9 Best RV Backup Cameras. Wireless & Smartphone Cameras

Last Updated June 1, 2023
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Even if you’re a seasoned full-timer, chances are you will still need a little help every now and then when backing up your RV into a tight spot. Installing the best RV backup camera will not only make parking effortlessly easy, it can also make changing lanes on the freeway and checking what’s on your tail a breeze.

Find the best RV backup camera for your rig right here with our top-rated reviews and buying guide.

Best RV Backup Cameras

Looking for the best RV backup camera, but struggling to make the right choice? Here are our reviews of the top-selling models to help you make up your mind.

Great Wired RV Backup Camera

Rear View Safety RVS-770613-213 Backup Camera System

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System
The Rear View Safety RV backup camera product picture

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This Backup Camera System by Rear View Safety is a great choice if you are looking for a wired version. Delivered with one camera, a seven-inch monitor, and all of the necessary connections, you can also add up to two additional cameras or opt for a larger nine-inch monitor.

Rated IP65k, this camera has been tested to support high-pressure water jets, so you can rest assured it is completely waterproof. Thanks to its ultra-wide 130-degree viewing angle, you can park, as well as change lanes with ease.

Complete with 18 infra-red lights, this camera displays up to 50 feet in complete darkness, while its built-in microphone allows you to hear just what is going on behind your vehicle via the monitor speaker.

Thanks to its 800 x 480 resolution, the digital display monitor gives you sharp, clear images. Toggle on the distance grid lines display option to see just how much room you have left to back up. For ease of use and greater safety, especially when driving at night, this system features an auto-dimming function, so you get a super-bright display by day and a dimmer one at night.

As this is a wired display, you won’t have to ever worry about losing connectivity. The quick connect/disconnect cable stretches 66 feet to your camera, 26 feet to your monitor with a 12-foot pigtail. As it is wired, it is, understandably, not quite as simple to install as some wireless versions.

In addition, the instructions are a little basic, making it a little trickier if you have limited experience.

On the whole, if you are looking for a premium wired backup camera for your trailer, this model makes a good buy.

Pros – Things we liked
Rated IP65k – So is completely waterproof
130-degree viewing angle
Displays up to 50 feet in complete darkness
Built-in microphone
800 x 480 resolution display monitor
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Tricky to install

Best Overall RV Backup Camera

Furrion Vision S 4.3 Inch Wireless RV Backup System with 1 Rear Sharkfin Camera

Furrion Vision Wireless RV Backup System
The Furrion Vision S 4.3 RV backup camera product picture

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One of the most popular wireless RV backup systems around, the Furrion Vision S 4.3 Inch System has everything you’ll need to park and change lanes in safety. You can also add on up to three additional cameras for security, as well as safer driving. Opt for the larger five or seven-inch monitor to see up to four cameras on one screen.

The IP65 waterproof camera provides HR images (720 x 480p) complete with wide viewing angles of 120 degrees, eliminating blind spots. Infrared night vision gives you sharp video even in complete darkness, while the rear assist markers and bumper coverage ensure you park smoothly, avoiding any hidden obstacles.

The included 4.3-inch anti-glare monitor comes with a windshield and table mount for easy viewing, plus park assist marker lines. Note that these newer models are not compatible with the older, unsupported Vision 1 or Vision 2 systems.

Thanks to this system’s microphone and motion detection system, any movement behind your RV automatically wakes up your screen, while the rear camera can be used for audio transmission when backing up.

Tested for 50 feet at high speeds and up to 492 feet in open spaces, this system has a large range signal strength thanks to its 2.4GHz wireless communication. Safe and reliable, it is also easy to install. Most new RVs are already prepped for the Vision S system, so you won’t have to worry about drilling into your rig.

Easy to install and use, this RV wireless backup system is more expensive than most, but it makes an excellent choice that is well worth the extra.

Great 7 Inch Screen RV Backup Camera

4Ucam RV Rear View Digital Wireless Camera + 7″ Monitor

4Ucam RV Rear View Digital Wireless Camera
The 4Ucam RV backup camera product picture

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If you are looking for a wireless RV backup camera system with a large seven-inch monitor, but don’t want to pay over the odds, then check out this model by 4Ucam. It has everything you need for a complete backup camera installation at almost half the cost of some of the leading brands.

The camera utilizes a Sony ¼” HR CCD and comes in an aluminum alloy metal case complete with 6.8G force rated shock resistance and an IP66 waterproof rating for extra durability. Eleven infra-red LEDs provide up to 20-feet vision in complete darkness. Note that there is no audio functionality available with this model.

