9 Best RV Wash and Waxes Review and Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated June 1, 2023
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Save time cleaning and waxing your motorhome by getting yourself the best RV wash and wax. Road film, bird droppings, and bugs all need to be regularly cleaned from your vehicle, and you’ll also want to protect against corrosion, fading caused by UV rays, and contaminants while you’re at it.

To help you choose the best all-in-one cleaner and protectant for your rig, we’ve reviewed the leading options on the market today. These products are perfect for improving your exterior’s appearance, and ensuring it stays looking good as new.

Best RV Wash and Wax

We’ve selected nine of the very best RV wash and waxes, so you can find your ideal match without wasting hours of your time searching.

Best RV Wash and Wax for the Environment

Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax

Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax
The Gel-Gloss RV wash and wax product picture

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Looking for a one-step product to clean, protect, and shine your RV exterior? Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax has been specially formulated to do just that. Developed as part of an after-care range by TR Industries, specialists in mold release products for fiberglass and reinforced plastic manufacturers, this professional-grade product really works.

Made in the USA, its extra-concentrated formula contains no harmful detergents. Biodegradable and phosphate-free, it’s an environmentally-friendly alternative to harsh chemical-laden products. Formulated with carnauba wax for excellent levels of protection, your RV is left clean and shiny after use.

Safe and very easy to use, simply pour 2-3 ounces into a bucket, fill with water, and lather it on generously with a soft mitt or brush. Rinse off for a streak-free finish without water spots, before drying with a soft towel for the best results. This product will not remove previously applied waxes, although it remains highly effective at lifting heavy dirt and grime.

Available in either one gallon or 32-ounce formats, this highly concentrated RV wash and wax cleaner is very economical. One quart (32 oz) produces 16 gallons of cleaner, so even if you have a large class A, you’ll have plenty of product to keep your RV sparkling clean for the foreseeable future.

This top-selling RV wash and wax is also great value for money, especially given its highly economical concentrated formula. It costs less than a lot of other premium RV cleaners and can be used on poly finishes, metal, fiberglass, wood, and rubber, making this an excellent multi-surface RV cleaner that won’t damage your decals or remove your motorhome’s original shine.

Pros – Things we liked
Specially formulated for RV’s
Made in the USA
No harmful detergents & biodegradable
Formulated with carnauba wax
Multi-surface RV cleaner
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Struggles with bugs

Best Water-Not-Needed Wash & Wax

Wet or Waterless RV Wash Wax Kit

Wet or Waterless RV Wash Wax Kit
The Aero Cosmetics RV wash and wax product picture

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Wash Wax All was originally developed over 33 years ago by Aero Cosmetics for cleaning high-performance, high-value aircraft. It can be used with or without water to remove dirt from your RV without scratching, as well as protecting and enhancing its glossy sheen.

Thanks to its water-based formula, this product is safe to use. Biodegradable, it is also alcohol and ammonia-free. Use it to save water when cleaning your motorhome. It is also highly practical – you can clean your RV whenever and wherever you need. Simply spray on, wipe clean, and rub dry for a waterless, high-sheen clean. Otherwise, for use on your wet motorhome after cleaning, simply spray on and dry.

Formulated to clean and protect aircraft from extreme environments, this product also lifts serious grime and bugs from your motorhome. Note that for sand and grit, it’s recommended that you rinse these particles off your coach first before using Wash Wax All. This product buffs dry to a non-stick, anti-static finish that contains a UV-protective coating. It won’t remove any previous wax layers, for maximum shine and protection.

This kit comes complete with a handy spray bottle containing 16 ounces of Wash Wax All, plus a one-gallon refill container of Wash Wax All. Four high-quality microfiber towels are included, so you’ll have everything you need to wash, wax and dry your RV to perfection, wherever the road may take you.

While this kit is understandably more expensive than a container of your standard RV wash and wax, it is a great solution for cleaning your RV without water. It is also an excellent way to protect your RV from the sun’s UV rays and enhance your coach’s shine.

