9 Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems – TPMS for RVs

Last Updated January 12, 2023
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Whether you are the proud owner of a tiny trailer or a huge class A, investing in the best RV tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) will ensure that you remain safe on the road. In addition, installing an RV TPMS will help you to easily maintain your tires in optimal condition for better handling, improved fuel efficiency and reduced braking distances.

Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Reduce the worry of having a freeway blowout and the chances of any tire-related accidents, with an RV tire monitoring system.

Find the ideal one for your motorhome right here in our RV TPMS reviews and buyer’s guide. We’ve included a wide range of models to suit all RV types and budgets.

EEZ RV Products EEZTire – TPMS Real-Time

EEZ RV Products EEZTire
The EEZ RV TPMS product picture

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The EEZ Tire Real-Time TPMS is a very popular product that makes it easy to monitor your tire pressure.

Available in a wide variety of configurations, with options covering from four up to 26 tires and up to 210PSI, you’re sure to find an ideal model for your RV. It is motion-sensitive and reads your tire temperature and pressure continuously at six-second intervals, so you’ll know as soon as there is an issue developing.

Thanks to its large, easy-to-read monitor, it is extremely easy to use. You can also configure the high/low pressure and high-temperature alerts to suit your vehicle. With both audible and visible alerts, you won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your monitor throughout your journey, allowing you to take full advantage of the multiple mounting solutions.

The display also features an automatic backlight so it’s clearly visible whenever you need to check it. It features a built-in 60-hour rechargeable lithium battery that can simply be plugged into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter to charge or a regular USB port. After 15 minutes without any motion, the unit puts itself into standby, saving energy and conserving battery life.

The sensors are lightweight, water-resistant, and feature an anti-theft design, so you won’t need to worry about the weather or them going missing. Each sensor is individually coded for reliable performance and the replaceable batteries last for up to two years. If you have a particularly big rig, this company also sells boosters to overcome distance problems for your rearmost set of tires.

Easy to set up and install, this unit is a good choice for even newbie RVers. Complete with a three-year limited warranty and full technical and customer support, it makes a great all-round choice and is reasonably priced.

Pros – Things we liked
Options from 4 to 26 tires
Up to 210 PSI
Easy to read monitor
Audio & visual alerts
Cons – Things we didn’t like
Gives the odd false alert

TireMinder A1A Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TireMinder Tire Pressure Monitoring System
The TireMinder RV TPMS product picture

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If you’re looking for a TPMS for your travel trailer, then be sure to check out the A1A by market leaders TireMinder. Not only is it suitable for standard RVs, if you’re using it with your fifth wheel you can also benefit from its front or rear disconnect mode, allowing you to also reconnect easily by simply pressing two buttons.

This state of the art TPMS can monitor up to 22 tire positions, with a constant four-minute updating cycle. However, for enhanced safety, this model also checks your tires every six seconds for an instant warning as soon as a problem occurs. Both pressure and temperature are monitored, with immediate alerts at pressures up to 232PSI. So whatever you are towing, this model is going to cover it.

Thanks to its large, uncluttered display, complete with clear icons, it’s easy to see where you have any issues occurring. This model provides both visual and audible alerts for when you’re busy keeping your eyes on the road. Both temperature and PSI are displayed for each individual tire, so you’ll always know what shape your tires are in and you’ll be aware of even any slight degradation along the way.

Complete with a rechargeable Li-ion battery and micro USB charger, simply charge up your display like a standard smartphone. This model also includes suction cups for easy mounting, extra batteries, and O-rings, as well as a free battery replacement plan. To improve connectivity with big rigs and larger trailers, there is even a Rhino Signal Booster included with your purchase.

While this isn’t the cheapest model, it certainly is a well-designed, easy-to-use product that comes from a highly respected manufacturer.

BELLACORP TPMS For RV, 5th Wheel & Trailer

The BELLACORP RV TPMS product picture

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This Texan company prides itself on its attention to detail, vigorous testing, and high standards. So, if you’re looking for an RV TPMS for long journeys or full-time RVing, then it’s well worth considering. However, bear in mind that some users may find the user interface a little less intuitive than other models.

The Bellacorp TPMS provides real-time readings for up to 34 tires. It covers PSI from 15 to 175, as well as temperatures as high as 186 degrees. This makes it a suitable model for any sized RV, from small trailers to 90 footers. The sensors are pre-programmed for a two-axle, four-wheel standard configuration on a trailer. If you have a different setup, you’ll need to follow the instruction manual to reconfigure or add more sensors.

