Best RV Water Pressure Regulator. Adjustable & Inline Regulators

If you have an RV, it’s crucial to fit the best RV water pressure regulator. When on the road, you will come across a variety of water pressures in different locations, and many of them will be far too high for your plumbing system to manage.

This essential piece of kit could save you a huge amount of money, time, and effort replacing the damage high water pressure can cause, potentially ruining your coach interior and plumbing.

Whether it’s time to replace your regulator, or it’s your first ever purchase, we’ll help you find the best model for your RV.

What is an RV Water Pressure Regulator?

Water pressure is the force at which water enters your RV. In a bricks and mortar home, water pressure is regulated as it enters your property from the water main. It is normally set to around 50 PSI, although it can be anywhere between 40-60PSI. When you hook your RV up to a water supply at a campsite, this supply isn’t always regulated.

RVs often have delicate plumbing systems. If you connect your freshwater hose directly to a water supply without an RV water pressure regulator, you’ll risk damaging your pipework and fixtures. Water pressure in municipal mains supplies is often well over 80 PSI and some locations may have water pressure in excess of 100PSI. RV manufacturers recommend a water pressure of around 40-50PSI.

An RV water pressure regulator attaches between the spigot and your freshwater hose. It regulates incoming water pressure to safe levels, ensuring that your RV contents and plumbing system won’t become damaged from excess water pressure levels. It is a highly effective, very easy to use piece of equipment that you need to attach each time you hook up your rig.

As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry – an RV water pressure regulator could potentially save you thousands on repair work.

Best RV Water Pressure Regulators

Looking for a new RV pressure regulator? Check out our top-rated selection for the best models available on the market.

Renator Water Pressure Regulator Valve

Renator RV Water Pressure Regulator Valve

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Renator have developed this RV-specific water regulator valve out of a love for RVing. Realizing that there were not a lot of high-quality, affordable models to protect RV plumbing, the Renator Water Pressure Regulator Valve was created and has become a firm, trusted favorite for motorhomes both old and new.

Made from durable, corrosion-resistant brass, this RV water pressure regulator valve is well under the maximum NSF lead-free requirements for safer, cleaner water at under 0.13%. To make hooking up to your water supply even more secure, this solid brass regulator includes a micro mesh filter screen to prevent any large particles from entering and potentially damaging your RV plumbing.

This model has an adjustable PSI up to 160. It arrives preset at 45PSI and is very easy to adjust, simply turn the brass screw in the direction of the plus or minus signs. You get an accurate pressure reading via the large, clear gauge. Note, since 2016, this model has been improved and now features a much more durable gauge that includes the addition of oil to protect and lubricate the internal mechanism.

Compatible with all US water sources, including ¾” garden hoses and NT threads, installation is very simple. A clear guide to setting up your RV water pressure regulator is included, as is a one year warranty. While it may cost quite a bit more than budget models, the Renator is definitely worth the extra for its excellent quality, dependability, and ease of use.

Camco Adjustable Brass Water Pressure Regulator

Camco Adjustable Brass Water Pressure Regulator

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Popular RVing equipment brand Camco have developed a variety of different RV water pressure regulators, including this premium adjustable flow brass version. Certified to NSF/ANSI 372 CSA low-lead content and with Camco’s great reputation, you can be sure that your water will be safe both for you and your rig.

This RV brass water pressure regulator can be adjusted to suit your needs. It arrives with a factory preset of 45PSI. Use the screw located inside the cap to alter your pressure as needed, however, note that it is not recommended that you go over 60PSI. Also, although this model’s gauge displays up to 160PSI, the maximum incoming pressure is capped at 125PSI.

Easy to install, this regulator valve is compatible with ¾” and 11 ½” garden hose connections. The gauge is also clear and very easy to read. As this regulator is not recommended for very high-pressure water supplies, care is needed, as otherwise, you may experience some leaking from the threads within the black plastic top.

Given its brass construction and the fact that it comes from one of the main US RV equipment manufacturers, this RV water pressure regulator is a good buy. However, it is less suitable for regular use at campsites with extremely high water pressure.

Valterra Water Regulator for Camper, Trailer, RV Plumbing System

Valterra RV Water Regulator

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Valterra have been supplying the RV, spa, and pool industries since 1981, making them an expert choice for your RV plumbing accessories. They manufacture a range of RV water pressure regulators, both non-adjustable and adjustable models, including this premium brass version.

Rust-resistant and highly durable, this solid brass RV water pressure regulator features a lead-free construction in accordance with federal and state laws – for safer, cleaner water in your motorhome. It also comes complete with a filter to ensure that any large particles won’t block up your valve for an extra long lifespan, as well as providing extra protection for your water filter and RV plumbing.