Best RV Wash & Wax for High Sheen without Buffing

Camco Pro-Strength Wash and Wax

Camco Pro-Strength Wash and Wax
The Camco RV wash and wax product picture

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If you are looking for an easy way to a clean and shiny RV then you’ll want to take a look at Camco’s Pro-Strength Wash and Wax. RV specialists Camco have designed this powerful cleaner to give excellent results without the need for extensive hand polishing or buffing.

Safe for all finishes, this RV wash and wax uses a blend of natural waxes and emulsifiers to shine up, clean, and protect your motorhome exterior. Note that it is not recommended for use on rubber roofs, which should be treated with a specific rubber roof cleaner. Given its high-strength cleaning power, it’s best to wear gloves when using this product to avoid any skin irritation.

Camco Pro-Strength Wash and Wax leaves your recreational vehicle with a protective shiny coating that causes water to bead, preventing streaks and dirt from forming. It is simple to use, just add two ounces per gallon of water and apply with a sponge or soft brush. Dry afterward for the best results. If your motorhome is very dirty, or you have some patches of mold, you can use this product undiluted for extra powerful cleaning results.

For a shiny coach exterior, without the need for any buffing, Camco’s Pro-Strength Wash and Wax makes a top choice. Available in one-gallon or 32-ounce formats, when used diluted it’s a highly economical product that will save you time and money compared to many other RV wash and waxes on the market.

Best Highly Concentrated RV Wash & Wax

Star Brite RV Wash & Wax

Star Brite RV Wash & Wax
The Star Brite RV wash and wax product picture

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Star Brite RV Wash and Wax is a popular way to get your motorhome sparkling clean, without removing any of your existing wax or polish. It is safe for all RV exterior surfaces, even rubber, and it won’t damage your decals.

Thanks to its non-toxic, biodegradable formula, you won’t have to worry about polluting nature. However, be aware that this product can be an eye irritant, so be sure to exercise caution when using it.

Its highly concentrated formula is powerful enough to remove tough dirt and grime, without damaging your protective coatings. It also extends the life of your RV wax and polish for a longer-lasting shiny finish. Its PTEF polymers enhance shine even further, as well as providing extra UV protection to help prevent fading under the sun.

This RV wash and wax is a premium version that costs quite a bit more than standard ones. Available in one-gallon or 16-ounce formats, thanks to its highly concentrated formula, you only need a few capfuls to clean your whole RV exterior. Simply mix an ounce of the product to your bucket of water, apply with a cloth, and dry afterward. For best results, use only when your motorhome is cool to the touch.

If you are looking for a highly effective RV wash and wax that is suitable for all RV exteriors, this product is an excellent choice. Not only does it clean well, it also extends the life of your wax while adding shine and sun protection. Recommended for anyone who wants to clean their RV without losing their highly polished finish.

Best Overall RV Wash and Wax

Meguiar’s Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax

Meguiars RV One Step Cleaner Wax
The Meguiar’s RV wash and wax product picture

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Is your RV coach in need of a little TLC? Meguiar’s Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax removes light defects, such as oxidation, streaks, and spots, as well as restoring color and shine. It also adds a highly-effective protective coating to keep your RV exterior in prime condition for longer.

This liquid wax is easy to use, restoring and protecting in one easy step. Apply it in the shade, to your cool, washed, and dried coach, using a cotton towel or applicator pad. Rub it into the surface section by section, let it dry to a haze, then rub it off with a clean cloth. Note, that this product is not suitable for use on cloth, vinyl, or rubber.

Haze, minor scratches, and swirls can all be safely and effectively removed, while also restoring gloss, color, and brilliance to your fiberglass gel coat coach. Your RV will look cleaner and more uniform in appearance, as well as shinier.

One of the main advantages of this product, aside from its restorative properties, is its superior protection levels. If you are planning a trip to any coastal areas or to the sunny South, you should definitely consider using this One Step Cleaner Wax. Its long-lasting finish ensures that your motorhome is soundly protected against salt air, corrosion, and the sun’s UV rays.

