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Last Updated May 26, 2023
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As any experienced RVer can tell you, wheel chocks are one of the most essential pieces of gear you’ll pick up. They’re primarily a safety measure to prevent your RV from rolling, but they’re also one of the best ways to keep you and your family comfortable in your RV. Today we’re going to review the best RV wheel chocks on the market to help you find the perfect set that meets all your needs.

What are RV Wheel Chocks?

RV wheel chocks are one piece of RV gear that some RVers ignore to their peril. They’re small pieces of steel, plastic, rubber, or even wood that fit snugly up against your RV’s wheels.

They act as both a stabilizer for forward and back movement and as a safeguard against movement should your RV suffer a brake failure while you’re inside.

Best RV Wheel Chocks

With RV wheel chocks there are a surprising number of factors to consider. The tech has come a long way since we used old wooden blocks to hold our wheels in place, something we definitely consider a good thing.

Our list below encompasses the best RV wheel chocks across a range of different types, price points, and intended uses.

Best RV Wheel Chocks for Small Budgets

Camco Super Wheel Chock

Camco Super RV Wheel Chock
The Camco RV wheel chock product picture

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The Camco Super Wheel Chock is a specialized hitching chock designed for lighter weight travel trailers. It’s designed to fit on tires up to 29’ in diameter and offers a good and easy to store option for hitching up your trailer.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first, these aren’t designed for use while you’re actively camping or inside your camper. They’re extremely lightweight and are only rated to work on level grades with empty trailers that you need still while you hitch or unhitch them.

As long as you keep that in mind though these are excellent. They’re made from high visibility yellow plastic and are light enough for anyone to easily set them up and pull them out.

If you’re looking for a good and inexpensive way to keep your travel trailer in the right spot while hitching it up or unhitching it the Camco Super Wheel Chock is an excellent option.

Pros – Things we liked
High visibility plastic
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Only rated to work on with empty trailers

Editors Choice for Best Value Wheel Chocks

MaxxHaul Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

MaxxHaul Solid Rubber RV Wheel Chock
The MaxxHaul RV wheel chock product picture

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The MaxxHaul Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks are a beast of a tool designed to hold any type of RV stable in a wide range of conditions. They’re made from heavy-duty rubber with a high traction ground tread that can get a firm grip in wet, snowy, and even icy conditions.

Because they’re made from a dense black rubber they’re both highly grippy for better traction and strong enough to hold even heavy RVs firmly in place. We tried them out on a number of different surfaces and never felt there was a danger of the RV in question moving off them.

One thing to keep in mind though is that they’re just as heft as you’d think. A pair of these bad boys weigh in at eight pounds.
If you’re looking for a reliable way to chock your RV’s wheels during a variety of road conditions the MaxxHaul Wheel Chock won’t let you down.

Best Overall RV Wheel Chocks

Bal X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

X-Chock RV Wheel Stabilizer
The Bal X-Chock RV wheel chock product picture

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The Bal X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer is designed to work with tandem style RV wheels to help prevent movement and sway while inside. It applies opposing pressure to a pair of wheels to keep them from shifting or moving even while you’re moving around inside.

They’re designed to fit a variety of different wheel styles and configurations. They can expand outwards from a minimum of 1 3/8” all the way up to 10”. That gives you a lot of flexibility in what RVs you can use them on.

Even better, every pair comes with a plated ratchet wrench so you always have the perfect tool at hand to get them in place.

One thing to remember with X-Chock style wheel chocks is that they aren’t acceptable on their own. They must be paired with a quality wedge style wheel chock for safety’s sake.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to reduce sway in your RV, look no further than the Bal X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer.

Best RV Wheel Chocks for Travel Trailers

Camco Heavy Duty Big Yellow Chock

Camco Heavy Duty RV Wheel Chock
The Camco Big Yellow RV wheel chock product picture

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The Camco Heavy Duty Big Yellow Chock are more robust versions of Camco’s Super Wheel Chock. They use a honeycomb lattice design to provide great structure and strength but are made from the same material.

They’re made in the U.S.A. and designed to fit securely under wheels of up to 30” in diameter. One thing to get out of the way right up front is that these can only be used on a level grade, and are only recommended for travel trailers, not full-size RVs.

They’re quite sturdy and do a good job holding your RV in place when paired with the main brakes, but aren’t designed for vehicles with high GVWR. So long as you keep that in mind though these are a serious upgrade from the basic Camco chocks.

