6 Best RV Toilets – Odorless Sanitation on Your Travels

Last Updated May 31, 2023
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Dealing with human waste is the least glamorous thing about RVing, but if you don’t have the best RV toilet for your rig and lifestyle, things can get seriously unpleasant.

RV bathrooms aren’t known for their spaciousness, so RV toilets have to combine comfort, functionality and hygiene into a small space. There are also many factors to keep in mind when choosing an RV toilet, from ease of installation and required hookups, to flush mechanisms and waste storage options.

It’s not a subject that many people like to talk about, but toilet time doesn’t take a break when you’re enjoying life on the road. So, to get the most out of your trip, you’ll need a compact, comfortable, and efficient toilet system that meets all your personal needs during your adventures.

To help you find your perfect match, we’ve reviewed six of the best RV toilets money can buy. We’ve featured a variety of models to suit all rigs and travel plans, and also included a handy buying guide so you can make the correct choice.

Best RV Toilets

Your RV toilet can make bathroom visits a pleasure or a right pain in the butt. To help you find the best RV toilet for your lifestyle, we’ve reviewed six of the leading options on the market right now.

Best Overall RV Toilet

Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush

Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush
The Thetford Aqua-Magic RV toilet product picture

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First on our list is the Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet. This model comes in a choice of high or low profile, so it’s easy to get the perfect size for your height.

The high profile version stands at 18.5 inches, which is great for taller people, while the low profile version stands at 14 inches. The lid angles back when opened for a much more comfortable sitting position and it also has a textured surface to resist scuffing.

This RV toilet has a design that’s very similar to household toilets, so you can feel more at home while on the road. The lightweight plastic construction is durable and easy to install, and we like that it comes complete with all the bolts, nuts and seals that are required to get it properly fitted and ready to use.

Once plumbed in, this RV toilet features a powerful pedal flush system that washes around the bowl for a good clean. It doesn’t come with a hand-held sprayer, though, so you might want to keep a toilet brush in your rig, too.

Overall, this model is a great pick if you want all the comfort of your household toilet in your RV. The choice of sizes is perfect for the long-legged amongst us, while the clever design and ease of installation make it a pleasure to use.

Pros – Things we liked
Choice of high or low profile
Easy to install
Powerful pedal flush system
Lid angles back when opened
Cons – Things we didn’t like
No hand-held sprayer

Best RV Toilet for Small Budgets

Camco Portable Travel Toilet Designed for Camping & RV Activities

Camco Portable Travel Toilet Designed for RV
The Camco RV toilet product picture

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Next we have the Camco Portable Travel Toilet. This compact model is specifically designed for use in RVs and camping, so you can be sure it will fit your adventurous lifestyle.

This camping toilet has a generous 5.3 gallon holding tank, so it can store plenty of waste before you need to empty it out. The 2.5 gallon flush capacity is strong enough to flush through heavy deposits and is easy to operate via the bellows pump on the side.

The Camco Portable Travel Toilet is made from polyethylene that’s durable and lightweight. It comes with an accompanying lid and seat, which although rather different from your household toilet, is still strong and pretty comfortable to sit on.

If you hate having to deal with RV black tanks, this self-contained model is a good choice. To empty it out, simply remove the detachable holding tank and dispose of the contents in the black waste point on site. Keep in mind it can be quite heavy when full, though, so if you’re on the road for a while, you may wish to empty it more frequently.

Even when filled, this portable RV toilet is well sealed with a sliding valve that prevents any nasty odors from seeping out and ruining your vacation. Of course, it will be a bit stinky when you pour it out, but this is impossible to avoid when dealing with human waste.

This model may not be the most attractive or high-tech version out there, but it’s a great, inexpensive option for RV bathrooms. It’s easy to use, simple to install and comfortable for both children and adults.