Factory preset at 45PSI, this model is easily adjustable. Simply take a flat head screwdriver and turn the brass screw on the cap head in the direction of the plus or minus sign, depending on your needs. It is recommended that you stick to a water pressure not exceeding 60 PSI in your trailer.

The gauge is clear and easy to read, like most others in this category it has a maximum reading of 160PSI. Compatible with all ¾” NH water supplies, you’ll have no issues connecting this regulator valve up. Simply connect it to your campground spigot for safe, optimally functioning water pressure in your rig – no tools required except for any flow adjustments.

A little on the expensive side, this unit benefits from a mesh filter and a superior construction making it a good premium choice.

Camco RV Brass Inline Water Pressure Regulator

Camco RV Brass Inline Water Pressure Regulator

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The Camco RV Brass Inline Water Pressure Regulator is a good budget model. If you only occasionally camp out in your trailer and don’t want to pay out for a premium version, it’s well worth spending a couple of dollars to ensure that you protect your hoses and plumbing from high pressure water.

Made from a durable brass construction, this RV water pressure regulator valve is drinking-water safe, being CSA low-lead certified. Not only is this basic model made with a good solid construction, as there are fewer parts, there are less chances of failure for an overall longer lifespan – although you may want to change out the rubber rings occasionally.

Non-adjustable, this valve reduces your trailer water pressure to a consistent, safe 40-50 pounds for optimum water flow rates without risking damaging your plumbing lines and fixtures. It is easy to attach thanks to its ¾” garden hose threads, simply screw it on to your campground spigot.

While this is a great budget model, if you regularly use your RV, you may want to invest in another model complete with a gauge so you can check your operational water pressure.

On the other hand, for occasional use, or if you want a cheap spare to have to hand in case your other unit breaks, this valve is a simple, yet highly effective choice.

RV AQUA Water Pressure Regulator for RV Camper

RV Aqua Water Pressure Regulator for RV

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If you are looking for an RV water pressure regulator with all of the features of the most expensive models, but at a lower price, then check out this version by RV Aqua. While its brand name is not that well known, this unit has a lot in common with some of the best models around while providing a significant saving.

Made from durable, corrosion-resistant brass, this unit has under 0.13% lead, much less than required to meet existing lead-free certification standards for greater safety. The inlet screen filter protects the valve from damage, as well as extending the life of your RV water filter and plumbing lines.

This model can be used to adjust your rig’s water pressure from 0-160 PSI. Factory preset to 45PSI, you can easily adjust your operational water pressure by simply turning the brass screw on the cap head with a screwdriver. Featuring an upgraded regulator gauge, the stainless steel gauge has been upgraded and now contains oil. This lubricates the internal mechanism ensuring an improved product lifespan. Easy to read, the large, clear display has readings up to 160PSI.

This water pressure regulator valve for RVs is compatible with all US water sources, ¾” hose and NH threads included, so you can use it anywhere your travels take you. It also comes complete with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

If you’re looking for a durable, solid brass RV water regulator with adjustable pressure, then this unit makes a great money-saving choice.

Water Regulator Valve by U.S. Solid

US Solid Water Regulator Valve

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Easy to install and use, this water regulator valve by U.S. Solid is a popular choice if you are in the market for an adjustable model. Thanks to its high durability and double filtration system, it is excellent value for money.

Made from solid brass with a lead-free content well under the 0.25% threshold, this valve is very safe and built to last. Thanks to its double filter, featuring an external mesh cap and internal mesh screen, not only is your valve protected from large particles, it will also extend the lifespan of your RV water filter and plumbing lines.

Use this model to adjust the pressure from 0-160PSI. Simply turn the brass screw on the cap to reduce your water pressure to optimal levels for your RV plumbing. Thanks to its large, easy to read gauge, you can tell at a glance if you’re at your desired pressure levels. For a longer lifespan and improved performance, you can top up the hydraulic oil in the gauge via the upper oil filler point.

With its thick thread design, this unit is easy to install – ideal if you frequently change location in your RV, and has a great seal to minimize the chances of any leaks. Compatible with all US water sources, this valve has a ¾” NH thread. National Hose Thread being used on all spigots and garden hoses.

Durable, easy to install, and complete with a dual filtration system, this RV water pressure regulator is a top buy.

Valterra Brass Water Regulator

Valterra Brass Water Regulator Gauge Combo

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This Valterra Brass Water Regulator is a handy compact choice. Non-adjustable, it features a gauge enabling you to check on the water pressure in your rig, without having to purchase extra equipment.

Made from rust and corrosion-resistant brass, this water pressure regulator valve is also lead-free, conforming with federal and state laws. To ensure a long lifespan and greater protection for your RV and water filter, this unit comes complete with a screened washer. This will trap any larger particles of dirt or debris, preventing your valve from blocking up.