With its seven-inch monitor complete with a built-in digital wireless receiver, simply plug and play via your 12V dashboard cigarette lighter socket. For better long-distance reception, use the removable external antenna for up to 300 feet, or upgrade by purchasing the optional super-charged extended antenna.

The signal bar on the monitor lets you know how good your connection strength is and the full RCA A/V output enables you to output your images to a bigger screen if you so wish.

Installation is simple, with no complex wiring layout required. RVs with a Furrion pre-wired bracket will benefit from the Furrion-Mount option that makes for a much easier installation with your existing equipment.

While the stand and mount are a little flimsy, there is no audio, and the field of vision could be enlarged, this wireless RV backup system will still get the job done and it comes in around half the price of some of the premium models.

Best RV Backup Camera for Premium Budgets

Furrion Vision S 7 Inch Wireless RV Backup System with 1 Rear Marker Light Camera

Furrion Vision Wireless RV Backup System
The Furrion Vision S 7 RV backup camera product picture

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If you are looking for the best Wireless RV Backup System, be sure to take a look at the Furrion Vision S Seven Inch System complete with Rear Marker Light Camera. Note that you can also get this system with a smaller five-inch monitor, or add on up to three additional cameras.

Featuring a High Resolution, IP65 waterproof rated camera, you get excellent live-stream images, complete with 120-degree viewing angles and infrared night vision.

Whether you are backing up into a tight space or want to keep an eye on what’s behind you on the road, blind spots and hidden obstacles are eliminated with this camera that gives you coverage right down to your bumper.

Thanks to its large seven-inch touchscreen monitor, you can easily visualize any potential mishaps before they occur. You can view up to four cameras simultaneously, and the anti-glare system also makes for clear vision in all conditions.

The rear assist markers enable you to reverse in safety, while the microphone allows you to hear what’s happening at the rear. Motion detection adds an extra element of security and alerts you to what’s happening around your rig.

This system’s 2.4GHz wireless technology provides smooth, uninterrupted video. It has an extended range of up to 492 feet in open spaces and has been tested at up to 100 feet at high speed. Thanks to its marker light, you can simply replace your existing marker light with the marker light camera kit for a seamless look and easy installation.

While this is one of the most expensive models around, given its ease of use, rapid installation, and excellent performance, if you have the cash to invest, it’s definitely one to consider.

Editors Choice for Best Value Backup Camera

eRapta Backup Camera 2.0 with Monitor for RV

eRapta Backup Camera for RV
The eRapta RV backup camera product picture

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The eRapta Backup Camera 2.0 with Monitor is an all-in-one bundle enabling you to clearly see what’s behind and around your RV for safer parking and driving. While it’s not the most sophisticated of sets, it is a good bargain buy if you are looking for a wired RV backup system with multiple cameras.

This RV backup camera set includes a seven-inch monitor, four cameras, cables, and a remote control. The cameras are waterproof IP69k rated, so they are securely sealed from the elements. Thanks to the 18 infra-red sensors, these cameras can also be used at night, whether you’re driving late or parking up in the dark.

The seven-inch HD display has 720p and can be used in split-screen mode to display any two, three, or all four cameras simultaneously. While this can be really useful, in reality, the screen gets a little crowded with all four on show. Also, the monitor is fairly difficult to see in strong sunlight as the brightness cannot be sufficiently altered.

If you are handy at this type of installation, you should be able to install this kit relatively easily. However, instructions are minimal and there appears to be quite a few language communication barriers.

So, if you really want a budget four camera backup system and are willing to put up with a few negatives, then this could be the right choice for you. Otherwise, you can get a much easier to install system for about the same price with better functionality but fewer cameras.

Great RV Backup Camera for Small RVs

ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit

ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera
The ZEROXCLUB RV backup camera product picture

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This Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit by Zeroxclub is a budget one-camera and monitor set.

Suitable for most small RVs, the monitor plugs directly into your cigarette lighter dashport, while the camera can be wired into your tail lights, to come on automatically when reversing, or into your running lights to stay on when you’re driving.

Installation is straightforward and while the second generation digital wireless connectivity is good over smaller distances, it is less suitable for use with long travel trailers. Thanks to its IP69k rated waterproof camera, this model should be suitable for use in all weathers.

To make backing up in the dark easier than ever, this camera is equipped with 18 infrared lights to give you excellent vision even in complete darkness. The CCD sensor helps to ensure higher quality images and the wide 130-degree viewing angle lets you see more of what’s going on around you.