Whether your RV exterior needs a little aesthetic restoration, or it’s already in great shape, but you want to make sure that it stays that way, Meguiar’s One Step Cleaner Wax is a one-of-a-kind solution that provides superior protection.

Available in 16-ounce, 32-ounce, or one-gallon formats, you will get through quite a lot on just one use. However, it does provide a long-lasting finish making it a great timesaver in the long run and well worth the extra dollars.

Best RV Wash and Wax for Protective Finish

Thetford Premium RV Wash and Wax

Thetford Premium RV Wash and Wax
The Thetford RV wash and wax product picture

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If you are looking for an easy way to clean and wax in one go, Thetford’s Premium RV Wash and Wax is a great product to remove black streaks, road film, and bird droppings, as well as protecting your RV exterior. Thanks to its shiny finish, this one-step wash and wax really will improve the look of your motorhome.

Biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-abrasive, this product is also safe to use. You won’t have to worry about your decals or expensive paint coats when using it. Recommended for use on gel-coat fiberglass painted aluminum, you can also use this premium wash and wax on your other vehicles.

Not only does Thetford’s Premium RV Wash and Wax get your coach exterior thoroughly clean, it also provides extra protection. Its shiny finish coats your RV with a non-static, water-repellent finish that protects against UV rays.

Easy to use, simply add to water, apply with a soft brush or cloth, and finish by wiping dry. Thanks to its gentle, yet powerful formula, you won’t have to worry about damaging your paint or stripping previous waxes.

Available in 32-ounce, 44-ounce, and one-gallon formats, despite its excellent cleaning performance, this RV Wash and Wax is fairly reasonably priced given its concentrated formula. Gentle, yet effective, if you’re looking for a two-in-one RV coach cleaner and protectant, Thetford is certainly a name you can trust.

Best RV Wash and Wax for Frequent Washing

Karcher Car Wash & Wax Soap for Pressure Washers

Karcher Wash & Wax for Pressure Washers
The Karcher RV wash and wax product picture

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If you are looking for a wash and wax to use with your pressure washer, then you’ll want to check out Kärcher’s Car Wash and Wax Soap for Pressure Washers. Not only is this a highly effective way to get your entire RV clean in record time, its gentle formula won’t damage your paintwork or decals.

Usage is simple, dilute in a separate container, then add it to the foam nozzle container on your pressure washer. Specially formulated for use with pressure washers, it creates a thick luxuriant foam that gets to work removing grime and dirt build-up. You may also need a brush or cloth to make sure all dirt is thoroughly dislodged and removed.

Thanks to its biodegradable formula, it’s safe to use. It is also phosphate-free, making it a better choice for the environment. What’s more, it rinses away clear, without residue for a clean, shiny finish. The wax additive not only adds shine, it also protects, preventing future dirt build-up and reducing water spotting.

Unfortunately, you may find that this product’s protective layer does not last quite as long as others, although given its ease of use, you may wish to clean your RV more often with it. Available in one-quart, one-gallon, or five-gallon formats, one gallon of this highly concentrated formula makes up to 20 gallons of ready-to-use detergent.

This wash and wax cleaner is much cheaper than most RV specific versions. While it doesn’t offer as much protection as a lot of premium versions do, it’s a good value for money way to a quick and easy clean with a shiny finish.

Editors Choice for Best Value RV Wash & Wax

Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Gloss

Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Gloss
The Chemical Guys RV wash and wax product picture

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For a squeaky clean finish with a good shine, this hyper-concentrated Citrus Wash and Gloss by the Chemical Brothers makes a highly popular choice. Thanks to its natural citrus extracts, this biodegradable formula gets to work breaking down dirt for an effortlessly clean RV coach exterior.

After rinsing and drying, it leaves a nice glossy finish. The concentrated citrus extracts go to work lifting grime, road film, and general dirt, while simultaneously lubricating your motorhome exterior, allowing the debris to be gently rinsed away without causing scratching. Free from artificial thickeners, colors, or additives, this wash and gloss cleaner has been specially formulated to give you a streak-free, shiny finish.