The large, easy to read gauge lets you verify at a glance that your RV water pressure is safe for your rig’s plumbing. Incoming water pressure is automatically regulated at 40-50PSI, so you have no adjustments to make. While this unit works very well to reduce your water pressure make sure you double-check the functionality of your gauge on arrival as there have been a few incidences of poor quality control regarding this feature.

Very easy to install, thanks to its easy-grip connection ring, simply screw the valve onto your water spigot to protect your trailer from high water pressure. Compatible with all ¾” NH fittings, this valve can be used wherever the road takes you.

If you are looking for a non-adjustable RV water pressure valve, complete with a gauge for peace of mind, this Valterra model is a good all-around choice.

Camco Plastic Water Pressure Regulator

Camco Plastic Water Pressure Regulator

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Ideal as a spare or for the very occasional RVer, the Camco Plastic Water Pressure Regulator could save your rig from thousands of dollars of water damage for just a few dollars outlay.

Made from ABS plastic, the outer body of this unit is highly durable. It is also very compact, making it ideal as a backup unit as it takes up next to no storage space. Inside, a spring-loaded piston protects your motorhome appliances and plumbing fixtures, as well as preventing hose failure caused by the overly high water pressure often found in city water supplies.

This unit reduces water pressure to a consistent and safe 40-50 pounds of operational pressure. Just be aware that the maximum incoming pressure is 125 PSI. Also, high pressure may be vented through the unit’s hole that has been drilled specifically as a pressure vent. If the water pressure is very high, this can result in a steady trickle of water flowing from this hole – which may not be acceptable depending upon where you are parked up.

Easy to install and NH compatible, this unit is very handy to have around as a spare. However, you probably wouldn’t want to rely upon it for extensive use, making it a good value choice for the very occasional camper.

RV GUARD RV Water Pressure Regulator Valve

RV Guard Water Pressure Regulator Valve

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This RV Water Pressure Regulator Valve by RV Guard features a solid brass construction for excellent durability and rust resistance. Manufactured using hot casting technology, it contains under 0.13% lead, well under NSF lead-free requirements.

Fully adjustable, you can easily adjust your water pressure settings to suit your rig and location. For example, you may want to reduce the pressure right down and save grey tank capacity when you’re at a partial hookup site. The unit comes with a factory preset of 45PSI. Simply turn the brass screw on the cap head to adjust the pressure to your requirements from 14 up to 160PSI.

This RV water pressure regulator also benefits from an inlet screened filter to ensure a long product lifespan, protecting your valve, RV fixtures, and water filter from large particles of dirt and debris. You can easily check your operational water pressure any time via the large, easy to read gauge.

Compatible with all US water sources, this unit can be used with all ¾” garden hoses and NH threads. Installation is very easy, simply connect the unit to your spigot and RV freshwater hose.

Given its quality of construction, complete with filtration, pressure gauge, and easy adjustability, this unit makes an excellent choice for its relatively low purchase price. While there are cheaper units out there, given its brass construction and ease of installation, this model is great value for money.

Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best RV Water Pressure Regulator

To make sure you find the best RV water pressure regulator for your rig, it helps to know what to look out for. Here are some of the key features that you should keep a close eye on when making your choice.


RV water pressure regulators are generally among the more affordable RV essentials.
However, while you can pick up basic versions that cost as little as a few dollars, they do tend to be very basic and are often less durable. As an RV water pressure could potentially save you thousands in repairs, it isn’t really a piece of equipment you want to scrimp on.

While budget models come in under $10, they may also need replacing more often, which can make them a false economy. Mid-priced RV water pressure regulars cost around $15-$35, with plenty of excellent models rivaling some of the higher-end models that are priced around $40 and over.

As with most RV-specific equipment, it is often advisable to buy from one of the big trusted brands with a good warranty and US-based customer service. However, with so many very similar models, there are definitely savings to be made if you are willing to consider some lesser-known brands with almost identical products.

PSI Capacity

This is how much pressure per square inch that your regulator valve can handle. While some can take up to 160PSI, others, despite the high figures on their dials, have a stated lower PSI capacity, such as 125PSI.

You’ll want to set your operational water PSI to your RV’s recommended water pressure levels which can vary from one make to another, as well as your RV’s year of manufacture. Older vintage campers, for example, tend to have much lower water pressure level recommendations than new class As do. As a general rule of thumb, between 40-50PSI is recommended for most RVs, but double-check just to be certain.

Most non-adjustable models will provide you with between 40-50PSI. Adjustable models are often factory preset around 45PSI. If your RV does not fit into the non-adjustable average range, you’ll need to invest in an adjustable version and make sure that you set it up to the appropriate pressure for your RV.