Best RV Toilet for Flushing

Dometic 300 Series Standard Height RV Toilet

Dometic 300 Series Standard Height RV Toilet
The Dometic 300 RV toilet product picture

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If you like to have all your home comforts when RVing, then the Dometic 300 Series Standard Height RV Toilet could be just what you need.
This model is designed just like a residential toilet for maximum comfort during your travels. It stands at standard toilet size of 18 inches – so if you’re tall, you can do your business without having to squat down uncomfortably low.

Thanks to its gravity flush and triple jet action, this RV toilet effectively clears away waste from the sides of the bowl to leave it looking clean and ready for the next visitor. The flush is activated by an easy-access foot pedal, and despite its power, it only uses a pint of water per flush. You also have the option of an additional hand-sprayer if desired.

We like that it’s made from polypropylene, so it is lightweight yet strong. The seat is comfortable and it can easily support the weight of large individuals; however, some users have complained that it can be a little squeaky.

Also available in a low profile version if you have a smaller bathroom, this RV gravity toilet is simple to install. It comes complete with all the bolts, gaskets and necessary parts, so you can get it fitted and ready to use in minutes.

Best RV Toilet for Premium Budgets

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet with Spider Handle

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet
The Nature’s Head RV toilet product picture

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If you tend to travel to more off-grid locations, or spend most of your time on the road, then this composting RV toilet from Nature’s Head could be your ideal match.

Thanks to its special design, this composting toilet doesn’t need to be emptied very often compared to other RV toilets. Urine and solids are separated, so liquids usually need to be emptied out around every three days, while the solids are stored in another area to compost.

As the solid waste composts, it takes up much less space, so you don’t need to empty this waste out for 4-6 weeks if two people are using it full time. When the time comes, you can empty the compost out and use it as a fertilizer.

Even though waste remains in this toilet for a long time, it doesn’t give out a foul odor. The waste storage area is well sealed, and it has a built-in, low volume air circulation fan in the head, which recycles the air in the bathroom to remove any nasty smells.

This composting toilet was initially created for use in marine environments, so it has a very durable design with stainless steel fittings for longevity. At 21 inches in height and 19 inches in width, it has a comfortable profile for most users and is compact enough for RV bathrooms.

On the downside, it can be difficult to determine when the urine tank is getting full, so it’s better to empty it frequently rather than risk it overflowing. It’s also an expensive choice when compared to other options, so you’ll need to judge whether the convenience of a composting toilet is worth the price.

Best RV Toilet for Portability

Thetford Porta Potti

Thetford Porta Potti
The Thetford RV toilet product picture

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If you need an RV toilet that can be used without being plumbed in, then the Thetford Porta Potti is an excellent pick.

Originally designed to be used free-standing, this model can be secured to the floor in your RV bathroom with an optional hold-down kit. It is simple to install, and can also be easily removed if you wish to use it as a temporary solution for the meantime.

This compact RV toilet doesn’t require a water or electricity connection to work, so it’s great for those trips off-grid. The 4-gallon freshwater tank holds enough water for more than 50 flushes, and is battery-operated for ease of use.

The toilet stands at just over 17 inches high, so it’s almost the same as a standard household toilet. It has a fairly large bowl and also comes with a convenient toilet paper holder that helps to save precious RV bathroom space.

The holding tank has a 5.5 gallon capacity, so it can store plenty of waste before you need to empty it out. This process is made easier and more hygienic, thanks to the rotating pour-out spout that helps you to dump the contents without any splashback.

All in all, this compact RV toilet is a great option if you tend to travel away in places that don’t have access to water or electricity hookups. The only potential drawback to this model is that the battery-operated flush can be a little temperamental, so you may find yourself having to manually flush on occasion.

Best Ceramic Bowl RV Toilet

Dometic 320 Series RV Toilet

Dometic 320 Series RV Toilet
The Dometic 320 RV toilet product picture

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The Dometic 320 Series RV Toilet is very similar to the 300 series we have reviewed above, but with a little added luxury. This model has a ceramic bowl and a full-size, household-style wooden seat, so you can feel truly at home in your RV.