Great RV Wheel Chocks for Level Ground

Valterra Red Wheel Chock

Valterra RV Wheel Chock
The Valterra Red RV wheel chock product picture

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The Valterra Red Wheel Chock is an RV and travel trailer chock designed to fit a variety of different wheel sizes. It’s made from reinforced polyethylene with a grooved grip structure to provide maximum traction against your tire and the ground.

Its rising slope design allows it to fit snugly beneath a variety of different wheel sizes and types while still providing strong contact with the ground. Even better, it has a nylon pull cord that makes it incredibly easy to remove when it’s time to go.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is still a lightweight plastic wheel chock. It should only be used on a level grade as a way to prevent your travel trailer from rocking or rolling from movement and touch. Definitely don’t try and use it to prevent rolling if you’re on a grade.

As long as you keep that in mind though the Valterra Red Wheel Chock is a reasonably priced and easy to spot RV wheel chock that can provide years of effective service.

Best Innovative Design RV Wheel Chock

Camco RV Wheel Stop – Securing Tandem Tires

Camco RV Wheel Stop Stabilizer
The Camco Wheel Stop RV wheel chock product picture

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The Camco RV Wheel Stop is a tandem tire wheel brace similar in design to an X-Brace. It uses a pair of plastic wedges mounted on a long screw. As you screw them into place they can pull tight against tandem tires and prevent them from rocking or swaying.

It comes in two different sizes that are capable of fitting tandem wheels spaced between 1.5 and 5.5 inches apart. Double check the distance between your RVs wheels to find out which one you need.

As with the X-Brace, this isn’t designed as a safety chock. It shouldn’t be relied upon to keep your RV from rolling and is built to provide increased stabilization as you’re walking around inside your RV.

All in all though this is a well designed wheel stop that fulfills its role well and is easier to set up and remove than an X-Chock.

Great X-Chock Design RV Wheel Chock

BAL Deluxe Tire Chock

Bal Deluxe RV Tire Chock
The BAL Deluxe RV wheel chock product picture

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The BAL Deluxe Tire Chock is a tire stabilizing X-Chock designed to fit between a wide variety of tandem tires. It extends from a minimum distance of 2.5” out to a maximum of 10”.

That allows it to fit securely within just about any tandem RV wheel well. As a stabilizer it works to reduce sway and other unwanted motion by working with the natural movements of your RV instead of fighting against them.

The first thing we noticed with these is how rock solid their construction is. Everything about them is heavy duty and clearly built to provide the best possible performance for their intended task.

What helps set this X-Chock apart from the others is that it has features built into it that allow it to provide locking force as well as stabilization.

If you’re looking for a combination stabilizer and locking chock it’s hard to beat the value of the BAL Deluxe Tire Chock.

Best RV Wheel Chocks for Storage

Camco Nesting Wheel Chocks

Camco Nested RV Wheel Chock
The Camco Nesting RV wheel chock product picture

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The Camco Nesting Wheel Chocks are lightweight and highly packable RV chocks designed for hitching and unhitching your trailer. They’re made from a dark gray plastic and nest into one another for easier storage in between uses.

They fit beneath tires up to 26” in diameter and do a good job of keeping your travel trailer stationary on a level grade. Because they’re made of such lightweight plastic they shouldn’t be used on a grade or as a safety chock while working beneath or on your RV.

For their intended purpose they’re an excellent product at an affordable price. They’re great for RVers looking to save as much storage space as possible.

Best RV Wheel Chocks for Security

MaxxHaul Tandem Wheel Chock

MaxxHaul Towing Tandem Wheel Chock
The MaxxHaul Tandem RV wheel chock product picture

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The MaxxHaul Tandem Wheel Chocks are X-Chock style stabilizers with the added bonus of a locking feature. They’re made from heavy duty stainless steel and have a built in slot for a padlock to help prevent theft or movement.

They install by tightening the retaining bolt then using a lever to apply the final pressure. This holds the wheels in place against each other and helps prevent the swaying forwards and back motion that can really affect some people.

Even more attractive is their price. There are few X-Chock style chocks available for the price the MaxxHaul can consistently be found at.

For those looking for a way to hold their RV nice and steady during camping trips the MaxxHaul Tandem Wheel Chocks won’t let you down.