Unlike many TPMS units, this model has fully waterproof sensors that can take up to three feet of water. This makes it a good choice if you’re frequently faced with wet conditions. They also have replaceable batteries and are anti-corrosion secure, so you can be sure they will not allow air to leak out over time.

To help improve signal, all units come with a free repeater for improved connectivity and consistent updating of pressure and temperature readings. These are easy to read on the 1.5 x 3-inch backlit monitor.

Thanks to their large range of different packages and excellent customer service, this TPMS is a popular, albeit fairly technical choice with many RVers across the nation.

Truck Systems Technology Tire Pressure Monitor

Truck Systems Technology Tire Pressure Monitor
The Truck Systems Technology RV TPMS product picture

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This TPMS by Truck Systems is a highly reliable model that features customizable high and low alerts for each axle. Capable of monitoring up to four trailers or towables, you will want to check this unit out if you regularly dinghy tow.

Thanks to its easy-to-read color monitor, it’s simple to keep tabs on your tire pressure and temperature. Any readings that are outside of your customized parameters will flag up as alerts, so you can check your tires out immediately. The display auto-scrolls through each tire, ideal if you have a long set up.

Monitoring up to 218 PSI, this RV TPMS is suitable for almost any vehicle tire. The cap sensors are safe for rubber valve stems and feature user-replaceable batteries, so you can benefit from its warning protection for many years to come. To ensure your TPMS doesn’t go missing when you’re parked up away from home the sensors also come with anti-theft locking hex nuts.

This kit includes everything you need to install and program the system, including two mounts: one suction-cup and a dash pad mount. There is also a USB charging cable for the monitor and a signal repeater for extra-long setups. However, in order to use this repeater you will need to splice it into a 12V power source.

On the whole this is an extremely popular, highly reliable system that makes an excellent choice for multiple tow vehicles.

Tire-Safeguard RV 6-Tire Flow-Through Sensor TPMS

Tire-Safeguard RV 6-Tire
The Tire-Safeguard RV TPMS product picture

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This RV 6-tire Flow-Through Sensor TPMS by Tire-Safeguard prides itself on its highly-rated transmission and reception capabilities. For this reason, you shouldn’t need to use a booster or repeater in any standard truck and RV configuration. This helps to make installation easier and keeps costs down.

An excellent TPMS for a six-tire motorhome, this model features patented flow-through sensors, so you won’t have to remove them to refill, saving you time and hassle. They also feature user-replaceable batteries for extra longevity, as well as an anti-theft secure design so they won’t go missing when you’re parked up. What’s more, unlike many other TPMS for RV, the sensors are waterproof, ideal for year-round RVing.

You can adjust this unit for customized user thresholds to change your low-pressure alert per axle. You will be alerted to abnormal tire position, pressure and temperature with alarm icons, red lights, and an audible warning, so even if you’re driving solo in difficult conditions, you’ll know straight away when you need to pull over. PSI is measured from 0-199 and you can adjust your temperature setting to display in Fahrenheit or Celsius as required.

The portable monitor is easy to read and can be recharged. However, due to the 3M permanent mount and the cord plugging into the rear, if you want to charge on the go you are slightly more limited in terms of mounting positions compared to other models.

All in all, this is a good quality TPMS that’s easy to install and suitable for most six-tire motorhomes.

TireMinder Smart TPMS with 6 Transmitters for RVs

TireMinder Smart TPMS
The TireMinder Smart RV TPMS product picture

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Too many gadgets on your dash? Check out this smartphone-based TPMS designed exclusively for RVing.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, this popular tire monitoring system from market leaders TireMinder, makes checking your trailer tires a breeze, thanks to its auto-update function and push notification alert system.

Capable of monitoring up to 22 tires, this advanced TPMS simultaneously verifies your tire pressure and temperature, with each tire checked every six seconds. This gives you added peace of mind that as soon as a tire issue arises, you’ll immediately know about it. You can easily add and remove transmitters from your set with a touch. There is also an auto-search and a two-part disconnect function, making it easy to use with your fifth wheel.

What if your phone runs out of battery? No problem, the included Bluetooth adapter provides constant alert protection, so even if your phone isn’t on, you’ll still receive audible and visual alerts. This system also comes complete with a Rhino Signal Booster, so you can be sure that there will be minimal electronic interference, for improved signal and reliability.