Hyper-concentrated, this product is marketed as diluting at 1 to 4,000 parts, with directions stating you should mix one capful to five gallons of water. This makes it great value for money, even if it is a little on the pricey side. However, be careful measuring out how much you actually use.

If you find you need more suds, you may want to increase the concentration ratio. Note that the bottle states that while you can use up to three ounces per five gallons of water, using anymore can strip the wax from your vehicle – so care is needed. This soap can also stain white plastic, so make sure you do a spot test in an inconspicuous area before using it all over.

Available in 16-ounce, one-gallon, or five-gallon containers, this is a top-selling product with a lot of satisfied users. If you are looking for a wash and wax for frequent use and it’s compatible with your RV exterior, then it could be a good choice for your motorhome.

Best RV Wash and Wax for Between Waxes

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wash and Wax

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wash and Wax
The Turtle Wax RV wash and wax product picture

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The Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wash and Wax has been specially formulated for use between waxes to leave your vehicle clean, shiny, and protected. Featuring a sweet fruit fragrance and a gentle PH-balanced composition, it’s a good mild choice for your RV coach.

Designed to enhance appearance and add shine to your exterior, including any plastics and trim, this wash and wax utilizes synthetic wax polymers to increase depth, shine, and gloss. Water beading is boosted and drying times reduced thanks to its super hydrophobic and SiO2 polymers that work together to produce a highly durable barrier, protecting your motorhome exterior for months at a time.

PH-balanced, this product will not damage any previous waxes or sealants, while its mild formula lifts dirt for effective cleaning. However, note that this particular product is not very foamy due to its polychemical, lubricant-like composition. At the recommended concentration for a routine wash of three ounces per gallon of water, you may struggle to get enough lubrication to avoid scratching. Also, it is not recommended for use with a foam sprayer.

If you have already cleaned your RV, this product is a good one to use in between waxes, providing long-term protection. However, it is less suitable for a standalone wash and clean as it just doesn’t foam up sufficiently to ensure that you lift away all of the dirt. Available in a 48-ounce format, it is pretty highly-priced and you’ll probably also want to look elsewhere for an additional cleaning product to complement it.

Compare the Best RV Wash and Waxes

Table Comparing the Top 9 RV Wash and Waxes
Image Title Price Rating Buy
OpenGel Gloss RV Wash and Wax Compare Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax
Buy on Amazon
OpenWet or Waterless RV Wash Wax Kit Compare Wet or Waterless RV Wash Wax Kit
Buy on Amazon
OpenCamco Wash and Wax Cleaner for RVs Compare Camco Pro-Strength Wash and Wax
Buy on Amazon
OpenStar Brite RV Wash and Wax Compare Star Brite RV Wash & Wax
Buy on Amazon
OpenMeguiars Marine RV Cleaner Wax Compare Meguiar’s Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax
Buy on Amazon
OpenPremium RV Wash and Wax Compare Thetford Premium RV Wash and Wax
Buy on Amazon
OpenKarcher Vehicle Wash And Wax Compare Karcher Wash & Wax for Pressure Washers
Buy on Amazon
OpenChemical Guys Citrus Wash and Gloss Compare Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Gloss
Buy on Amazon
OpenTurtle Wax Ceramic Wash and Wax Compare Turtle Wax Ceramic Wash and Wax
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Buyer’s Guide for Buying the Best RV Wash and Wax

Struggling to find the best RV wash and wax for your motorhome? Here’s what you need to keep an eye out for when making your purchase.


Purchasing an RV wash and wax isn’t going to break the bank. While you can save a few dollars with cheaper versions, or by opting for a large five gallon pack, we recommend paying a little more for a premium product.

While there’s no assurance that paying more always gives you a better product, you don’t want to have to wash your RV more often than needed to keep up protection levels, or to be left with a substandard finish.

What’s more, given the high value of most motorhomes and the amount of time and effort it takes to get them clean, is it really worth trying to save a couple of dollars here and there?

