8 Best RV Jack Pads, Blocks and Supports for Stabilization

Last Updated May 30, 2023
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There are few things as fun as spending a weekend, a week, or a lifetime hitting the open road in your RV and exploring the campgrounds and backwoods of the world. Sad to say though there are few things more annoying than trying to level your RV and watching your jacks sink down into the soft Mississippi soil. Thankfully jack pads are there to help. Today we’re covering the best RV jack pads around to help you find the ones most suited for your needs.

Best RV Jack Pads

Jack pads are an often overlooked yet essential item for any RVers who consistently use leveling or stabilization jacks. They help keep your jack from sinking into soft ground or being damaged while pressed against hard concrete or asphalt.

While it may seem like there isn’t much to separate different jack pads from one another, you’d be surprised by the subtle differences that can make a big difference on how they work.

Our list includes multiple types and styles of jack pads at a variety of different price points.

Best RV Jack Pads for Easy Storage

Camco RV Stabilizing Jack Pads

Camco RV Stabilizing Jack Pads
The Camco RV jack pad product picture

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The Camco RV Stabilizing Jack Pads are heavy-duty polypropylene jack pads designed to help stop your RV’s jacks from sinking into the ground. They come in a pack of four and are UV stabilized to protect them from the sun’s damaging rays.

They come in a pack of four with a velcro storage strap and nest together into a very compact cube. They’re rated for a maximum load of 6,000 lbs, just about right for your average travel trailer, pop up camper, or class B RV.

They’re compact and very easy to use, but they do have some flaws. First and foremost, they’re clearly designed to be value-priced jack pads. That’s not a bad thing in itself, but it does mean that they aren’t as strong or durable as some other options out there.

Overall the Camco RV Stabilizing Jack Pads are a good choice for lighter travel trailers and RVs, especially if you’re looking to get out there for a bargain price.

Pros – Things we liked
Heavy-duty polypropylene
Pack of 4
Velcro storage strap
Max load of 6k lbs
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Not as durable as more expensive pads

Best Extra Large RV Jack Pads

SnapPad Xtra XL Permanently Attached RV Leveling Jack Pad

SnapPad Permanently Attached RV Jack Pad
The SnapPad Xtra RV jack pad product picture

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The SnapPad Xtra XL Permanently Attached RV Leveling Jack Pads are heavy duty rubber jack pads for large RVs. They’re designed to be mounted on the end of your RV’s jacks and offer substantial protection against sinkage or damage.

When they said these are heavy duty, they meant it. Each jack pad is 12 inches across and weighs a full five pounds. Once attached they’ll keep your heavy weight RV from shifting, sinking, or moving effectively for the long haul.

Permanently mounted jack pads require a good bit more setup than basic models, but are a lot more convenient once mounted. You can just lower your jacks down to level your RV without having to worry about laying them out at the right angle or orientation.

One thing to keep in mind though is cost. A four pack of the Xtra XL’s are substantially more expensive than other jack pads.

If you’ve got a large RV and don’t want to be bothered pulling out and putting away jack pads, the SnapPad Xtra XL’s are a very viable option.

Best RV Jack Pads for Versatility

Quality Plastics Utility Block

Quality Plastics RV Jack Pads
The Quality Plastics RV jack pad product picture

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The Quality Plastics Utility Block is a combination leveling block and jack pad. It’s basically a heavy duty plastic that’s designed to act as both a jack pad and as portable leveling blocks.

It comes in a pack of four and stacks together for easy storage. The blocks are extremely easy to use for both of its intended purposes and pack up quickly and compactly when you’re ready to leave.

One thing we did notice though was that the long ridge running through the center of the pad seemed like it would reduce its strength. Several RVers who used it over longer periods of time reported that it broke or bent in half along that line. So long as you’re using it for lighter RVs though this shouldn’t be a problem.

One thing that didn’t hit us until we’d put it through its paces is that the core benefit of the Utility Block, it’s multi-purpose nature, wasn’t actually that useful. For most RVers they either use leveling blocks or they use jacks and therefore jack pads. Having both could theoretically come in handy, but isn’t the big feature we initially thought it was. Thankfully the Utility Block works well in both its rolls, so it still gets a place here.