This TPMS comes complete with six tire transmitters that can monitor levels up to 232 PSI. One of the overall best tire pressure monitoring systems for your motorhome, the Smart TPMS by TireMinder is hassle-free and easy to set up.

Complete with carry case, free lithium battery exchange program, spare batteries, and anti-theft locking nuts, you’ll have everything you need to monitor your RV tire pressure directly from your smartphone.

TireMinder Solar Powered Trailer TPMS

TireMinder Solar Powered Trailer TPMS
The TireMinder Solar RV TPMS product picture

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Is your trailer 25 feet or less? If so, this Solar Powered Trailer TPMS by TireMinder has been designed with you in mind. Suitable for single or dual axle trailers with 70PSI or lower, this TPMS displays both your tire pressure and temperature for all four tires.

Featuring a high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panel, for those rainy days there is also a micro USB charge cable included for the lithium-ion phosphate backup battery. The batteries in the four included sensors are also user-replaceable, so you can be sure that this product will last for many years to come.

In spite of its low energy requirements, this TPMS features a clear and easy-to-read LCD color display, so you can check on all of your tires at a glance. The monitor can be windscreen mounted with the included 3M strips, so it won’t clutter up your dash. Should your system detect a pressure or temperature variance, visual and audible alerts will instantly enable so you can check on the issue before it becomes a dangerous problem.

This unit features next-generation TireMinder transmitters. Ultra-light and designed exclusively for this model, they weigh just 0.3 ounces. To ensure that this TPMS will last you for years to come, anti-theft locking nuts are included with a locking wrench to secure your transmitters when you’re away from home. For extra reliability and enhanced performance there is also a TireMinder Signal Booster included with your purchase.

Save energy, fuel and expensive repairs from blowouts with this model by TireMinder, the best solar powered TPMS for small travel trailers.

Tymate 6 Tire Pressure Monitoring System for RV Trailer

Tymate 6 Tire Pressure Monitoring System
The Tymate RV TPMS product picture

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If you need a low price TPMS for your RV, be sure to take a look at this popular budget model by Tymate. It comes complete with six tire sensors complete with changeable batteries, while the display unit can either be charged via solar power or USB cable.

This TPMS dynamically monitors and displays the real-time pressure and temperature of all six tires, so you can check all is well at a glance. You can even configure the high/low pressure and temperature alarm levels to suit your motorhome, putting this model on a par with some of the more expensive versions.

The LCD display is extra wide, however, it can be a little tricky to read at times, especially during the day. Also, as this TPMS has a top display pressure range of 99PSI, it’s not suitable for all RVs, so double-check before you buy that it is compatible with your tire pressure.

This RV tire pressure monitoring system comes complete with a repeater. This will amplify the signals from the sensors to the display monitor for up to 100 meters. This requires a 12V power source, although you may not need to use it on small setups. Easy to install, the tire sensors can be used in all weather and are sealed against the elements.

If your tires are suitable for this system, then it makes a good value choice, coming in much cheaper than many other six-tire RV TPMSs. It also has the advantage of a three-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

B-Qtech Wireless Solar Power TPMS

B-Qtech Wireless Solar Power TPMS
The B-Qtech RV TPMS product picture

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This wireless RV TPMS by B-Qtech is another popular budget model. Its display unit can be recharged via USB or solar power, thanks to its rechargeable lithium battery.

Suitable for four to six tires, this unit comes complete with six sensors that are graded waterproof for suitability in all weather conditions.

Your tire pressure and temperature are shown in real-time on the LCD monitor, so you can check quickly and easily should there be any issues. Any abnormality in either pressure or temperature readings results in both an audible and visual alert for your immediate attention.

With a pressure range of 0-130PSI, note that this model is not suitable for all tire pressures, so, make sure you double-check compatibility prior to purchase. What’s more, if your sensors are located more than approximately 20 feet from the display unit, you may need to purchase an optional repeater to boost the signal. This will make this otherwise low-priced product a little more expensive if you have a larger travel trailer.

While the instructions are a little confusing, on the whole, this device is fairly simple to use. It comes complete with the display unit, six sensors and theft-proof nuts, a wrench, a spanner, and an anti-slip mat.

If you don’t need to purchase the additional repeater, then this RV TPMS is a good budget choice that comes complete with one-year support, as well as installation and technical instructions.