Compare the Best RV Wheel Chocks

Table Comparing the Top 9 RV Wheel Chocks
Image Title Price Rating Buy
OpenCamco Super RV Wheel Chock Compare Camco Super Wheel Chock
Buy on Amazon
OpenMaxxhaul Solid Rubber RV Wheel Chock Compare MaxxHaul Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Wheel Chock
Buy on Amazon
OpenX-Chock RV Wheel Stabilizer Compare Bal X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer
Buy on Amazon
OpenCamco Heavy Duty RV Wheel Chock Compare Camco Heavy Duty Big Yellow Chock
Buy on Amazon
OpenValterra RV Wheel Chock Compare Valterra Red Wheel Chock
Buy on Amazon
OpenCamco RV Wheel Stop Stabilizer Compare Camco RV Wheel Stop Securing Tandem Tires
Buy on Amazon
OpenBal Deluxe RV Tire Chock Compare BAL Scissors Type Deluxe Tire Chock
Buy on Amazon
OpenCamco Nested RV Wheel Chock Compare Camco Nesting Wheel Chocks
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OpenMaxxhaul Towing Tandem Wheel Chock Compare MaxxHaul Tandem Wheel Chock
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Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best RV Wheel Chocks

Picking out RV wheel chocks comes down to the type of RV you have and the conditions you plan to chock it under. There are several different types of chocks out there plus multiple safety and performance factors to consider.


Given how critical chocks are to the safety and comfort of your RV it’s surprising how inexpensive most are priced at. You can pick up basic wedge style chocks for under $10 apiece, and even find high-end stabilizing X-Chocks for well under $100 a pair.

Types of Wheel Chocks

There are several variations of RV wheel chocks available, plus a specialized version designed around increasing stability and reducing sway.

Traditional Wheel Chock – Traditional chocks are exactly what they sound like, small wedges that fit firmly underneath your RVs wheels and prevent them from moving even if the brakes should fail. They have the added benefit of creating a more secure footing for your RV overall.

Rubber Wheel Chock – Rubber wheel chocks are mostly the same shape and size as traditional ones, but made entirely out of rubber rather than just rubber-coated. The big benefit to this is that they offer more flex during the installation process and make it easier to get a really tight and thus really secure fit.
Solid rubber chocks are some of the strongest and most durable out there.

Wooden Wheel Chocks – Wooden chocks used to be the most common type available, with some RVers even resorting to pieces of 2 by 4 as makeshift chocks. Now though, they’ve been almost entirely supplanted by metal and composite chocks.
Wooden chocks don’t provide nearly the same level of strength, grip, and durability that others now offer.

X-Chock – X-Chocks are a popular option commonly used on travel trailers and other RVs with tandem wheels. They use a ratcheting pressure system shaped like an X to help stabilize your RV and prevent movement inside from creating a rocking and rolling sensation.

They’re great for their intended purpose, but it’s important to understand their limitations. First things first, X-Chocks are not a replacement from traditional wheel chocks. You should only put X-Chocks on an RV that has already been leveled and chocked to prevent movement.

So long as you keep that in mind they’re a great way to improve your RVs stability and comfort.


By definition, an RV wheel chock needs to be quite robust. They have to be strong enough to reliably hold your RV in place to help prevent forward/back movement and reduce sway. They should also act as a safeguard against your RV moving in case of an emergency.

Maximum Allowable GVWR

By far the most important factor when picking out RV wheel chocks is their rated Gross Vehicle Weight Requirement, commonly referred to as GVWR. That refers to how much vehicle weight they’re rated to hold and are the primary safety consideration when chocking your RV.

Make sure the chocks you choose offer ample allowable GVWR to hold your RV with people in it.

Size & Weight

Sizing RV wheel chocks is a lot more intense than you might think at first glance. Many first-timers we’ve run into over the years are flabbergasted to discover that RV wheel chocks aren’t one size fits all.

In point of fact the size of your RV wheels, their orientation, and the overall weight of your RV play a major role in just what size RV wheel chocks you need. Weight is much less of a function issue and more a convenience factor.

It is important to keep in mind though that the largest Class A motorhomes will absolutely need heavier chocks than small travel trailers or other lighter RVs.


While wheel chocks can’t totally stop your RV from rocking, they are an important part of stabilization. They prevent your RV’s wheels from moving forward and backward while parked and help prevent motion on that axis.

