RV GPS navigation system for navigation?

While RV GPS navigation systems are incredibly helpful tools, it’s always a good idea to have backup navigation options. Carry a paper map or atlas as a backup, and consider using other navigation apps or devices for added redundancy in case of any technical issues.

How much do RV GPS navigation systems cost?

The cost of RV GPS navigation systems can vary depending on the brand, features, and functionality. Prices typically range from $200 to $600. It’s important to consider the features that are most important to you and find a system that fits your budget.

Remember, it’s crucial to research and compare different RV GPS navigation systems to find the one that best suits your specific needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts

The best RV GPS for your rig all depends on how much use you’re going to get out of it, as well as your personal preferences. While there is no doubt, traveling with an RV GPS definitely gives you extra peace of mind, it can be a little hard to choose between the different models.

Looking for the best low-priced RV GPS? Take another look at the Garmin RV 770. Most of its features are available on later models that don’t really offer that much more to justify their higher price tag. The RV 770 features a large 6.95-inch edge-to-edge touchscreen, advanced RV-specific navigation, live traffic info, a searchable database of RV amenities and campsites, plus Tripadvisor and Foursquare content.

If you have a big rig and are looking for a large screen RV GPS, the Garmin 890 makes a good choice. Featuring an eight-inch edge-to-edge high-resolution touchscreen, this unit also provides you with all the advanced features you need for an easier trio including RV-specific routing, live fuel prices, traffic tracking, weather, and a huge database of RV amenities, campsites and much more.

Why settle for an RV GPS that you’ll only use when you’re on the road? The OverDryve 7 RV GPS by Rand McNally does so much more. Not only will it get you safely to your destination thanks to its award-winning RV-specific navigation, it also doubles up as an entertainment center for checking your email, watching films, reading the news and more, once you’ve arrived. Thanks to its traffic tracking, voice control, and integrated dashcam, it makes an excellent choice for any RVer.