The Dometic 320 Series is also 18 inches in height, so it’s just as comfortable as the toilet in your household bathroom. The large ceramic bowl is scratch-resistant and the rim is specially designed to limit spills so your floor stays dry with each flush.

Another great feature of this Rv toilet is its water efficiency. It only uses about one pint of water per flush, so it’s great for the environment too. Despite this, the pressurized flush washes around the entirety of the rim and toilet bowl to leave it perfectly clean every time, while the pedal operation is convenient and hygienic.

As it is made from high-quality, durable materials, this model is heavier than others we have featured on our list. However, it is still super easy to install and comes with all the accessories required to get it fitted. The standard height version is great for most people, but it’s also available in a lower profile, 15-inch option if you prefer.

To sum up, this toilet is worth checking out if you love RVing but often miss the comfort of your residential, ceramic toilet.

Compare the Best RV Toilets

Table Comparing the Top 6 RV Toilets
Image Title Price Rating Buy
OpenAqua Magic High Profile RV Toilet Compare Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush
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OpenCamco Portable Travel Toilet for RV Compare Camco Portable Toilet
Buy on Amazon
OpenDometic Series Standard RV Toilet Compare Dometic 300 Series Standard RV Toilet
Buy on Amazon
OpenNatures Head Self Contained Composting Toilet Compare Nature’s Head Composting Toilet
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OpenThetford Porta Potti RV Toilet Compare Thetford Porta Potti RV Toilet
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OpenDometic 320 Series RV Toilet Compare Dometic 320 Series RV Toilet
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Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best RV Toilet

Still unsure which RV toilet is best for you and your rig? Our below buying guide has all the answers.


RV toilets have a fairly wide price range depending on the type and model that you go for.

Good-quality, plumbed-in or portable toilets can be found in the region of $100-150, with ceramic bowls, high profile and feature-packed models being a little more expensive.

Composting toilets are usually the priciest option, with some top models reaching $900+.

The right option for you will depend on your RV lifestyle and budget.

Plumbed-In, Portable or Composting

RV toilets are available in three main types: plumbed-in, portable or composting.

Plumbed-in toilets are installed permanently and are connected to your water tank to provide the flush, while the waste flows out into your onboard black tank. These types of toilets are the most similar to your household toilet, so they’re usually the most comfortable and don’t require frequent emptying like other versions.

Portable toilets are designed to be used stand-alone, so without a water or black tank connection. For RV use, this type of toilet will have to be secured to the floor of your rig, as you really don’t want it to move around during transport.

Portable toilets have a clean water tank for flushing and a holding tank for waste in the base. The waste tank needs to be emptied frequently, and they’re often less comfortable, but they are a convenient, compact choice that can be used almost anywhere.

Composting toilets don’t use water to flush and separate urine and solids into different holding tanks. Urine needs to be emptied fairly frequently, but solid waste is kept contained and composted. The solid waste takes up little space, so it doesn’t need to be emptied for weeks, even with daily use. Once it’s ready to be emptied, it can be disposed of hygienically or used on gardens.

Composting toilets are usually more expensive than other types of RV toilets, but they are a great, eco-friendly choice for RV’ers who like to travel off-grid.

Height & Size

RV toilets come in either high profile or low profile options. High profile toilets are essentially the same height as your residential toilet, so they’re a better choice if you’re tall or simply prefer to have home comforts in your RV.

Low profile toilets are usually a few inches lower than standard, so depending on your height, you’ll find yourself squatting lower than usual when using them. Whether you opt for a high or low profile toilet is really down to your preferences, and the amount of space you have available.

It’s worth remembering that the toilet that came with your RV will likely be mounted on a platform already, so you have some additional height to take into account when purchasing.

Aside from profile, the width and shape of an RV toilet are equally important. RV bathrooms are generally pretty compact, so you’ll need to consider your available space carefully before buying.