Compare the Best TPMS for RVs

Table Comparing the Top 9 RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
Image Title Price Rating Buy
OpenEeztire TPMS Anti-Theft Sensors Compare EEZ RV Products EEZTire – TPMS Real-Time
Buy on Amazon
OpenTireminder Tire Pressure Monitoring System Compare TireMinder Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Buy on Amazon
OpenBellacorp RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System Compare BELLACORP TPMS For RV, 5th Wheel & Trailer
Buy on Amazon
OpenTruck Systems Technology RV TPMS Compare Truck Systems Technology TV TPMS
Buy on Amazon
OpenTire Safeguard RV TPMS Compare Tire-Safeguard RV 6-Tire Flow-Through Sensors
Buy on Amazon
OpenTireminder Smart RV TPMS Compare TireMinder Smart TPMS with Transmitters for RVs
Buy on Amazon
OpenTireminder Solar Powered Trailer TPMS Compare TireMinder Solar Powered Trailer TPMS
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OpenTymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System for RV Compare Tymate 6 TPMS for RV Trailer
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OpenB-Qtech Wireless Solar Power TPMS Compare B-Qtech Wireless Solar Power TPMS
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Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best TPMS for RV

To help you to purchase the best TPMS for your RV, we’ll look over some of the most important aspects and features that you’ll need to consider in our buyer’s guide.


Nobody wants to pay more than necessary for a new RV TPMS.

But as tires are so important to your RV and your safety, we strongly recommend thinking carefully over your budget for a new TPMS. A good model can pay for itself soon after purchase by alerting you to a low-pressure tire, potentially saving you from having to replace it by sorting out any repairable issues sooner.

However, there are also several very good budget TPMS models specifically designed for RVing. If you’re low on funds, it makes sense to spend more on your actual tires and monitor them with the best system that you can afford. While cheaper models may be slightly less intuitive or can take longer to set up, you can still get a great model that is more than capable of alerting you to a potential problem with your tires.

In short, you can pick up a bargain buy RV TPMS, just expect to spend a little more time and effort configuring it.

Ease of Installation

Most TPMS will require some degree of setup. Depending upon the make and model, your version may have some pre-programmed configurations that can make it easier to set up. In general, the fewer tires you have, the simpler your installation will be.

Always be sure to fully read through the manufacturer’s handbook for full instructions. Often these sound a lot more complicated than they really are once you are familiar with the process.

It’s also worth checking online for any installation videos – visualizing the process before you start can make it a lot easier and help reduce any apprehension you may have.


You will need to check out what the battery options are for your display unit as well as for the individual sensors.

Always make sure that your sensors have readily available user-replaceable batteries. You’ll probably want to replace these once a year, although some sensor batteries can last for up to two.

For your monitor, check how your battery recharges. Most, along with almost all other electronic gadgets, are rechargeable via USB or micro-USB cable. Others may offer other additional charging methods. While you wouldn’t want to rely exclusively on solar without a backup, it can be a great way to keep your TPMS topped up with charge while you’re on the road.

Some RV TPMS units also have a 12V power cable that powers directly from your dash cigarette lighter port. This can be handy if you forget to charge up your unit before setting off.

In any case, you’ll want to verify that your TPMS has a good battery life expectancy and holds its charge well. We recommend keeping an eye out for lithium-ion batteries that are renowned for their longevity and fast recharge times.

Display Screen

Your display screen will need to be easy to read.

Look for models with back-lit screens so you can be sure that you’ll be able to check your tire pressure when driving at night. Bold icons will make your display much easier to understand, so should a problem arise, you’ll be notified straight away.

While some display screens are in color, the majority are not. Color screens are not always necessarily clearer; however, some users may find that they are easier to understand.

It really all comes down to a matter of personal preference and how your eyesight is when faced with electronic device screens.


You should look for an RV TPMS that has both visual and audible alerts.

Whether you’re driving solo or your partner is busy admiring the scenery or taking a nap, you don’t want to have to keep taking your eyes off the road to look at your TPMS.

An audible signal is essential to let you know that you need to pull over and consult your display unit.


While we have only reviewed direct TPMS models, as they are considered the most accurate and best for your RV, there are also indirect versions.

Here are the main differences, so you’ll know just what to look out for.

Direct TPMS

Direct TPMS gather accurate pressure information directly from sensors located on your tires. This information is sent and received in real-time so you will be aware of an abnormality almost instantaneously.