You need to add in purpose-built stabilizers and leveling blocks to help reduce motion in other directions.

Ease of Use

Not all RV wheel chocks are built the same. Many people think setting them up is as easy as pushing them in against your RV wheels when in many cases it’s a heck of a lot more involved.

Don’t forget to consider removing the chocks as part of the process as well.


Grip for wheel chocks refers to how much traction they provide against the ground. The best quality RV wheel chocks are designed to provide substantial grip on a variety of surfaces and hold tight against your RV’s wheels.

Extra Features

There are many other features that fall under a convenience aegis. These include things like the color of the chock or presence of reflective strips, pull tabs, or strings to make removal easier, and things like stackability.


Keep in mind that any RV wheel chocks you use have to pack away in between uses. Look for ones designed to nest into each other, or chocks that come with their own storage sacks or boxes.

Another option are RV chocks designed to clip into place on a holder within or even underneath your RV.

Top RV Wheel Chocks Video

FAQ: Best RV Wheel Chocks

When it comes to RV safety, few things are as important as ensuring your vehicle remains stable and secure while parked. That’s where RV wheel chocks come into play. These simple yet vital devices provide the necessary stability to prevent unintentional rolling or movement, whether you’re parked on uneven terrain or performing maintenance tasks. To address common queries and shed light on the importance of RV wheel chocks, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. From understanding their purpose to choosing the right type for your RV, this FAQ section aims to equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and enhance your overall safety on the road.

What are RV wheel chocks?

RV wheel chocks are devices designed to prevent your RV from rolling or moving unintentionally while parked. They are typically placed behind the wheels to provide stability and enhance safety when your RV is parked on uneven surfaces or inclines.

Why should I use wheel chocks for my RV?

Wheel chocks are essential for RV owners as they help prevent accidents and ensure the safety of your vehicle. They provide stability and prevent your RV from rolling away, especially when parked on sloping terrains or during maintenance tasks such as tire changes or leveling.

Are all RV wheel chocks the same?

No, RV wheel chocks come in various types, materials, and sizes. Some common types include wedge-shaped chocks, wheel stop chocks, and X-chocks. The materials used can vary from rubber and plastic to heavy-duty metal. It’s important to choose the right type and size of wheel chocks that are suitable for your RV’s weight and tire size.

How many wheel chocks do I need for my RV?

It is recommended to use a minimum of two wheel chocks for each wheel of your RV. Placing them on both sides of the wheel provides optimal stability and prevents any movement.

How do I properly use RV wheel chocks?

To use wheel chocks correctly, follow these steps:

  • Park your RV on a level surface.
  • Engage the parking brake.
  • Place the chocks snugly and firmly against the wheels on both sides.
  • Test the stability of the RV by gently pushing against it to ensure it does not move.
  • Always double-check that the chocks are secure before entering or exiting your RV.

Can I use any type of chocks for my RV?

While some chocks are designed specifically for RVs, it’s important to choose chocks that are suitable for your RV’s weight and tire size. Consider the material, size, and construction quality of the chocks to ensure they can handle the weight and provide proper stability.

How do I store RV wheel chocks when not in use?

It is recommended to store your RV wheel chocks in a clean and dry area, preferably inside your RV or in a storage compartment. Ensure they are clean and free from any debris that could affect their performance. Proper storage helps maintain their condition and extends their lifespan.

Can I use wheel chocks instead of leveling blocks?

Wheel chocks and leveling blocks serve different purposes. Wheel chocks are primarily used to prevent unintentional movement, while leveling blocks are used to level your RV on uneven surfaces. It is important to use both wheel chocks and leveling blocks when necessary to ensure stability and safety.

How do I choose the best RV wheel chocks for my needs?

When selecting RV wheel chocks, consider factors such as the weight of your RV, tire size, and the terrain you will be parking on. Look for chocks made from durable materials, adjustable designs, and ones that provide a secure fit. Reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations from fellow RV owners can also help you make an informed decision.

Remember, proper use of RV wheel chocks is crucial for your safety and the security of your RV. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines to ensure optimal performance and peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

Picking out the best RV wheel chocks for your adventures is all about matching you RVs size and configuration to the chocks required.
For tandem wheel models you’re definitely going to want to pick up some X-Chocks to cut down on sway, but you also need wedge chocks rated to keep your RV stationary.

With those key factors in mind you should have no problem finding the chocks that best match your needs.