Holding Tank

If you wish to buy an RV toilet that is not plumbed-in, you should consider the capacity of the holding tank. The larger the tank, the less frequently you’ll need to empty it.

Of course, if you travel with your family, a larger holding tank is likely a better option. Just keep in mind that if you leave it until it’s full before emptying, a large holding tank will be significantly heavier and more awkward to empty than a smaller one.

Ease of Emptying

On the other hand, if you’re planning to go for a portable toilet, we recommend checking out how easy it is to empty before making a final decision.

High-quality models should have tapered or adjustable spouts that make dumping the contents more hygienic with little spillage or splashback.

Durability & Materials

The last thing you want is your RV toilet breaking down or leaking part way through your trip, so it’s best to choose a model that’s durable and made from high-quality materials.

Many RV toilets are made from lightweight, tough plastics like polypropylene, but some more expensive models have ceramic bowls and wooden seats. You should also check that the bolts and fitting that come with your toilet are of good quality, so your toilet will stay secure on the road.


Comfort levels really come down to the individual, but in the main, high profile, residential-style toilets are the most comfortable options with regard to height. We recommend checking the seat depth and how the lid flexes when up, to make sure it won’t press into your lower back while sitting.

Flushing Mechanism

Many RV toilets will have a foot pedal or lever flushing system. The majority of models will feature a double-action mechanism that enables you to fill the bowl up with water and then flush the waste away.

Foot pedal options are considered more hygienic than hand-operated levers, but if your RV bathroom is very compact, they may be awkward to access in a tight space. Hand levers are much easier to reach when sitting, but they may not be as hard-wearing.

Types of RV Toilet

There are several different types of RV toilets on the market, but the best one for you will depend on your rig and lifestyle. Let’s take a look at each type in a little more detail.

Gravity Flush

Gravity flush toilets are very similar to residential toilets, but they don’t come with a water holding tank. Therefore, they are only suitable if you have access to a water connection or only use the toilet when your RV water pump is switched on.

Composting Toilet

Composting toilets separate solid waste from urine, and don’t require any water connection to work.

This type of toilet is a good choice if you don’t have access to a water supply, and if you’re a single traveler or part of a couple. The solid waste doesn’t need to be emptied for weeks as it’s composting, while the liquid waste needs to be emptied more frequently.

Composting toilets don’t smell bad if used properly, but they may give off an inoffensive, earthy smell. Many models include a built-in vent fan that helps to divert air from the toilet outside, so this shouldn’t cause a problem.

Portable Toilet

Portable toilets don’t require a water connection, and they don’t separate liquids from solids like composting toilets.

This type of RV toilet is easy to transport and install, but they need to be emptied quite often. The dumping process can also be quite unpleasant, so it’s best to look for a model that is well-designed.

Macerating Flush

Macerating flushes use motor-powered blades to essentially blend up the waste before it reaches the black tank. This helps to thin out the contents to reduce the risk of blockages and make it easier to dump when the time comes.

Vacuum Flush

Vacuum flush toilets use a macerating pump, combined with a vacuum unit to suck all the waste from the bowl into the waste tank. Vacuum flushes are more powerful than standard flushes and as they also thin out the waste, they make it much easier to dispose of.

Cassette Toilet

Cassette toilets are similar to portable toilets, except that they’re designed to be fixed into place. You can access the waste from the outside of your RV, so you don’t have to disconnect the tank from inside and precariously carry it out of your rig. Cassette toilets are often smaller than portable models, so they’re a good choice for very compact bathrooms.

Top RV Toilet Video

Frequently Asked Questions

As you embark on your RV journey, having a reliable and efficient toilet is essential for your comfort and convenience. With so many options available in the market, it’s natural to have questions about choosing the best RV toilet for your needs. In this FAQ section, we have compiled some common questions and provided informative answers to help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or new to the lifestyle, read on to find answers to frequently asked questions about RV toilets, their types, maintenance, and more. We aim to equip you with the knowledge necessary to select the perfect RV toilet that will make your adventures on the road even more enjoyable.