The seven-inch monitor features a high 1280 x 720p resolution for better detail. Thanks to the press buttons located at the bottom of the display, you can easily adjust the monitor’s brightness and contrast to suit your needs and the weather conditions.

While this RV backup system is not the most advanced, or the most durable, if you are looking for a budget model that is relatively easy to install and that will make backing up much easier, then this could be the one for you.

Best RV Backup Camera for Field of View

AMTIFO HD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera for RVs

AMTIFO Digital Wireless Backup Camera
The AMTIFO RV backup camera product picture

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If your RV is under 50 feet and you’re looking for a low-price wireless backup camera system, then you might want to try out this monitor and camera set by Amtifo. The company also provides additional cameras, having recently upgraded their monitor to support a split-screen display.

This backup camera has an extra-wide 150-degree display angle, so you can see even more of what’s around you. Waterproof, it is rated IP69 and can support temperatures as low as -22 degrees, making it suitable for use in almost all climates.

The seven-inch HD 1080P monitor can support a second camera and also provides several different playback options, including SD card functionality so you can store your footage in case of any damage or conflicts. This monitor also makes it easy to turn the gridlines on and off, as well as flipping your image from front view to rearview.

Recommended for use over distances under 50 feet, this wireless RV backup system is fairly easy to install. However, note that the included instructions are very basic and you may need to look for help online.

Best RV Backup Camera for Small Budgets

Yakry Y25 HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera System

Yakry HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera
The Yakry Y25 RV backup camera product picture

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Looking for a low price wireless backup camera for your camper or class C? This budget system by Yakry works up to 36 feet distance for reversing and up to 30 feet for driving.

Thanks to its wide viewing angle of 150 degrees it’s a great choice for checking for any obstructions when parking up your RV. Rated IP69, this camera is also waterproof. Connect it to your reverse light power for use when backing up only or connect it to your running lights for continuous use when driving. It is easy to install the camera bracket behind your license plate for a non-obtrusive finish.

The five-inch monitor plugs directly into your dashboard cigarette lighter socket and you have the option to either mount it on your dash or windshield. The picture quality isn’t the best, but it is more than adequate for reversing your RV. Use the switch to turn the parking gridlines on and off, to flip images, and to adjust the dimensions of your grid lines.

This handy little camera set makes a good budget choice for small RVs. The instructions are not the easiest to understand though, as the English is very poor, This also makes communication with the vendors unnecessarily complicated.

However, if you are on a tight budget and want an easier way to back up your vehicle alone then this could be worth trying out.

Best RV Backup Camera for Smartphones

4UCAM WiFi Backup Camera for Smartphone

4UCAM WiFi Backup Camera
The 4UCAM WiFi RV backup camera product picture

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The 4Ucam WiFi Backup Camera for Smartphone is a budget option that could be suitable for backing up your camper.

Note that this unit does have a fairly limited range, making it unsuitable for use with large trailers, although the range can be improved with the additional purchase of a four-pin extension cord to enable the WiFi unit to be placed closer to your cell phone.

Images from the camera can be viewed directly on your smartphone via the free-to-download app, so you can see what’s behind your motorhome before backing up. As it is a small license plate camera, it is unobtrusive and easy to fit. It also provides a wide-angle view and comes complete with night vision for parking in the darkness.

This kit comes with everything you need to install, simply connect a 12V power supply to the WiFi transmitter and camera. Most people connect this type of camera to their reverse light power to enable them to see when backing up. However, bear in mind that you will have to manually select the app on your phone.

Once you hit reverse, you will have to wait for the WiFi to connect once it has received power. This means waiting around 15 seconds, and the same again if you pull forwards to correct before hitting reverse again.

While this is not the easiest or most convenient of backup cameras, if you have a small camper and are looking for a cheap model that is compatible with your smartphone, it will do the job, albeit with a little patience required.