It is important that your valve’s gauge is clear and easy to read. Humidity and moisture can cause problems for dry gauges, so look out for liquid-filled gauges for the best results. This also steadies the needle, making it easier to read and lubricates the internal working for an improved product lifespan.

Some gauges feature color-coded sections, while others just feature basic printed numerals. Make sure that your gauge allows you to quickly check on your water pressure at a glance.

Getting into the habit of regularly checking your water pressure gauge will ensure that you detect any potential problems as soon as possible, as well as providing you with peace of mind.


While you will see plenty of inexpensive plastic versions, we recommend always choosing a brass RV water pressure regulator valve. Why? Well to start with, brass is highly durable and corrosion-resistant, so a brass model will outlast its plastic counterpart by far.

Brass also has a higher tensile strength than plastic. This makes your brass water pressure regulator more resistant to bursting, especially important when you hook up in places with very high water pressure levels.

Some plastic versions may have lower maximum operating pressure levels and be inadvisable for locations with very high levels of pressure.

Low Lead Or Lead-Free Content

The Federal Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act came into effect in 2014.

Compared to the previous law that capped lead content at 8.0%, the new law states that any wetted surfaces of pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fixtures and fittings cannot contain any more than a weighted average of 0.25% lead.

All RV water pressure regulator valves sold in the USA should be compliant with this law. Some manufacturers even have lower levels than those recommended. You can contact your RV water pressure regulator valve manufacturer and ask to see their certificate of conformity with NSF lead-free requirements if you have any doubts or questions.

Easy to Install

In general, most models are easy to install and can be fitted by simply turning the connectors to screw it on to your spigot. If you are new to RV or have any problems fitting your model, some manufacturers provide installation guides that you can also find online.

Most models feature arrows that show you the direction of flow, as well as plus and minus signs to help you to adjust your operational pressure rate in the correct direction. All RV water pressure regulator valves should be NH compatible, making them easy to attach to any outdoor water spigot and hose fittings.

Types of RV Water Pressure Regulators

Before purchasing your new RV water pressure regulator, be sure to take a quick look at the different types of valves available to you. This will help you to find the best model for your particular motorhome and needs.

In-Line Barrel – In-line barrel RV water regulators are the most basic, and therefore the cheapest. Compact, they sit in-line with your freshwater hose. In-line barrel water pressure regulators are non-adjustable and keep the water flow to your RV at a steady 40-50PSI.

In-Line Barrel High Flow – As newer RVs can generally support higher water pressures than older ones and may have numerous water fixtures, you may want to opt for an in-line barrel high flow RV water pressure regulator.

This will allow you to benefit from higher water pressure without risking too high a pressure that could damage your rig. Just like standard in-line barrel models, these units are also non-adjustable and fit unobtrusively in-line between your spigot and freshwater hose.

Adjustable – For greater control over your RV water pressure, it is recommended that you opt for an adjustable water pressure valve. Featuring a gauge so you can check your operational water pressure, adjustable versions are ideal for both old and new RVs allowing you to customize your water flow to your motorhome, needs, and location.

If you have a vintage camper and need to keep your pressure under 30PSI, an adjustable model can do just that. Alternatively, if you have a modern RV and want to make the most of your shower when you’re hooked up to a sewer drain, then you can set your pressure to your RV manufacturer’s maximum recommended level. As your water pressure regulator valve is adjustable, it’s also useful for cutting back your water pressure when you’re not hooked up and want to maximize your grey tank capacity.

What’s more, thanks to their highly visible gauges, it is easy to keep an eye on your operational water pressure each and every time you hook up, as well as throughout your stay. This can provide you with extra reassurance, especially when you’ve just invested in a new RV or finished remodeling your interior.

Final Thoughts

Play it safe and always use a water pressure regulator when you hook up your RV. There are plenty of fantastic models available, so there really is no excuse not to be prepared for your next trip.

Looking for the best solid brass adjustable RV water pressure regulator? You can’t go wrong with the Renator, one of the most popular, trusted models on the market. Complete with a micro-mesh filter, this version is compatible with all US water sources, and has a reliable 0-160PSI gauge. It’s also nice and easy to install with a clear installation guide for first timers.

If you are looking for a basic inline model, check out the Valterra Brass Water Regulator. It is a nice compact size and comes complete with an easy to read gauge so you can check on your operational pressure when needed. It effectively reduces your water pressure to 40-50PSI for safe usage, while its brass construction ensures extra long durability.

For those of you who like to get extra value for money, make sure you take another look at the Water Pressure Regulator for RVs by RV Aqua. With its easy to read gauge, filter, and solid brass construction, this adjustable regulator valve has all of the features found on premium models at a significantly lower price point.