Why should I invest in a high-quality RV toilet?

A high-quality RV toilet offers several benefits. It ensures efficient waste disposal, minimizes odors, provides convenience, and enhances overall sanitation in your RV. Investing in a reliable toilet is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable RV experience.

What are the different types of RV toilets available in the market?

There are primarily three types of RV toilets: gravity flush toilets, macerating toilets, and composting toilets. Gravity flush toilets are the most common and use water and gravity to flush waste. Macerating toilets grind waste before flushing, while composting toilets convert waste into compost using organic materials.

How do I choose the right size of RV toilet for my vehicle?

Choosing the right size toilet for your RV is essential to ensure a proper fit. Measure the available space in your RV’s bathroom and compare it to the dimensions of the toilets you’re considering. Make sure to account for clearance around the toilet for comfortable usage.

What is the difference between a permanent and portable RV toilet?

A permanent RV toilet is installed directly into the RV’s bathroom and requires a connection to the waste tank or sewer system. On the other hand, a portable RV toilet is a standalone unit that can be moved around and emptied manually. Portable toilets are often used in smaller RVs or as additional options in larger vehicles.

How often do I need to empty the waste tank in an RV toilet?

The frequency of emptying the waste tank depends on the size of the tank and the number of people using the toilet. As a general guideline, it’s recommended to empty the waste tank once it’s about two-thirds full or at the end of each trip to prevent unpleasant odors and overflow.

Can I use regular household toilet paper in an RV toilet?

It is best to use RV-specific toilet paper that is designed to quickly dissolve in water. Regular household toilet paper can be thicker and less soluble, leading to potential clogs in the RV’s plumbing system. RV toilet paper is widely available and ensures trouble-free waste disposal.

How do I maintain and clean an RV toilet?

Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential for the longevity and optimal performance of your RV toilet. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning products and procedures. Use RV-friendly cleaning agents and avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the toilet’s seals or components. Regularly inspect and clean the valve seals and ensure proper ventilation to prevent odors.

Are RV toilets water-efficient?

Yes, most RV toilets are designed to be water-efficient, as water is a precious resource when you’re on the road. Look for toilets with a low water consumption rating, usually around one pint per flush. Some models even offer adjustable flush settings, allowing you to conserve water further.

Can I replace my RV toilet myself?

If you have basic DIY skills, replacing an RV toilet can be a straightforward task. However, it’s important to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and follow proper installation procedures. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable with the process, it’s recommended to consult a professional to ensure a proper installation.

What are some additional features to consider when choosing an RV toilet?

When selecting an RV toilet, you may want to consider additional features such as a foot pedal flush for hands-free operation, a porcelain bowl for easy cleaning, a compact design for space-saving, and a removable seat and cover for convenient maintenance. Think about your specific needs and preferences to find the right toilet for your RV.

Final Thoughts

Having the best RV toilet for you and your rig is essential to an enjoyable RV lifestyle. The correct type for your needs depends on many factors, but you’re sure to find your perfect match in our above selection.

If you like to have all the comforts of home during your adventures, then we recommend going for the Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush or the Dometic 320 Series RV Toilet.

Both models are available in a high or low profile design, so you can feel like you’re sitting on a standard residential toilet while on the road. They each have a powerful flush and are made from durable, scratch-resistant materials so they can stay looking their best.

For a temporary solution or infrequent travel, the Camco Portable Travel Toilet or Thetford Porta Potti make good choices. These portable models don’t require a water connection, so they’re great for off-grid trips away from any hookups. Both have generously-sized tanks and a strong flush, as well as being comfortable and easy to install.

Lastly, if you travel long-term alone or as part of a couple, the Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is a great, eco-friendly choice. This toilet contains odors very well, and thanks to its clever design, the solid waste doesn’t need to be emptied for up to 6 weeks. It also requires no water or electricity connection to work, so no matter where your travels take you, you can do your business without any worries.