Compare the the Best RV Backup Cameras

Table Comparing the Top 9 RV Backup Cameras
Image Title Price Rating Buy
OpenRear View RV Backup Camera Compare Rear View Safety Backup Camera System
Buy on Amazon
OpenFurrion Vision Wireless RV Backup System Compare Furrion Vision S 4.3 Inch RV Backup System
Buy on Amazon
OpenDigital Wireless Camera 4ucam Compare 4Ucam RV Rear View Digital Wireless Camera
Buy on Amazon
OpenFurrion Vision Night Vision RV Camera Compare Furrion Vision S 7 Inch RV Backup System
Buy on Amazon
OpenErapta Backup RV Camera Compare eRapta Backup Camera 2.0 with Monitor for RV
Buy on Amazon
OpenZeroxclub Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Compare ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera
Buy on Amazon
OpenAmtifo Digital RV Backup Camera Compare AMTIFO Digital Wireless Backup Camera for RVs
Buy on Amazon
OpenYakry Wireless Backup Camera System Compare Yakry Y25 HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera
Buy on Amazon
OpenWifi iPhone Backup Camera Compare 4UCAM WiFi Backup Camera for Smartphone
Buy on Amazon

Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best RV Backup Camera

Here’s the lowdown on what you need to make finding the best backup camera for your motorhome nice and easy.


Let’s face it, RV backup cameras don’t tend to come cheap. However, before you decide to go for a budget cost model, or splurge on one of the more expensive ones, it’s important to consider how much you use your RV and your actual needs.

If you also want a camera to help you while driving and you take multiple trips in your RV, then paying out more can be easily justified. However, if you only use your RV a handful of times a year, you may prefer to pay less.

Some standard models come in at half the price of the premium ones and while they may be less user-friendly and have slightly less clear images, they tend to work just fine.

Image Quality

For high-quality images, you will need a system with a high resolution.

It is important that both your camera and monitor have high resolutions to ensure that they can capture and display sufficient detail. Otherwise, you could get a grainy, blurred-looking display rather than a clear image of any potential obstructions.

Resolution is measured in pixels, so look out for cameras and monitors with higher numbers for better quality images. It is also easier to view larger monitors with higher resolutions.

Smaller ones set to high resolutions result in images that are much too small to easily read.

Field of View

You’ll want to look out for cameras with a wide field of view that covers the entire area behind your RV, eliminating all blind spots.

Look for cameras with at least a 90-degree viewing angle to make sure you can back up in safety and keep an eye out for what’s coming up behind you when changing lanes.

Monitor Quality & Size

A high-quality monitor makes viewing what’s behind much easier.

While a general rule of thumb is to look out for monitors with at least 400 horizontal pixels, you should also pay attention to monitor size. Higher definition images will be better displayed on larger monitors.

While you may want a small monitor for a small camper, generally larger units make checking out the road behind you and parking up much easier. Smaller units start around four inches, although five inches makes for more comfortable viewing.

Seven inches is a popular size and if you are looking for a touch screen model, the larger screens enable you to operate them much more easily when selecting options.

Night Vision

If you are going for a wireless RV backup camera, you’ll want to look for one with night vision.

Wired versions use the light from your tail lights to display the area behind your rear bumper, but your wireless version will likely come with around 10-20 infra-red LEDs to give you clear images of what’s behind you.

Weather Resistance

Your RV backup camera is going to be exposed to all weathers and freeway driving can certainly wreak havoc on any electronic items.

So, it’s best to check that your camera can stand up to snow, driving rain, extreme cold, and winds. IP ratings, such as IP65 which means your camera will be protected from water jets from any direction.

For even greater levels of weather resistance IP69k ensures that your camera is safe against dust and high temperature, high pressure water jets.

Ease Of Installation

Not all RV camera systems are that straightforward to install.

If you are thinking of installing yours yourself, be sure to take a good look at the install process before you hit buy. While wired versions generally require more complex layouts and drilling, it’s not uncommon to also run into problems with lower priced wireless models that have little in the way of instructions.

Checking out the process before you buy lets you know if this is going to be a task you are willing to spend time on, or if you should get a professional to do it for you.

Types of RV Backup Camera

Here are some of the most popular types of RV backup camera systems. Take a good read through before deciding which type of RV backup camera is best for your rig.

Camera Only Systems – Make the most of your RV’s built-in dash monitor and purchase a compatible camera. Not only can this save you some cash, it will also stop you from cluttering up your RV dash with various different screens.

Just make sure that you are happy with the quality of your in-built screen first, or else you may end up having to upgrade to ensure you get a high enough quality image.

All-in-one Systems – Consisting of a camera and monitor, all-in-one systems have everything you need to get your rig set up. They tend to offer more advanced features and come in at a wide range of price points.

Mix & Match Systems – If you know what you want and how to install it, you may want to go for a mix and match system. You’ll need to know your stuff and to be certain that the cameras that you have picked are compatible with your chosen monitor.

If you’re a bit of a perfectionist or very up on your technology, then creating your own mix and match system will be your best choice. Otherwise, you’ll be better off looking at an all-in-one set.