Our advice, try out a small container from a reputable RV-specific brand. If it doesn’t work for you, put it down to experience and try another. Opting for an RV specific brand may cost you more, but it should be of a better quality and specifically formulated not to damage your exterior or any decals.

UV Protection

RVs tend to spend long hours on the road in the sun. If yours is parked outdoors, then even more reason to make sure that you choose an RV wash and wax with UV protection. UV rays can cause fading, instantly aging the look of your new RV by years.

Protecting your RV’s appearance also helps to protect the financial investment that you made in purchasing it. In our book, UV protection is a must in any RV wash and wax. Or else you’d need to fully wax with each wash and you just wouldn’t save any time.

Sure, you may live in a less than warm, sunny climate, but you can get UV damage even on cloudy days, so make sure you protect your rig if you want to keep its good looks.

Custom Graphics Protection

While you want your RV wash and wax to be highly effective at removing dirt and grime, you certainly won’t want it to remove your decals or other custom graphic features. Always make sure that your RV wash and wax provides custom graphics protection that is appropriate for your coach exterior.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s important to consider how environmentally friendly your RV wash and wax actually is. You’ll want to look out for a biodegradable version, so no matter if you get any runoff, you can be sure that it will break down and decompose into natural, non-toxic elements.

Not only does this make sense for protecting the planet and all of the natural beauty spots you love to visit when you’re RVing, but also, do you want to risk breathing in and handling a potentially hazardous product? Even more so if you have small children or pets around who could easily face serious consequences from chemical exposure.

Ease of Use

Cleaning your RV can be quite a mission, so make it as easy as possible with a wash and wax that goes on nice and easy. You’ll also want to ensure that it rinses off well too, without having to waste a load of water. Plus, while a quick dry over is to be envisaged, you won’t want to spend hours polishing it up on a quick wash and wax session.

To make getting your RV clean and protected as simple as possible, we recommend always reading through the actual usage instructions before purchasing. While manufacturers won’t hesitate to mention their quick-drying properties, a quick read through their usage recommendations usually gives you a better idea of just how much elbow grease you’ll actually have to put in.

You can always make things a little easier with a soft brush, a foam sprayer, and microfiber towels. Remember, a lot comes down to how dirty your RV is when you get started. High foaming versions tend to work best, lifting the dirt off into suspension for an easier rinse without scratching.


RV wash and waxes should not be abrasive, neither should any vehicle cleaner for that matter. You can use a soft brush with your cleaner if you feel like you’re not quite getting enough dirt off.

As we stated earlier, you need a good foaming product that will lift the dirt away from the surface of your RV, holding it in suspension. RV washes, along with all soaps and detergents contain surfactants. These are responsible for lifting dirt away from the surface and surrounding it, breaking it down into smaller particles that are easily washed away when you rinse.

If your RV wash and wax does not have sufficient levels of surfactants, it will fail to sufficiently lift and trap the dirt which can lead to scratching. In any case, most manufacturers recommend rinsing off your vehicle thoroughly before you start cleaning to ensure a minimum of grit, dirt, and sand particles remain that could cause noticeable scratches to your bodywork.


While you will want to treat your RV coach exterior every so often, being able to quickly wash and wax your motorhome can greatly extend the lifespan of your RV’s wax or sealant.

Obviously, a quick wash and wax is never going to be a replacement for a full treatment. However, a good quality product should still provide enough protection to extend your base treatment and protect your RV exterior for at least several months.

Top RV Wash & Waxes Video

Frequently Asked Questions about RV Wash and Waxes

Maintaining the exterior of your RV is crucial for preserving its appearance and protecting it from the elements. With a wide range of RV wash and wax products available in the market, it’s natural to have questions about choosing the right one and using it effectively. In this FAQ section, we address some common queries that RV owners have regarding wash and waxes. Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or new to the world of recreational vehicles, we hope to provide you with valuable insights and answers to help you make informed decisions about caring for your RV’s exterior. From understanding the benefits of specialized RV wash and waxes to tips on application and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find answers to frequently asked questions about RV wash and waxes.