The Quality Plastics Utility Block is a good product with a somewhat curious design ethos. It works well as both a leveling block or a jack pad though, so we won’t question it.

Best Overall RV Jack Blocks

Andersen Hitches Jack Block – Stabilize Your RV

Andersen Hitches Trailer Jack Block
The Andersen Hitches RV jack pad product picture

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The Andersen Hitches Jack Block is a heavy duty jack pad built for a variety of different vehicle types. At first glance it looks like nothing so much as an upside down red bucket, and it honestly works in much the same way.

It’s designed to work with hitch posts, jacks, and even as a step stool or seat. The circular build gives you a large and stable surface to place your jack on, and integral magnets make it a cinch to properly line it up underneath your jack.

The blocks nest into one another for easy storage and can even be used two high if you need a taller base for your jack. They’re rated at 6,000 lbs each and provide a very stable base that helps reduce movement within your RV.

One of the only real downsides to the Jack Block is having to buy enough of them. They’re sold singly and only provide the most noticeable benefits in groups of four.

If you’re looking to try something new to spice up your RVs stabilization and set up the Andersen Hitches Jack Block isn’t a bad way to do it.

Best RV Jack Pads for Small Budgets

Camco Yellow Stabilizer Jack Support

Camco Stabilizer Jack Support
The Camco Yellow RV jack pad product picture

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The Camco Yellow Stabilizer Jack Support is a 7” jack stand specifically designed for use when reaching level isn’t possible with your jack’s basic length. It allows you to extend your jacks and still provides a firm base for your RV.

They’re rated for 5,000 pounds and use a unique three cell design that allows the heavy duty plastic they’re made from to bear a much heavier weight while simplifying setup. Even better, they’re designed to nest into one another for much easier storage.

Best of all, these are priced at a really affordable level for such a capable stabilizer jack pad.

If you’re worried about camping at sites where grade is an issue the Camco Yellow Stabilizer Jack Support offers a reliable boost that helps you get your RV safely leveled out and comfortable.

Editors Choice for Best Value Jack Pads

Road Warrior Guaranteed Unbreakable RV Jack Pads

Road Warrior Heavy Duty RV Jack Pad
The Road Warrior RV jack pad product picture

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The Road Warrior Guaranteed Unbreakable RV Jack Pads are the heavyweight option of the jack pad market. They’re built to hold the heaviest RVs in the toughest conditions and are guaranteed to never break.

They’re up to 18” across and extremely thick, thick enough to weigh in at a full 12 pounds for the heaviest model. All that size and weight gives you an incredibly capable and effectively indestructible jack pad that won’t bend, won’t rot, and definitely won’t break.

The counterpoint to this is that they’re heavy, large, and take up a lot of space with a set of four. You’re going to need a pretty substantial dedicated storage space for the Road Warrior’s, something not everyone has available in their RV.

If you want some of the best and heaviest duty RV Jack pads the Road Warrior Guaranteed Unbreakable Jack Pads are them.

Best RV Jack Pads for Scissor Jacks

Andersen Hitches EZ-Block Jack Block for Scissor Jacks

Andersen Hitches EZ Block
The Andersen Hitches RV jack pad product picture

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The Andersen Hitches EZ-Block Jack Block for Scissor Jacks is a heavy duty jack block designed specifically to work with scissor style jacks. They’re rectangular cones rather than circles or bucket shapes, perfect for the rectangular feet of scissor jacks.

Even better, they have a built in post hole to allow you to use them with other styles of jacks if you need to. They’re rated at 2,000 pounds each and designed to nest together for easier storage down the line.

For their intended purpose they work great. Scissor jacks can be a real pain to properly stabilize with regular jack pads and these work perfectly with them to help protect your jack and the road underneath it.

If you’ve got an RV with scissor jacks the Andersen Hitches EZ-Block Jack Blocks are the ideal solution.