Each tire is monitored individually, providing you with a constantly updated report on their temperature and pressure. Alerts can often be customized to suit your motorhome’s specifications, for better safety and personalized, more relevant warnings.

Indirect TPMS

Indirect models do not have their own sensors on your tires.

Instead, they rely upon information provided by your ABS system in order to detect abnormalities. For this reason, you may have to drive quite a distance before an alert is flagged.

For indirect TPMS units to work correctly all tires must be in good condition and inflated to the correct pressure. Otherwise, there may not be sufficient enough degradation for it to bring up an alert.

In some cases indirect TPMS do not successfully alert when vehicles have four flat tires, an extremely dangerous situation that can lead to the outer edge wearing more quickly and the vehicle becoming unsafe to drive.


It’s hard to tell just how long any electronic device is likely to last.

To help you to find the most durable TPMS for your RV, we recommend looking for a good brand name that stands by its products. These will typically come with good customer service and a warranty. Should your RV TPMS not function correctly, you shouldn’t have any problems getting help or a replacement.

Like any other technological gadget, it also helps to look for the most recent model. New updated versions are released all the time, so if your RV TPMS is getting on a bit, you may want to upgrade. Purchasing a new TPMS for your motorhome should give you at least a three to five-year lifespan, maybe even longer.

To ensure that you won’t need to replace your RV TPMS anytime soon, verify that the batteries in your sensors are readily available and user-replaceable. Most display units have built-in, rechargeable batteries that should continue to hold their charge and recharge efficiently for the foreseeable future.

Once again, this underlines the importance of finding a product with a good warranty period.

Why do you need a TPMS?

A TPMS could save you thousands of dollars over the course of several years, it could even save your life, as well as making driving more pleasant and improving your RV fuel economy.

Here’s why you need a TPMS for your RV.

Could Save Your Life – Tire Blowout

A tire blowout is a sudden, unexpected drop in pressure.

It can be caused by heat, overloading, poor condition, underinflation, or a combination of all four. If your tire blows, especially if you’re traveling at speed on the freeway, then you could not only have some very expensive repairs to fund, you could also risk losing your life or taking someone else’s.

Save Money on Repair and Maintenance

If your tires are underinflated, they risk becoming damaged and worn out more quickly and unevenly.

Aside from having to pay out for expensive replacement RV tires, they could also cause your rig to become unsafe to drive. Underinflated tires can impact upon your vehicle’s handling and braking.

Installing a TPMS in your RV could potentially save you a huge amount of money by alerting you to underinflated tires before they lead to an accident.

Save Money on Fuel

If your tires aren’t in good shape, then your fuel efficiency ratings will go through the roof.

Fuel is one of the main expenses when you’re driving your RV across the country, so save money and invest in a TPMS for your motorhome. This way, you’ll have extra cash to spend on your vacation, rather than getting there.

Extend Tire Life

RV tires don’t come cheap, so it pays to extend your tire life with a TPMS.

As you are constantly alerted to any drop in tire pressure, you’ll know there’s a slight leak in enough time to get your tire repaired, rather than having to replace it.

Also, keeping your tires correctly inflated will ensure that they wear more evenly for longer-lasting use.

Top RV TPMS Video

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, installing a TPMS for your RV brings a wealth of benefits. But choosing the right model for you is key.

Maybe you have a big rig and need a large number of sensors, with a model like the Bellacorp TPMS that can monitor up to 34 tires, with an included repeater and excellent connectivity. Or you might be after a trailer-specific model, such as the TireMinder Solar Powered Trailer TPMS, designed exclusively for trailers under 25 feet with 70PSI or lower tires. Easy to use with ultra-lightweight sensors, this model is suitable for monitoring pressure and temperature for four tires.

Alternatively, if you often dinghy tow, the Truck Systems Technology Tire Pressure Monitor has been made with you in mind, suitable for monitoring up to four trailers or towables. With its easy-to-read color monitor and customizable alerts for each axle, it’s an excellent choice for multiple tow vehicles, monitoring up to 218PSI with cap sensors that are even suitable for rubber valve stems.

Lastly, if you need a budget TPMS for your motorhome, then provided your recommended tire PSI is below 99, the Six Tire Pressure Monitoring System by Tymate makes a great option. It dynamically monitors and displays the temperature and pressure of all six tires, with the possibility to keep your unit powered up via solar power or USB cable.

In short, whatever your priorities are for your RV tire pressure monitoring system, you’re sure to find the best model for your motorhome right here in our top-rated selection!