Wired RV Backup Camera Systems – Wired systems have a cable that runs all the way from your monitor on the dash right down to the camera at the rear of your RV.

They only require one power source, however, a lot of owners prefer to seek professional help installing this type as concealing the cable within the bodywork can be time consuming for anyone not used to this type of work.

Whereas wireless systems can occasionally lose signal, or some versions may be unsuitable for longer RVs, with a wired version, you can simply use a longer cable and ensure perfect transmission with no lag.

Wireless RV Backup Camera Systems – Easier to install than their wired counterparts, wireless RV backup systems use a wires transmitter and receiver to remotely send the data from the camera unit to your monitor.

The transmission distance tends to be shorter than with wired versions and you’ll want to look for models that maintain their connection at high speeds if you are intending on using your backup camera for freeway driving.

Smartphone RV Backup Camera Systems – If you regularly mount your smartphone on your dash, you may like to also use it as your backup camera.

With so many of us relying on our phones as sat navs and on-board entertainment systems, it seems only natural to turn to them when we want to see how we’re doing backing up.

Smartphone RV backup camera systems supply a camera that can be used with your smartphone, or even a tablet, via an app. This allows you to remotely connect your smartphone to receive data from your camera, without the need for a dedicated monitor.

Different Mounting Options

When it comes down to installing your RV backup camera, you’ll find there are plenty of different mounting options available.

Box Camera – The most popular and the most versatile, box mounted cameras have good protection from the elements, as well as generally providing plenty of optional features such as night vision and a wide field of vision.

License Plate Camera – License plate mounted cameras are unobtrusive and won’t ruin the look of your streamlined exterior. The camera is generally centered on a bar that mounts behind your license plate.

Bumper Camera – Bumper mounted cameras are a popular option for newer RVs that often have a small removable section in which the camera is easily mounted.

Side View Camera – If you are opting for several different cameras, then you are likely to want to go for some side view cameras that will give you a better image of any traffic that is coming up from behind into your blind spots.

Side view cameras also help to give you all round vision when backing up so you can be certain that there are no obstacles at either side of your RV.

Surface-mounted Camera – If you surface mount your RV backup camera, you will need a bracket to attach it to the exterior of your RV.

Some RVs come with pre-wired mounts that can make fitting your new backup camera much easier. Always check compatibility if you are intending on using existing mounts.

Flush-mounted Camera – Flush-mounted cameras are much more discreet, so much so, your camera will be virtually invisible unless you know where to look. They are more difficult to install as they involve drilling holes in your vehicle exterior through which the camera lense looks out.

Why you Should Buy an RV Backup Camera

There are plenty of reasons to invest in an RV backup camera, here are some of our favorites.

Safer & Easier Parking – Having a backup camera allows you to park in confidence and removes the risk of inadvertently injuring anyone or damaging any property when reversing.

Parking grid lines can help to to perfectly align your rig even in tight spots. Just being able to see exactly where you are without having to rely on passersby or copilots makes parking much more simple and less stressful.

See in Blind Spots – Pulling out and changing lanes on the freeway can be an extremely dangerous and frightening experience when you can’t clearly see that there’s a vehicle coming up right in your blind spot. Using a backup camera can give you rear-view vision, eliminating blind spots and reducing accidents.

When parking, no blind spots means you’re also able to see any pets, pedestrians, and children who may not be aware that you’re about to back up – this reduces the chances of running anyone over, as well as causing damage to your rig on any obstacles such as rocks, vegetation, or walls.

Easier Towing – If you’re going to be dinghy towing, a backup camera can help you to keep a close eye on the vehicle you are towing behind your RV. This will not only help to reduce stress, it can make your journey smoother and faster, as you won’t have to stop as often to double-check your cargo. Plus, if there is an issue, you’ll notice much sooner, potentially avoiding a fatal accident.

Law Compliance – Since 2014, all new RVs have to be equipped with reverse cameras. So, if your RV is dated from 2014 onwards and your backup camera is no longer working, then you need to get it fixed to comply with the law.

Top RV Backup Cameras Video

FAQ: Best RV Backup Cameras

Navigating your RV safely and efficiently requires the right tools and equipment. One essential device that every RV owner should consider is a backup camera. These handy devices provide a clear view of what’s behind your vehicle, helping you maneuver in reverse, park with confidence, and avoid potential accidents.