Why should I use a specific wash and wax product for my RV instead of regular car wash products?

RVs are exposed to different environmental elements compared to regular cars, such as harsh sunlight, road grime, and pollutants. Specialized RV wash and wax products are formulated to address the unique needs of RV exteriors, providing superior cleaning power and protection against UV rays and weathering.

How often should I wash and wax my RV?

Washing and waxing frequency depends on various factors, including how often you use your RV, the climate conditions it’s exposed to, and the type of wax used. As a general guideline, washing your RV every 3-4 months and applying a fresh coat of wax twice a year is recommended. However, if you frequently travel in dusty or heavily polluted areas, you may want to wash and wax more frequently.

Can I use any wash and wax product on my RV?

While some car wash products may work on RVs, it’s best to use products specifically designed for RVs. RV wash and waxes are formulated to be gentle on the surfaces of your RV, while effectively removing dirt and grime. Additionally, they provide added UV protection and help maintain the finish of your RV.

How do I choose the best RV wash and wax product for my needs?

Consider the following factors when choosing an RV wash and wax product:

  • Compatibility with your RV’s surface (fiberglass, gel coat, aluminum, etc.).
  • Cleaning power and ability to remove dirt, stains, and black streaks.
  • UV protection and long-lasting wax properties.
  • Ease of application and rinsing.
  • Reputation and customer reviews of the product.

Can I use a pressure washer to wash my RV?

While pressure washers can be used to clean RVs, caution must be exercised. Use a low-pressure setting (under 2000 PSI) and ensure that the nozzle is kept at a safe distance to avoid damage to the RV’s exterior or seals. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for using a pressure washer on your specific RV model.

Are wash and wax products safe for decals and graphics on my RV?

Most RV wash and waxes are safe for use on decals and graphics. However, it’s always a good idea to test the product on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure there is no adverse reaction. Additionally, avoid applying excessive pressure or scrubbing vigorously on decals to prevent damage.

Can I wax my RV in direct sunlight?

It is generally recommended to avoid waxing your RV in direct sunlight or when the surface is hot. High temperatures can cause the wax to dry too quickly, making it difficult to buff off and potentially leaving streaks. Choose a shady area or a time of day when the RV surface is cooler for best results.

How long does a wax job typically last on an RV?

The longevity of a wax job depends on various factors, including the quality of the product, weather conditions, and how frequently you use your RV. In general, a good-quality wax should last around 3-6 months, but it’s advisable to monitor your RV’s appearance and reapply wax as needed.

Can I use RV wash and wax products on other vehicles?

Yes, many RV wash and waxes can be used on other vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and boats. However, always read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure compatibility and follow any specific guidelines provided.

Remember, the above information is general guidance, and it’s essential to refer to the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of the RV wash and wax products you choose to use.

Final Thoughts

There are a huge number of RV wash and waxes around – after all who doesn’t want to save time on cleaning and protecting their RV, while simultaneously improving its looks?

With so many products to choose from, if you are looking for an improvement on your regular RV wash and wax, you’re sure to find the ideal product for your rig right here in our top-selling RV wash and wax selection.

If you want a high sheen finish without buffing, take another look at the Pro-Strength RV Wash and Wax by market leaders in all things RV, Camco. Safe for all finishes, it will leave your RV with a water-resistant, protective shiny finish that prevents streak formation and dirt buildup from occurring. It’s also a good choice for treating heavily stained sections used undiluted.

For a highly protective finish, be sure to consider Thetford’s Premium RV Wash and Wax. It not only provides a great clean, its superior levels of protection will keep your motorhome from fading in the sun. It is also biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-abrasive, so it’s a better choice for the environment, as well as yourself and your coach’s finish.

Lastly, for frequently washing and waxing your RV, check out Kärcher’s Car Wash and Wax Soap for Pressure Washers – the easiest of all to use. It will get your rig clean in record time, while its thick luxuriant foam lifts away dirt without scratching. It’s also biodegradable and rinses clear for a shiny, squeaky clean finish with no hassle.