Best RV Jack Pads for the Weight

Valterra StayPut Jack Pad

Valterra RV Jack Pads
The Valterra RV jack pad product picture

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The Valterra StayPut Jack Pad is a bright red jack pad designed to keep your jack perfectly in place without slippage or movement. It’s made from a heavy duty plastic and has a ribbed design that allows it to hold more weight than you’d think for something its size.

Each jack pad has a carry handle for easy pickup and storage and packs flat against each other for easier storage. They don’t have much in the way of special features, but they do provide an excellent option if you need basic jack protection and aren’t looking to spend a lot on it.

Overall the Valterra StayPut Jack Pad is a good enough option that won’t break the bank.

Compare the Best RV Jack Pads

Table Comparing the Top 8 RV Jack Pads
Image Title Price Rating Buy
OpenCamco RV Stabilizing Jack Pads Compare Camco RV Stabilizing Jack Pads
Buy on Amazon
OpenSnappad Permanently Attached RV Jack Pad Compare SnapPad Xtra XL RV Leveling Jack Pad
Buy on Amazon
OpenQuality Plastics RV Jack Pads Compare Quality Plastics Utility Block
Buy on Amazon
OpenAndersen Hitches Trailer Jack Block Compare Andersen Hitches Jack Block
Buy on Amazon
OpenCamco Stabilizer Jack Support Compare Camco Yellow Stabilizer Jack Support
Buy on Amazon
OpenRoad Warrior Heavy Duty RV Jack Pad Compare Road Warrior RV Jack Pads
Buy on Amazon
OpenAndersen Hitches EZ Block Compare Andersen Hitches EZ-Block Jack Block
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OpenValterra RV Jack Pads Compare Valterra StayPut RV Jack Pad
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Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best RV Jack Pads

Jack pads only have a few key features you need to consider. The most important are material type, weight capacity, ease of use, and durability.


The bulk of jack pads are priced within a consistent range and quite affordable. You can get pretty good pads for under $20 for a pack of four, with the next level up not much more expensive.

On the higher end of the market, and especially when we’re talking jack pads built for heavy weight RVs, prices can jump up to $40 or more per pad.

Weight Load

By far the most important factor when picking out RV jack pads is their weight load. The best jack pads in the world aren’t going to work for you if they aren’t rated to hold the load of your RV.

Trying to level your RV on inadequate jack pads can lead to damaged jacks and other mishaps you definitely don’t want to deal with while out trying to relax.

Make sure any jack pads you consider offer a comfortable extra margin of load for your RV.

Ease of Use

It may surprise new RVers to learn that there are actually some jack pads that are a pain to use. Most are simple in design and set up, basically just acting as a small pad that your jack can rest on, but some require actual installation when they’re being used for a more precise fit.

Figure out what level of effort you’re willing to put into getting your jacks set up before you by the very best, but difficult to use, RV jack pads.

Number of Pads

One thing that leaves a lot of new RVers scratching their heads in irritation is buying just enough jack pads and accidentally breaking, bending, or otherwise disabling one. Jack pads aren’t technically a consumable product, but we’ve known RVers who use them as such.

Given how compact and easy to store jack pads are we always recommend you pick up several extra so you don’t end up with a naked jack while out boondocking or on softer ground.

Non-Slip & Stackable

A non-slip coating such as a rubberized booth or similar is a really nice feature to have on a jack pad. It makes it less likely it will move out of place or slide across the ground while you’re fitting your RV’s jacks down onto it and generally increase both safety and convenience.

Stackable jack pads are great purely from a storage and convenience standpoint. Space is always at a premium in an RV, having stackable jack pads allows you to store plenty of spares in a very small space.

Weight, Size & Storability

One of the great things about jack pads is that they generally don’t weigh much and don’t take up much space. The nature of their design allows them to use compressive forces and materials to handle large loads without having to be heavy weight themselves.

Because they’re basically just a small pad to go over a few inch wide jack end, they also don’t have to be very large at all. Both of these factors makes it a lot easier to store them in your RV while you’re moving around or to keep extras on hand.