In this section, we address some of the most commonly asked questions about RV backup cameras. Whether you’re a seasoned RV enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of recreational vehicles, these FAQs will provide you with valuable insights and help you make informed decisions when choosing the best backup camera for your RV.

From understanding the benefits of having a backup camera to exploring key features, installation options, and compatibility concerns, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s delve into these frequently asked questions and equip you with the knowledge you need to enhance your RVing experience with a reliable and effective backup camera system.

Why do I need a backup camera for my RV?

A backup camera for your RV offers increased safety and convenience while maneuvering your vehicle in reverse. It provides a clear view of blind spots, helps prevent accidents, and assists with parking in tight spaces.

What features should I look for in an RV backup camera?

When choosing an RV backup camera, consider the following features:

  • High-resolution display: Look for cameras with clear, sharp images.
  • Wide viewing angle: A wide-angle lens provides a broader view of the surroundings.
  • Night vision: Opt for a camera with infrared LEDs or low-light sensors for better visibility in the dark.
  • Wireless or wired: Decide whether you prefer a wireless camera for easier installation or a wired setup for a more stable connection.
  • Waterproof rating: Ensure the camera is weatherproof to withstand rain, snow, and other outdoor elements.
  • Mounting options: Check if the camera can be mounted on the rear of the RV or integrated into the license plate frame.
  • Additional features: Some cameras offer motion detection, distance markers, or multiple camera inputs for enhanced functionality.

How do wireless RV backup cameras work?

Wireless RV backup cameras use a wireless transmitter and receiver to send video signals from the camera to the display unit inside your RV. The camera is typically installed on the rear of the vehicle, while the display unit is mounted on the dashboard or windshield. The wireless technology eliminates the need for running cables through your RV, simplifying the installation process.

Can I install an RV backup camera myself?

Yes, many RV backup cameras are designed for easy installation, allowing you to do it yourself. Wireless cameras are especially convenient since they don’t require running cables. However, if you’re unsure or uncomfortable with the installation process, it’s recommended to consult a professional or seek assistance from an RV dealership or service center.

Are RV backup cameras waterproof?

Yes, most RV backup cameras are designed to be weatherproof and withstand exposure to rain, dust, and other outdoor elements. However, it’s essential to check the product specifications and ensure the camera has a suitable waterproof rating to withstand the conditions it will be exposed to.

Can I use an RV backup camera while driving?

RV backup cameras are primarily designed for use when driving in reverse or parking. While some cameras may provide a continuous feed, it’s important to note that using a backup camera as a primary driving aid can be distracting and may not provide an optimal view of the road ahead. It’s always recommended to rely on your rearview and side mirrors, as well as practice safe driving habits.

Are RV backup cameras compatible with all RV models?

Most RV backup cameras are compatible with a wide range of RV models. However, it’s advisable to check the camera’s compatibility with your specific RV before purchasing. Pay attention to the camera’s mounting options and the display unit’s compatibility with your RV’s electrical system or available inputs.

Can I use an RV backup camera for other purposes?

While RV backup cameras are primarily designed for rearview assistance, they can also be used for various other purposes, such as monitoring hitching or towing, keeping an eye on pets or children, or enhancing overall security around your RV when parked.

Remember to research and compare different RV backup camera models to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your backup camera system.

Final Thoughts

There are a huge number of fantastic RV backup camera systems around, from state-of-the-art models with a premium price tag to high affordable budget versions that will still get you parked up just fine. We’ve covered all types and all price ranges in our RV backup camera reviews, so you’re sure to find the best model for your rig, right here.

Looking for the very best and don’t mind paying out? Be sure to take another look at the Furrion Vision S 7 Inch Wireless RV Backup System. With its wide angle of vision, seven-inch touch screen monitor, automatic motion detection, and microphone audio capabilities, you’ll struggle to find a more comprehensive system. You can also add up to three additional cameras for extra security when you’re both off and on the road.

If you are looking for a top of the range wired RV backup camera, you can’t go wrong with the popular Rear View Safety Backup Camera System. With its ultra-wide 130-degree viewing angle, night vision up to 50 feet, built-in microphone and speaker, plus an extra clear auto-dimming seven-inch monitor, this set really stands out from the crowd.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a good low cost, easy to install RV backup camera, why not take a second look at the 4Ucam RV Rear View Digital Wireless Camera, complete with a seven-inch monitor. The monitor simply plugs into your cigarette lighter port, while thanks to its wireless setup, the rest of the unit is quick to fit.

Go for the Furrion Mount option and make installation extremely simple with your compatible existing equipment.