Last but not least, we highly recommend you buy a jack pad that’s at least moderately durable. We’ve joked above about how often you’ll be replacing them, but you should still pick up some that offer better than average protection for your RV’s jacks.

Thicker models made of heavier duty plastic or rubber last longer and give your RV a more secure footing when leveling jacks are deployed.

Top RV Jack Pads Video

FAQ: Best RV Jack Pads

Navigating the world of RV accessories can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when it comes to selecting the right jack pads for your RV. To help answer your queries and provide you with the information you need, we’ve put together this FAQ section on the best RV jack pads.

Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or a newbie, understanding the purpose, selection criteria, and proper usage of jack pads is essential for a smooth and stable camping experience. In this section, we address common questions and concerns related to RV jack pads, providing valuable insights to assist you in making informed decisions.

From clarifying what jack pads are and their importance to guiding you through the selection process, we cover a range of topics to help you find the best jack pads for your RV. We also address whether homemade alternatives are viable, discuss compatibility with different RV models, and provide recommendations for maintenance and usage.

By delving into these frequently asked questions, we aim to equip you with the knowledge necessary to enhance your RV leveling and stabilization setup. So, let’s explore the world of RV jack pads and get ready for a more secure and hassle-free camping experience.

Feel free to browse through the following frequently asked questions to gain a better understanding of RV jack pads and their significance in your RVing journey.

What are RV jack pads?

RV jack pads, also known as stabilizer pads or leveling pads, are specially designed accessories placed under the jacks or stabilizers of an RV to provide stability and support. They distribute the weight of the RV more evenly and prevent sinking or damage to the ground surface.

Why should I use jack pads for my RV?

Using jack pads for your RV offers several benefits. They help prevent your RV’s jacks from sinking into soft surfaces such as mud or gravel, providing stability and ensuring levelness. Jack pads also protect the ground surface from damage caused by the sharp metal feet of the jacks.

How do I choose the right RV jack pads?

When selecting jack pads for your RV, consider the following factors:

  • Material: Look for durable materials like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or heavy-duty rubber.
  • Size and shape: Ensure the jack pads are large enough to provide adequate support for your RV’s jacks and stabilizers.
  • Weight capacity: Check the weight capacity of the jack pads to ensure they can handle the load of your RV.
  • Surface grip: Opt for jack pads with a textured surface or grip to prevent slipping.

Can I use homemade jack pads instead of buying them?

While some RV owners choose to create homemade jack pads, it’s generally recommended to purchase professionally designed ones. Homemade pads may not provide the same level of stability and durability as purpose-built jack pads. Manufacturers design RV jack pads specifically to distribute weight and provide proper support.

Are jack pads universal or RV-specific?

Jack pads come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different RVs and their jack systems. Some jack pads are more universal and can fit a range of RV models, while others are designed for specific types of jacks or RV brands. Always check the compatibility of the jack pads with your RV’s jacks before making a purchase.

How many jack pads do I need for my RV?

The number of jack pads you need depends on the configuration of your RV’s jacks. Typically, you’ll require at least one jack pad for each jack or stabilizer. For motorhomes with four corner jacks, four jack pads are usually sufficient. However, if you have additional jacks or stabilizers, you may need more pads.

Can I leave my RV jack pads on while driving?

No, it’s not recommended to leave your jack pads on while driving. Jack pads are meant to provide stability and support when your RV is parked and leveled. They may become loose, damaged, or dislodged during transit, potentially causing accidents or damage to your RV.

How do I clean and maintain my RV jack pads?

Cleaning and maintaining your RV jack pads is relatively simple. Rinse them with water and mild soap to remove any dirt or debris. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they may damage the pads’ surface. Inspect the jack pads regularly for signs of wear or damage, and replace them if necessary.

Remember, always consult your RV’s owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper installation and use of jack pads.

Final Thoughts

When picking out jack pads their weight capacity and durability are the first factors to consider. It doesn’t matter how great a jack pad is if it buckles under the weight of your RV or breaks in half form a two foot drop.

After that it really comes down to where and how you intend to use them. So long as you have a pretty good idea of those factors it’s a cinch to pick out the best RV jack pads for your needs.